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					         Illinois Department of Revenue

         REG-1                            Illinois Business Registration Application
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questions, visit our website or call us weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 217 785-3707.
Step 1: Identify your business or organization
 1 Federal employer identification number (FEIN)                                      6 Check the organization type that applies to you:
     FEIN: ______ - __________________                                               	 	     	 Proprietorship
     Proprietorships must provide the Social Security number (SSN)                              ____ Check if owned by husband and wife or civil union
     under which taxes will be filed.                                                           Partnership                Trust or estate
     SSN: _________ - ______ - ____________                                                     Corporation*               S Corp (Subchapter S Corporation)*
 2 Legal business name:                                                                       * Is your corporation publicly traded? ___ Yes         ___ No
                                                                                                If yes, provide the ticker symbol ____________
                                                                                                Governmental unit          Not-for-profit organization
 3 Doing-business-as (DBA), assumed, or trade name, if different                                LLC - Corporation          LLC - Partnership
     from Line 2:
                                                                                                LLC - Single member
     ___________________________________________________                                        ____ Check if disregarded
 4 Primary or legal business address:                                                 7 Illinois Secretary of State identification number:
     ___________________________________________________                                   ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ - ___
     Street address - No PO Box number                   Apartment or suite number
                                                                                      8 Is your business part of a unitary group? 	___ Yes          ___ No
     ___________________________________________________                                   If “Yes”, provide the FEIN of your designated agent (the entity
      City                                               State               ZIP
                                                                                           responsible for filing your Illinois income tax return):
     If you have other locations in Illinois from where you do
     business, complete and attach Schedule REG-1-L.                                       FEIN: ______ - __________________
 5 Mailing address if different from the address above:                               9 Identify a contact person regarding your business.
     ___________________________________________________                                   Name: __________________________ Title: _____________
     In-care-of name
                                                                                           Phone: (______) ______ - ________ Ext.: __________
     Street address or PO Box number                     Apartment or suite number         FAX:        (______) ______ - ________
     ___________________________________________________                                   Email address: ______________________________________
     City                                                State               ZIP

Step 2: Identify your owners and officers - If you need to identify more, attach Schedule REG-1-O.
10 Identification depends on the organization type you selected in Step 1, Line 6 (proprietorship - owner(s); partnership - general partners;
     non-publicly traded corporation - president, secretary, and treasurer; publicly traded corporation - chief operating officer and chief financial
     officer; trust or estate - trustee(s) or executor(s); governmental unit - one contact person; not-for-profit organization - president, secretary, or
     treasurer; limited liability company - managers and members). For each individual or business required, complete the following information.
Individuals: (include Social Security number (SSN))
     a       ___________________________________          _________________            d   ___________________________________           _________________
             Name                                         Title                            Name                                          Title

             ______________________________________________________                        ______________________________________________________
             Home address - No PO Box number   City               State      ZIP           Home address - No PO Box number   City                State     ZIP

             ____ / ____ / ________              (______) ______ - ________                ____ / ____ / ________              (______) ______ - ________
             Date of birth                       Phone                                     Date of birth                       Phone

             _______ - _____ - _________ Ownership percentage: ______                      _______ - _____ - _________ Ownership percentage: ______
             Social Security number                                                        Social Security number

