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					Coaching philosophy
It is one of the coaches the most titles of his
generation and one of the best coaching
philosophy. The man who has won two
slices of Europe, including one of the UEFA
Champions League, the commands of the
generation the more talented of the Ajax
Amsterdam since the time Cruyff thrilled at
the beginning of years 70.

He has accompanied the Patrick Kluivert,
the brothers De Boer, Clarence Seedorf,
Edgar Davids, Nwankwo Kanu, Edwin van
der Saar, Marc Overmars and Jari Litmanen
in their hatching.coaching philosophy
Double champion with FC Barcelona in 1998
and 1999 for its first experience abroad,
Van Gaal the requiring is built in ten years a
reputation which in fact stills a reference on
     old continent.
Difficult in the first place not to go back to the news. You are you really a
door candidate for the post of chooser of the team of England?

What are the Dutch media, which have raised the question? They have
done a whole history of not much. It is in fact that I have a contract until
2010 with AZ,coaching but I have a clause that allows me to leave before
only to lead a national team. I have compiled a list of five countries for
the club who did not want to see, full of federations knocking at the door.
There was England in this list and as the post was then free, the media
have made a case.coaching philosophy I am happy to be here, there is a
fantastic alchemy with the president, the players and the staff. The
culture of this club in general fits me.
Therefore, again lead to a national team is not a goal?

I say, my ambition today is to argue a large international competition
with a selection, and the win. I have all won practically in the club. Live a
Euro or a slice of the world at the head of a national team that is what is
missing for me so far. Now, AZ absolutely wants to keep me, and I
always finished my contracts, by loyalty. The president wants to build for
the long-term with me; he would like me to keep up to 65 years. But I do
not want to cause a selection at that age. And even less late.
This philosophy precisely can it apply everywhere, and what is it exactly?

I do not think that it is not adaptable to all contexts. It is a question of
state of mind, the approach of the player’s bolt-to-bolt of the coach and
vice-versa. The coach is the reference of the team, but the relational must
be open. Similarly that the spirit of each player. Everyone must do the
same thing;coaching philosophy follow the same direction to comply with
with the objective to achieve. The preparation tactic of placement is
essential, namely the occupation on the ground of each player. OF or the
need for an approach of mutual understanding because it requires a
mental discipline beyond reproach. This game is played with 22, opposite
thou hast 11 guys who play as a team, you must know which thou must
fight and they do with your teammates, be available for them.

Description: It is one of the coaches the most titles of his generation and one of the best coaching philosophy