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									Luxury Cruise Lines – A Luxurious Experience on the Water
Holidays spent on cruise ships are fast gaining popularity, and to cater to this demand many
shipping companies are operating cruises to a number of destinations around the world. Going
a step further, some cruise companies have decided to cater to those people who have a taste
for luxury and are willing to pay big bucks for such enjoyment. Luxury cruises are now the craze
– people with the financial means are opting for this type of holiday – days or weeks spent on a
luxury cruise ship, being totally spoilt.

So what exactly are the ‘luxury’ elements of a cruise ship as compared to a normal cruise ship?
Many of the perks and the basics are the same, so the emphasis is on quality, not so much
quantity. To ensure total luxury as an experience, cruise ship companies build smaller cruise
ships with more intimate facilities and superior on-board service. The itineraries of these
smaller ships also have the advantage of visiting smaller islands and ports.

Most luxury cruise companies offer all inclusive cruise packages. The initial price may be on the
high side, but once on-board many specialized services and amenities are ‘on the house’. Even
specialized dining and drinks are included. With the capability of these smaller luxury cruise
ships being able to visit the smaller islands on the map, you have a wider choice of places to
visit. Some corporate bodies charter, Luxury Cruise Lines to give their senior staff a cruise
holiday. Because of the private charter involved, the cruise line allows such companies to often
plan their own itinerary. If it is a large ship which can carry over 3000 passengers the cost would
be quite heavy. However, for smaller ships that carry around 200 passengers, it is easier to
make such an arrangement.

Different luxury cruise ships offer different luxury amenities. Some offer flat screen televisions
and Bose sound systems. Large balconies with whirlpools could be added attractions. Some
cruise ships have 50% of the total passengers as crew members on board. This high ratio of
crew to passenger definitely contributes to the high level of service available on the luxury ship.
Luxury cruise companies often offer discounts to attract more visitors. They need to do this to
ensure the cabins and suites on-board are fully booked. The companies also face stiff
competition in the cruise line business and some even offer a 2 for 1 price, plus free airfare and
other major incentives. These companies want you to make bookings with them for many
reasons – the main one being that you will be a ‘come back’ guest. Repeat cruise business is
important for the company; it is also a clear indication that the luxury cruise business is being
conducted properly.

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