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Benefits of eating palak, Spinach Palak
The Fresh spinach leaves or as they call in India, Palak is a great source of vital
vitamins and minerals. The nutritional benefits of palak are so many that you
cannot afford to miss eating this humble green leafy veggie.
It is highly rich in Iron content. It also happens to be a great source of the
omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin-K. Vitamin A and Vitamin
C in Spinach help in preventing many forms of Cancer and help in making the
bones strong.

 This humble green is also known to reduce blood sugar levels cleaning up the
       toxins in one’s stomach, hence is advised for diabetic people too.

The palak leaves contain folate which helps lactating mothers for milk
generation. It is also a best remedy for good skin care and protection against
UV rays. Palak Juice taken on a daily basis helps to improve skin tone too. Quite
a storehouse of nutrients and minerals.
These leaves are known to prevent many forms of cancer, heart ailments,
strokes and Cataract.

Make sure you wash them thoroughly before cooking the leaves. Also, it is best
recommended you consume them fresh.

As palak is one of my favourite greens, I dare not miss any recipes made out of it. Keep
watching this space for more Palak recipes!

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