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C ITY DISCOVERY started by a bunch of experienced professional travel enthusiast in
2003 offers worldwide services including sightseeing tours, travel experience and
ground transportation. The webpage has been made available in 16 languages to make
it more users friendly. Book tours, attractions and things to do or buy a city pass, use
City Discovery Savings to get everything cheaply. Choose from featured cities such as
New York, Rome, Madrid, London, Florence, Tokyo, Milan, Barcelona, Venice etc.

Browse through over 6,000 travel activities and some 400 destinations to find a whole
line of travel activities and sights which is surely going to leave you exhausted. Search
for anything including night tours, private tours, photo tours, shore excursions, cruises,
mini & dinner cruises, food, wine & gastronomy, Segway and walking tours, city pass
and skip the line tickets, hop on hop off tours, day trips & excursions outside the city,
shows, cabarets and concerts etc.

Get hop on and hop off tours in a variety of destinations including Edinburg to Paris,
Panama to Amsterdam to Turin. See all the fabulous sights from famous places with a
bird’s eye view on double Decker bus and let your eyes race through the busy lanes
and let yourself be transported with the charm and the romance of each city’s unique

If photographing beautiful and captivating landscape is the thing you like then these
photo tours are meant to be for you. Choose from some of the featured photo tours like
the ones including New York Photo Tours, London Photo Tours, Sydney Photo Tours,
Venice Photo Tours, Amsterdam Photo Tours, Chicago Photo Tours and many more.
These tours will not only give you chance to capture some of the best pictures of your
life but also give you an insight into the culture and history of the place along with tip
son photographing as Each photo tour is accompanied with a professional photography
guide who will guide you throughout your tour.

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