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					Do you still manage your hotel
with lots of paper documents?
Are you tired of complicated
Hotel Management Software ?
This is your solution…
        What is Hotelogix?
 Hotelogix Property Management System is the MOST
POWERFUL TOOL in the market for small and mid size
                hospitality facilities.
               ü Time Saving

“The amount of time we took to manage our reservation
       system and reporting has reduced by 75%”
       ü Fantastic Support (24x7)

   “There is a word which shall perfectly sum up the
Hotelogix team and support: it is reactive. Every time we
 have a question, they answer quickly and efficiently”
          ü Always Improving

“The team is always trying to improve the software, by
           regularly adding new features”
            ü Intuitive Interface

 “It was the easiest implementation we have ever done.
  We were able to set-up in 48 hours, trained staff in 3
days, and checked up on them for the next 3 weeks just to
       make sure the software was used correctly”
         ü Cloud Based Solution

“Hotelogix has also given us the ability to organize from
 Sydney Australia, where I live, while our property is in
                   Malang, Indonesia”
        ü Cloud Based Solution

“All your data is mirrored and backed-up continuously to
            ensure that nothing is ever lost”
                 ü Global Visibility

  “Hotelogix’s uncomplicated interface ensures that your
     rooms are distributed regionally, nationally and
internationally without any issues. Hotelogix connects you
                 to the four major GDSs”
              ü Multiple Channels

“Management of multiple booking channels through single
ü Reveneu Increase
          ü Integrate all your POS

“Integrate all your POS with the Guest Rooms…Restaurant,
               Gym, Spa, Room Service, etc”
              ü Security

“Same encrypted protocol that is used by banks”
ü Integrated with your
    current Website
    ü Control and Coordinate
       all your Departments

      “Control and coordinate all your hotel’s
departments…Restaurant, Housekeeping, Spa, Rooms
                   Booking, etc”
          ü Reports

“Hotelogix gives you over 100 reports to get
 a clear insight of how you are performing”
 ü Social Network

“Optimize your presence in Social
ü No Extra Hardware
ü Great Price

ü Great Price

  “No hidden costs”
 With Hotelogix…

You will be ready to
Contact us for a FREE TRIAL:
     + 1 214 245 4631

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