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									Dental Implants San Francisco – Are You Worried About Your Missing Tooth?
The most advanced treatment in cosmetic dental is Dental implants in San Francisco. They
offer the patients with multiple options to enjoy beautiful, confident, secure and functional
smile. One of the most successful procedures is known as dental implants. It involves
installation of permanent teeth replacement which is supported by artificial roots. Tooth
replacement look and feel functions like any other natural teeth. The implant has solved
different problems that are associated with the tooth loss which was previously replaced by
removable partial or full dentures. This procedure provides the patients with assurance and
comfort of the permanent teeth. Many of the patients find that implantation procedure
restores self-confidence and improves the quality of life.

Dental implants treatment is designed to provide the foundation for replacement of teeth.
Once the procedure is completed the patient regains the ability to smile and eat normally.
The implants are titanium posts which are placed directly into the jawbone where the teeth
are missing. The bonds create a strong foundation for artificial teeth. The procedure is a
great way to replace the missing teeth. It also provides excellent support and the stability for
removal of complete and partial dentures where dental appliance is required.

There are different reasons for dental implants San Francisco. It helps to

   1. Replace one more tooth which is missing without even affecting the adjacent teeth.

   2. Helps to resolve the bite problem and joint pain which are caused by teeth shifting
      the missing tooth space.

   3. Helps to restore patient confidence smile.

   4. Helps to restore digestion, speech and chewing.

   5. Helps to restore and enhance facial tissue.

   6. Helps to support denture or bridge making them more comfortable and secure.
      Dental Implants can change the way people wish to live. They can easily enjoy life,
      laugh, eat and speak. There are different advantages of this procedure.

Dental implant procedure can cost lesser than traditional bridgework because one tooth is
replaced rather than 3 teeth of a bridge.

   1. It can allow the individual to laugh, smile and eat properly.

   2. Success of the procedure is highly reliable and predictable. They are excellent option
      for tooth replacement.

   3. The treatment would not sacrifice the quality of the adjacent teeth like a bridge works.

Their original teeth are left untouched. It is a long term benefit. One can call the dental office
to learn more about dental implants.

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