JaipurMagazine.com Launches with Travel Information on Jaipur Under a Single Banner by noblex


									 JaipurMagazine.com Launches with Travel Information on
              Jaipur Under a Single Banner


JaipurMagazine.com is a whole new travel website recently launched to cover the semi arid but
culturally rich land of Jaipur. The website offers a contemporary look and streamlined user
experience exclusively for the readers who wish to know about the whereabouts of Jaipur. The
website is simple and fast with high speed navigation system dividing the home page into
sections like Home, Hotels, Jaipur Deals, Must Visit Places, Restaurants, Shopping and Useful
Tips for easy search by the readers.

Various search and sitemap facilities have been included and the visual aspects have been
maintained to enhance the experience for potential travelers so that they find no difficulty while
exploring the royal city colored in Pink. The website has covered the major tourist attraction
places like Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal; the fairs and festivals like Kite
Festival, Teej Festival etc and temples like Birla Mandir and Govind Devji etc for Indian and
foreign tourists alike. Jaipur Magazine also focuses on accommodation by mentioning about both
economic and luxury hotels in its vicinity.

The website is a true resource for interior designers and architects offering much needed tips
during visit to Jaipur like the night life, restaurants, local transport, holidays, and shopping
fantasies like Handicrafts, Carpets & Rugs, Camel Leather Goods and Jewelries.

An expanded useful tip section offers a comprehensive glossary of what to wear to Jaipur, its
climatic condition, the best time of the year to visit the place, maps and transportation to aid
travelers in making informed travel decisions on how to reach the architectural rich city.

Keywords: Festivals, hotels, Jaipur Deals, Must Visit Places, restaurants

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