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									         Indian Vietnam Travelers To Get Visa Approval Within 24 Hours

Amazing news for Indians eager for a Vietnam tour off late- major Vietnam visa agency Visa
Vietnam has announced to arrange Vietnam visa for Indian approval within as fast as 24

A leading name across the Vietnam visa scene, Visa Vietnam offers Vietnam Visa on Arrival
program that assures visa approval within a day.

“The conventional visa approval route compels you to waste several hours and minimum 2 visits
to Vietnam Embassy locations- it is a serious turn off in this busy world”, remarked the sales
executive from Visa Vietnam. “But don’t worry about that any more- we are here with our
cutting-edge Vietnam visa online program that enables you to apply and get approved for the
visa within just a day! You are relieved from wasting hours at the Embassy offices and here you
will be getting everything ready straight from your home.”

The online visa service is available for both casual Indian travelers and business Indian
travelers to Vietnam. The tourist visa is valid for 1 month & the business traveler visa is
available for 1, 3 or 6 months.

The Visa on Arrival Vietnam protocol comprises of 3 simple steps. In the first step, the Indian
tourist would have to apply online & pay up through the Visa Vietnam official website. The
submitted visa application would be sent to the Department of Vietnam Visa for checkup -and
the approval letter would be forwarded to the candidate’s email within 24 hours. In the final step,
the candidate can either pickup the approval letter from India based Vietnam Embassy offices or
from Vietnam international airports.

“If you are planning to collect the visa approval from your India based Vietnam Embassy offices,
you have one in New Delhi and another in Mumbai. In case you wish to take the other way, you
have to carry the visa approval letter print out to any of the Vietnam international airports- Da
Nang, Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat”, informed the company manager. “You will have visa outlets at
the Vietnam airports only where you would be able to get the visa stamped”.
On inquired about the legitimacy of Visa on Approval Vietnam program, Visa Vietnam stressed
on their accreditation by the Vietnam Immigration Department. “We are a legit, seasoned and
knowledgeable Vietnam visa resource- we have been around for more than a decade now. You
can always trust us as your credible Vietnam visa aide”, smiled the media personnel from Visa

About Visa Vietnam- Visa Vietnam is a leading Vietnam visa company which has launched
Visa on Arrival Vietnam program that allows visa application and approval online, within 24

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