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					                              FAMILY MEDIA AGREEMENT
Brentwood Police Department

                              TEENS                                           PARENTS

           I will not give out my personal information           I will try to embrace my child’s world and
          to strangers, like my age, last name, address         understand social networking, online gam-
          or phone number                                       ing, IM and sites that my child likes to use
          I will not meet someone in real life that I           I will learn how to use social media, own my
          met online                                            own digital reputation and “friend” my child
          I will block and report any creepy messages           I will learn about privacy controls and how
          from people I don’t know                              to use them
          I will tell my parents or an adult I trust if         I will know my child's online identifiers
          anything happens online that makes me un-
                                                                I will monitor my child’s cellphone use on a
                                                                regular basis
          I will only share my password with my par-
                                                                I will set media limits for my child based on
          I will use privacy controls and discuss with
                                                                I will have consequences for violations to
          my parents when I want to create a social
                                                                the media limits
          networking profile
                                                                I recognize that technology changes every
          I will not put anything on my profile that I
                                                                day, so I will talk to my child about digital
          wouldn’t want my parents, teachers, college
                                                                safety on a regular basis
          admissions officers or future bosses to see
                                                                I will recognize that media is a big part of my
          I agree not to bully anyone online or on my
                                                                child’s life even if I don’t always understand
          cell phone by sending pictures, spreading
          gossip, setting up fake profiles or saying cru-
          el things about people
          I know that not everything I read or see is
          true and I will think about whether a source
          is credible
          I agree not to use technology to cheat in
          games or on schoolwork
          I recognize that to my parents, my safety is
          more important than anything else

——————————————————————————                                  ——————————————————————————
Signed by Me                                                Signed by my Parents

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