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									Ukulele - Perfect for
  the Beginners
The ukulele is generally seen as an instrument for kids to
learn on before they graduate to guitar. However, the truth
is quite different. I played the guitar for over ten years
when I first picked up a ukulele - more out of curiosity than
anything. Since then, not only have I become a complete
ukulele addict, it has also made me a better ukulele player.
I'm absolutely convinced that any guitarist would improve
their playing by learning to play the ukulele. How Ukulele
is perfect for beginners.
How to Improved Chord Knowledge

Ukulele has only four strings, so there's a tendency amongst ukulele
players to make sure that everyone counts. Most guitarists are quite
happy with three-note major and minor chords. Since I started playing
the ukulele my knowledge of how chords are formed and how they can be
manipulated to create new and interesting sounds.

Rhythms are more interesting

So often guitar chord parts are just strumming up and down in a 1, 2, 3, 4
pattern. Ukulele’s playing, on the other hand, has more emphasis on
techniques such as on guitars, triplets and syncope rhythms.

I don't think I've ever heard a guitar player discussing a picking pattern.
But ukulele players are forever comparing different finger combinations,
rolls, split strokes and fan strokes.
Play Ukulele like Guitarists

What connects Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, Brian May,
George Harrison and Dick Dale? As well as being the greatest guitar
players who ever lived, they are or were all ukulele players. Some of their
ukulele playing made it onto record. Pete Townshend on Blue, Red and
Grey, Brian May on Good Company and George Harrison on The Devil
and the Deep Blue Sea.

If those guys all found the ukulele helpful, then I doubt there's any
guitarist who is too good for it.
You lightened your creativity

After making five albums with Pearl Jam, Eddie Vader was hit by writer's
block. The guitar didn't inspire him anymore. So he picked up a ukulele
and wrote Soon Forget. Writing this song kick his song writing back into
gear and the song went on to appear on Binaural.

Just a slight change in instrument can give your ideas you might never
have had otherwise and get you excited about playing again.

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