     b       ___________________________________          _________________          Businesses: (include federal employer identification number (FEIN))
             Name                                         Title
                                                                                       a   ___________________________________ ____-_____________
             ______________________________________________________                        Name                                          FEIN
             Home address - No PO Box number   City               State      ZIP
                                                                                           Legal address
             ____ / ____ / ________              (______) ______ - ________
             Date of birth                       Phone                                     ______________________________________________________
                                                                                           City                                            State           ZIP
             _______ - _____ - _________ Ownership percentage: ______
             Social Security number                                                        (______) ______ - ________           Ownership percentage: ______
     c       ___________________________________          _________________
             Name                                         Title                        b   ___________________________________ ____-_____________
                                                                                           Name                                          FEIN
             Home address - No PO Box number   City               State      ZIP           ______________________________________________________
                                                                                           Legal address
             ____ / ____ / ________              (______) ______ - ________
             Date of birth                       Phone                                     ______________________________________________________
                                                                                           City                                            State           ZIP
             _______ - _____ - _________ Ownership percentage: ______
             Social Security number                                                        (______) ______ - ________           Ownership percentage: ______
REG-1 (R-01/14)
Step 3: Tell us about your business activities
  11 Describe your business activities:______________________                                                   Cigarettes and other tobacco products
     ____________________________________________                                                                 Cigarettes - See Schedule REG-1-C before you check here.
         Provide your North American Industry Classification System                                               Tobacco products - See Schedule REG-1-C before you
         (NAICS) number:___________________________________                                                       check here.
         Refer to the website                                                                      Cigarette machine operator - See Schedule REG-1-C before
  12 Will you have Illinois employees? ____ Yes       ____ No	                                                    you check here.
         When will (did) your Illinois payroll begin: ___/___/_____                                             When will (did) these activities begin? ____/____/_____
  13 Does your supplier collect Illinois sales tax for                                                          Renting or leasing
         merchandise your business uses or consumes in Illinois?                                                You must complete and attach Schedule REG-1-L to identify all
         ____ Yes ____ No                                                                                       Illinois locations from which you rent or lease.
         When will (did) these activities begin? ____/____/_____                                            	        Hotel rooms for less than 30 days
                                                                                                                     Do you charge for telecommunication
  14 Check all that apply to your type of business.
                                                                                                                     services? ____ Yes ____ No
         You must complete and attach Schedule REG-1-L to
                                                                                                            	        Vehicles for one year or less
         identify all Illinois locations from which you make retail sales.                                      When will (did) these activities begin? ____/____/_____
             General merchandise: ____ Retail ____ Wholesale                                                    Utility providers
             Do you estimate your monthly sales tax liability to                                                  Electricity: ____ Retail ____ Wholesale
             be over $200? ____ Yes ____ No                                                                       Natural gas:____ Retail ____ Wholesale
             Sales to Illinois customers from out of state                                                        Telecommunications - See Schedule REG-1-T.
             ____ Check here if you have an Illinois presence.                                                    ____ Retail       ____ Wholesale
             Soft drinks (other than fountain soft drinks) in Chicago                                             Water or sewer services
             Vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, or trailers                                                           Are you a utility cooperative? ____ Yes ____ No
             Sales or delivery of tires. Do you always pay the                                                    Are you a municipality?      ____ Yes ____ No
             Tire User Fee to your supplier? ____ Yes ____ No                                                   When will (did) these activities begin? ____/____/_____
             Sales from vending machines. How many vending                                                      All other tax types
             machines? ____                                                                                       Liquor warehousing - Attach Schedule REG-1-A.
             Liquor at retail (bar, tavern, liquor store, etc.)                                                   Dry cleaning: ____ Facility ____ Solvent supplier
             Motor fuel/fuel: ____ Retail ____ Wholesale                                                          Own/operate coin-operated amusement devices
             ____ Check here if you are required to collect prepaid                                               You wish to purchase electricity for non-residential use
             sales tax.                                                                                           and pay the tax to IDOR - Attach Schedule REG-1-D.
         When will (did) these activities begin? ____/____/_____                                                  You wish to purchase natural gas from outside of
         Services                                                                                                 Illinois for your own use and pay the tax to IDOR - Attach
         Do you transfer items, on which tax must be collected, as part                                           Schedule REG-1-G.
         of your service? ____ Yes ____ No                                                                        Not listed. Identify: _______________________
         When will (did) this activity begin? ____/____/_____                                                   When will (did) these activities begin? ____/____/_____
Step 4: Check any schedule attached (not all applicants are required to complete additional schedules)
      Schedule REG-1-L                 Schedule REG-1-O                           Schedule REG-1-R		
      Schedule REG-1-T                 Schedule REG-1-C                           Schedule REG-1-A		
      Schedule REG-1-D                 Schedule REG-1-G                           Schedule REG-1-MR		
Step 5: Sign below
Under penalties of perjury, I state that I have examined this information and, to the best of my knowledge, it is true, correct, and complete.
I further attest that I will be responsible for filing returns and paying all taxes due unless Schedule REG-1-R, Responsible Party Information,
is attached to this application or forwarded to the department. Check here if you are attaching or forwarding Schedule REG-1-R:
Signature:             _______________________________________                                              Title:        ________________________                               Date: ___/___/______

Printed name:          _______________________________________                                              SSN:          ______ - _____ - _________

Address:               _______________________________________                                              Phone: (______) ______ - _________

Mail your completed form, with any required                                                                                CENTRAL REGISTRATION DIVISION 3-222
attachments and payment to:                                                                                                ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE
                                                                                                                           PO BOX 19030
                                                                                                                           SPRINGFIELD IL 62794-9030

        This form is authorized by 20 ILCS 687/6-1 et seq.; 35 ILCS 5/1et seq.,105/1et seq., 110/1et seq., 115/1et seq., 120/1et seq., 130/1et seq., 135/1 et seq., 143/10-1et seq., 155/1 et seq., 415/1 et
        seq., 505/1et seq., 510/1et seq., 615/1et seq., 620/1 et seq., 625/1et seq., 630/1et seq., 635/1et seq.; 640/2-1 et seq.; 230 ILCS 20/1 et seq.; 25/1et seq., 30/1et seq.; 235 ILCS 5/1-1 et seq.; 305
        ILCS 20/5 et seq., 415 ILCS 125/301et seq.; Disclosure of this information may be REQUIRED. Failure to provide information could result in this form not being processed and possible penalties.
        This form has been approved by the Forms Management Center.

REG-1 (R-01/14)

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