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					Speech by Isabel Angus at Joe’s Funeral Service

For the past 25 years, I have had the joy of being Joe’s lifelong companion. His
twin (with slightly different parents and birth date) and his soul mate. I have
had the delightful, and rare pleasure of having had my soul entertwined with his
beautiful, gentle and joyful soul, which has never failed to delight, surprise and
fill me with comfort and love.

Being soulmates with Joe, was essentially a full time job because Joe and I had A
LOT to chat about.

For example:
Our current fashion ‘looks’ my favourite one of his being ‘The great Gatsby
coming back from a gay rave circa summer 2013’
There was also clothes, songs and people we were into, LOTS of gushing about
people we had encountered recently and how great there are, anything that was
ever said to us by anyone ever, analysis of those things that were said to us by
anyone ever, how Joe was yellow house captain (which he pointed out any and
every time the word yellow was mentioned)
 New philosophies on life, how AMAZING this or that was, and every single
thought that had ever entered our heads since the last time we’d seen each other
which could have been anything from one week to one minute.

And although I did cop a lot of Joe’s spit on my face, there was nowhere I would
rather be than directly in front of his face, his hands gesturing wildly as we
chatted intensely, immersed in our own little world.

Joe was the wisest person I have ever known. He taught me a lot about freedom
and love and living in the present moment. He was really growing into a wise and
independent man who was paving his own spectacular and creative path in the
world, and it’s a great tragedy that we didn’t get to see where it led, because I
have no doubt it would have been somewhere brilliant.

I will always have Joe because he is a part of me. And for that, I am profoundly

I am lucky for the time that I got to spend with him, holidaying, surfing, dancing.
For the weekends we spent together as teenagers recording our three feature-
length comedy sketch- movies ‘Picture This’ ‘Picture Something Else’ and ‘Picture
Something Else Else’ (Starring Joe Waterman and Isabel Angus) while other
normal teenagers where out drinking and socialising and not recording
themselves lipsnching to ‘The Seekers’ .

I’m lucky for the times we slept in the same bed for nights on end, even when we
lived together in St Kilda. Sometimes this was due to the fact that we wanted to
chat all night, and also it was often due to the fact that we were down to one bed
after getting raided with bed bugs. Even then, there was nowhere I would have
rather have been, than hanging out with Joe in the dark because maybe we
hadn’t paid our electricity bill, and just sitting there covered in bed bug bites and
laughing with each other.

I am so lucky I got to know and love someone who’s view of the world reflected
mine so entirely. Someone who saw me so clearly, that simply being around him
felt like home. Someone who gave me his heart full of love and encouragement
and well as his mind, with its endless flow of open, alert attention which I got to
feel invigorated by for so many years. For that, I am truly lucky.

Every second I had with Joe was precious. I got to grow alongside and watch
blossom into a beautiful butterfly. Always independent and free, he fluttered
into our lives and delighted all who saw him.

And although my life will never be the same without my other half, I know I will
have him forever inside my heart, and know that his absurdly wonderful energy
will live on through all who were lucky enough to have experienced this glorious
and magical person.

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