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									               January 21, 2014

 Report to the County Board
       of Supervisors

Patty Furr
Executive Director
Jackson Hinds Library System
Six Months of Progress at the
Jackson Hinds Library System
  • Staffing
  • Technology
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Staff Training
    Jackson Hinds Library System is an Equal
       Opportunity Employer that does not
   discriminate against any individual because
   of their race, color, religion, sex (including
     pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or
                older) or disability.

Ratio of Employees in 2012-2013   66% Black   33% White
Ratio of Employees in 2013-2014   75% Black   25% White
  All Hiring Decisions Are Made by a
     Committee of Three Persons:

      Patty Furr, Executive Director,
 Charlotte Moman, AD for Public Services
Brenette Nichols, AD of Human Resources
      (1 White, 2 Black Employees)

  A Veto by Any One of the Three Hiring Committee
  Members Means That the Employee Is Not Hired….
We Value our Employees and Want
 their Experience at The Library
  System to Be A Positive One.

Assistant Director of Public Services,
 Charlotte Moman, Supervises All
 Branch Scheduling and Approves
     Staffing Levels Each Week.
All employees who work 8 hours are
 entitled to a one-hour lunch and 2
        fifteen minute breaks.
 Staff Training is Offered 3 Times a
Year at an All-Day Training Session.

    Previously Customer Service
   Training was the main training
  offered to everyone, and all staff
were required to take the training—
 even those in IT, Tech Services, HR
            and Finance.
Since July of 2013, training has been
   diversified. Federally required
 training in Drug-Free Workplace &
Sexual Harrassment are Scheduled,
 as well as Anti-bullying and Safety
Training. Customer Service Training
  is Required for New Employees.
   The Library Grievance Process is
     Available to All Employees.
   A Standard Grievance Form is Available for
 Anyone Who Might Wish to File a Grievance on
 Their Own Behalf. The Aggrieved Person Must
      File a Grievance on Their Own Behalf.

  However, the Library Executive Director Hears
and Responds to Any Complaint by Any Employee.
Technology is Constantly Advancing
    to Better Serve Customers.
                  JHLS ILS Server was
                  recently migrated from
                  an obsolete format to a
                  state-of-the-art Oracle-
                  based system.

                  SAS Service Option will
                  improve library’s ability
                  to quickly assess and
                  address problems.
New Online Library Catalog
Coming Feb. 15th.

• New state-of-the-art catalog
  has a Google-like analytical
  search capability.

• Social-media integration to
  attract younger library users.

• Email and text-message
  delivery of library notices
  with 2 day pre-overdue
  New Point-of-Sale Cash Management System
             Coming In April, 2014

Comprise system will allow
JHLS to offer secure credit card
payment both in-person and

New system will tighten library
internal controls over cash
payments at each branch.
   New Library Website Coming in May 2014
Current Library Website Has Remained
Unchanged Since Late 1990’s.
Future Projects
 Online library card sign-up.
 Online meeting room
 Online library event
 Online registration for the
 Summer Reading Program.
 Virtual, Online Summer
 Reading Program.
Facilities and Maintenance
 All 15 library branches have been visited and preliminarily
 evaluated for maintenance needs and safety concerns.
          Five City Libraries
      with Extensive Roof Leaks
Were Temporarily Dried-In and Cleaned.
An environmental
company performed
extensive cleaning
which included air
scrubbers, treatment
with biocides and
extensive hands-on

ceiling tiles were
replaced and walls
with stains were
scrubbed clean.
The City of
Jackson will
undertake roof
replacement or
repairs later in
the year.
Two Restoration Projects were Completed

                         Water leak in a toilet at
                         Byram brought extensive
                         Sewage back-up at Welty
                         led to 2 months of
                         clean-up and repair.
Library Carpets were Cleaned:

               • Willie Morris
               • Eudora Welty
               • Quisenberry
Safety concerns were addressed:
   • Locked fire exit doors at Tisdale.
   • Unsafe entrance doors at Welty
   • Electrical closets with books & papers
   • Out-of-date fire extinguishers.
        Liability Issues Have Been Addressed:
• New work policies to limit worker’s comp liability.

• Comprehensive safety plan is being drafted:

    •   Evacuation plans in all buildings.
    •   First aid kits at all locations.
    •   Fire and tornado drills at all libraries.
    •   “Shooter in the Library” training.
                                          Rolling, lockable tilt
                                           tables help enable
                                            the library staff to
                                          reset the room from
                                           a toddler Storytime
                                           to a Senior craft or
                                            computer class in
                                            about 10 minutes.

New Furniture Will Now Enable Westside Seniors to Meet
              at the Bolden Moore Library
Renovation, Repair and Refurbishment Plans Are
Being Developed for Several Libraries:

        Edwards, Richard Wright,
        Charles Tisdale and Eudora Welty.
         Circulation Has Dropped
       Dramatically at Eudora Welty
                     104,666 in 2003 to 53,055 in 2013

2003       104,666

2004       107,528

2005       109,075

2006       116,636

2007        85,207

2008        51,205

2009        35,887

2010        61,835

2011        58,028

2012        51,417

2013        53,055
Populations Missing at Welty
  • Wheelchair-bound,
    Blind, Hearing
  • Young Families with
  • Toddlers and Juveniles
  • Teens and ‘Tweens
  • Senior Adults and
  • Adults Living and
    Working Downtown.
 A New Space Plan is Being
Considered at Welty Library

Public comment will soon be
solicited to hear what the public
thinks about needed renovations
and how to attract the missing
user groups back to the library.
Welty Library Serves the Homeless

                     According to
                     Mississippi Library
                     Laws, public
                     libraries are for
                     the public. The
                     homeless cannot
                     ever be turned
                     away from any
                     public library.
This Past December the Library Staff
  Voluntarily Contributed Over 100
  Items of Warm Clothing Items to
 Gateway Mission for the Homeless
 The Library Staff Also Donated a
Large Amount of Food from a Staff
 Training Dinner to “Grace Place.”
 We Offer an Employment Lab For
    Anyone Who Needs Help
          Finding a Job.

 We also offer hot coffee on cold
mornings and will soon be offering a
movie matinee during the week for
     adults at Welty Library.
 Public Libraries are for Everyone.

   Tax Money that Supports Your
   Public Library is Contributed by
   Every Age, Social Class, Race or
   Ethnic Group. Your Local Public
Library Should Have Something That
        Appeals to Everyone.
Every Library
Customer Deserves
a Clean,
Up-to-Date Public
Library With
Comfortable Seating
and Materials that
Have Appeal for
Every Age Group
and Interest.

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