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									 Ankle Boots are the Latest Fashion Trend for Winter

Fashions in high heel boots are set to change for the coming fall and winter seasons, industry
website reported this week. The site’s editors, who monitor high heel shoe
trends on a daily basis, have sensed designers moving away from the over-the-knee boots of
latter seasons and more towards ankle-length boots. Heel heights, however, remain sky high.

Shoe designers such as Jimmy Choo, Charlotte Olympia and Alexander McQueen have all
recently released elegant ankle boots for the colder weather. Giuseppe Zanotti, Alaia and
Gianvito Rossi are also in on the act. And online retailers such as Net-A-Porter have been
running features on ankle boots, further underlining that short boots are set to be a fashion trend
for fall / winter 2013 / 14.

However, while some designers may be focussing on the ankle boot, there are still some striking
new over-the-knee or knee-high boots to be found. One such source will be designer Tamara
Mellon, the co-founder and former CEO of Jimmy Choo. Having left Jimmy Choo in 2011,
Mellon will be releasing her own shoe collection in November 2013. The designer has already
labelled a “legging” boot – a sexy and stretchy thigh-high number from her new collection – as
being the standout piece that her customers will really connect with this cold season.

Top-end designers such as Christian Louboutin, Sophia Webster and Oscar de la Renta have also
introduced new over-the-knee boots this season. Which all goes to show that while ankle boots
might be back, there is still plenty room for higher boots on the cutting edge of fashion right

Meanwhile, two other boot trends have also been identified by the editors of for fall / winter 2013 / 14. They are:
• The slow disappearance of the peep toe bootie. After a handful of years of popularity, it would
seem that this dubiously practical but very popular heel is starting to fade slightly from the
fashion consciousness.

• A trend towards the “half boot” or “calf boot.” As its name suggests, this style of boot is cut
somewhere between an ankle boot and a knee high boot. Half boots from premium labels such as
Maison Martin Margiela, Chloe, Stella McCartney and Gucci can already be found on shelves
for the winter season.

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