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									                                            Red Hot                    Commentator                 “They came                   Reference
                “They came                    Chili                     verb-izes a                here to play                  to frigid
                here to play                Peppers                        noun                      football.”                  weather

 Reference                                                                                                         Red hot
                                Chicken                  “A circus                     A touch-                     chile
  to frigid                       wing                    catch.”                     down dance                  peppers in
  weather                       sighting                                                                          your food

                               H                                                                   H
                  Red hot                                                                                                        “That turn-
                                                                         Red Hot                                                over is going
                   chile                    A butt pat
                                                                           Chili                                                   to cost
                 peppers in
                                                                         Peppers                                                   them.”
                 your food

 “That turn-                                              Halftime                                                   Crazy
over is going                   A touch-                  wardrobe                    A butt pat                   fan in the
   to cost                     down dance                malfunction                                                stands

                Commentator                   Crazy                      Chicken                                                 Halftime
                 verb-izes a                fan in the                     wing                      “A circus                   wardrobe
                    noun                     stands                      sighting                     catch.”                   malfunction
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                                                                                 Halftime                        Chicken                        red Hot 
                         Crazy                      Halftime 
                                                                                 wardrobe                          wing                           Chili  
                       fan in the                   wardrobe 
                                                                                malfunction                      sighting                       peppers
                        stands                     malfunction 

      “That turn-                                                                                red hot 
                                       Chicken                     “a circus                      chile  
     over is going                                                                                                              a butt pat
                                         wing                       catch.”                     peppers in 
        to cost 
                                       sighting                                                 your food

                                      H                                                                         H
                      Commentator                   reference                   reference                                                         Crazy 
                       verb-izes a                   to frigid                   to frigid                                                      fan in the 
                          noun                       weather                     weather                                                         stands

                                                                   red Hot                                                      “That turn-
                                       a touch-                      Chili                       a touch-                      over is going 
      a butt pat                                                                                down dance
                                      down dance                   peppers                                                        to cost 

                        red hot                    “They came 
                         chile                                                  “They came                     Commentator                      “a circus 
                                                   here to play                 here to play 
                       peppers in                                                                               verb-izes a                      catch.”
                                                     football.”                   football.”
                       your food                                                                                   noun

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