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					Mixed Review
Extra Credit Points:
 AD Geometry - For every question correct
  on the DA you will receive one major
  grade extra credit point!
 Pre-AP Geometry – For every question you
  get correct you will receive half a major
  grade extra credit point (rounded up). If
  you get all 17 correct you will get 9 points
  added to a major grade that will benefit
  you the most.
G.2B - 4 Questions
 Make  a conjecture about angles, lines,
 polygons, circle, and three dimentional
 figures and determine the validity of the
 conjectures, choosing from a variety of
 approaches such as coordinate,
 transformational, or axiomatic.
A Conjecture
   A conclusion you reach by inductive
    reasoning (reasoning based on an
    observed pattern)
  TEKS G.2B Question 1
The figure below was formed by joining 2 segments of

equal length at a common endpoint Y.


If the points X, Y, and Z are non-collinear, which of the
following statements regarding XZ must always be true.
             A. XZ = XY       B. XZ = 2(XY)

             C. XZ > 2(XY)    D. XZ < 2(XY)
 TEKS G.2B Question 2

Look at the diagram below. What conclusion can be drawn

about   YQX and     WQZ




  A. They are congruent

  B. They are adjacent

  C. They are supplementary

  D. No conclusion can be drawn
  TEKS G.2B Question 3
In the diagram, lines m and n are parallel.
                                         1       2
                                     4       3

                             5       6
                         8       7

   A.     1 and     2 are complementary

   B.     1 is congruent to              5

   C.      2 and     8 are supplementary

   D.      4 is congruent to             5
 TEKS G.2B Question 4
Classify the triangle formed by connecting the following
three points: ( 0, 7), ( 4, 7), ( 2, 3).

Justify your answer using coordinate geometry.

           A. Scalene

           B.   Isosceles

           C. Equilateral
G.3C - 4 Questions
 Uselogical reasoning to prove statements
 are true and find counter examples to
 disprove statements that are false.
 TEKS G.3C Question 1
Which of these statements is a counter example for the
statement “The area is always greater than the perimeter of a

 A. The area of a rectangle with dimensions 2 units by 3
    units is less than the perimeter of the same

 B. The area of a rectangle with dimensions 4 units by
    6 units is greater than the perimeter of the same
  TEKS G.3C Question 2
Which of the following is a counter example for the statement:

“ If two lines are perpendicular to the same line, then they are
always parallel to each other.”

 I. If two lines are perpendicular to the same line, they
    are skew to each other.

 II. If two lines are perpendicular to the same line, they
     are perpendicular to each other.

 A. I only

 B. II only

 C. Both I and II
TEKS G.3C Question 3
Reggie claimed that any number that is divisible by 3 is
also divisible by 6. Which of the following examples
disproves Reggie’s claim?

A. 12

B. 30

C. 24

D. 27
TEKS G.3C Question 4
Find a counter example for the conjecture “the square
of any number is greater than the original number”

A. -4

B.   4

C. -1

D.   1
G.7B - 4 Questions
 Use slopes and equations of lines to
 investigate geometric relationships,
 including parallel lines, perpendicular
 lines, and special segments of triangles
 and other polygons.
 TEKS G.7B Question 1
RG is graphed on the coordinate
grid to the right .

Which of the following equations best
represents the perpendicular bisect of
RG ?
  TEKS G.7B Question 2
Which equation represents a line
parallel to AB?
  TEKS G.7B Question 3
Which of the following best describes the graph of the
equations below?

   A. Same x-intercept

   B. Same y-intercept

   C. The lines are parallel

   D. The lines are perpendicular
  TEKS G.7B Question 4
A line contains the points ( 1, -3 ) and ( 2, 2 ). Which of the
following pairs of points determine a line perpendicular?

    A. ( 0, 0 ) and ( -1, 5 )

    B. ( 0, 0 ) and ( 1, 5 )

    C. ( 1, 3 ) and ( 6, 2 )

    D. ( -4, 0 ) and ( 5, 5 )
G.7C - 5 Questions
 Deriveand use formulas involving length,
 slope, and midpoint.
  TEKS G.7C Question 1
A coordinate grid is placed over a map.
City A is located at ( -3, 2 ) and City B is
located at ( 4, 8 ). If City C is at the
midpoint between City A and City B,
which is closest to the distance in
 coordinate units from City A to City C?

  A. 4.61         B.   6.52

  C. 9.22         D. 21.26
TEKS G.7C Question 2
      S       Which best represents the
              length of the shortest side of the
              triangle EHS?

E         H

              A. 5.5           B. 5.8
              C. 6.0           D. 6.3
 TEKS G.7C Question 3
What is the length of the larger
base on the trapezoid?

A. 3.6        B.   10.8

C. 4.5        D. 4
TEKS G.7C Question 4
What is the midpoint of FB?          A


                                 C       E   F
A. ( 1, 1)       B.   ( -1, 1)
C. ( 1, - 1)     D. ( -1, -1)
 TEKS G.7C Question 5
Which segments have the same       A

1. BE     2. FE   3.   BA          B
4. AF     5. CD                C       E   F

 A.   3 and 2 only
 B.   1 and 5 only
 C.   4 and 5 and 3 only
 D.    5 and 1 and 4 only

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