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									Sometimes Life Kicks You Right in the Chakras – "Life’s An Itch"

Twenty million Americans practice yoga. But who ever heard of a romantic yoga comedy?
Writer-Director Kevin A. Kent’s movie, “Life’s An Itch,” stars Ali Cobrin (American reunion) with
Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13) and Lin Shaye (There’s Something About Mary) featuring newcomer
Rossi Morreale. This comedic movie released today from Monarch Distribution on most popular
VOD and DVD outlets by Monarch Home Entertainment.

Irvine, CA, January 21, 2014 --( “The last thing Roger needed was his wife's Yoga teacher
moving in during the week his family is on vacation. This thirty-something father of two has reached the
point where he questions everything: career, creativity, even his marriage. The hilarious complications
and temptations arise when his wife (Andrea Bogart) innocently invites her open-minded (and very sexy)
yoga instructor to stay in the guest-house while she's away on vacation with the kids.

The movie was shot in beautiful Laguna Beach in a home overlooking the Pacific ocean. Roger had no
idea what was going to happen before or after the yoga party, he just wanted to get his movie score done
for the biggest break in his life. Kathleen Quinlan's cameo as the ruthless mother-in-law has charm and
grit. Rounding out the cast are yogini's (Irina Voronina, Jesse Golden, Catherine Shu and comedic actress
DeLane Matthews. Ali Cobrin shines as the lead yogini and rises to the call of “star” in her first starring

“Life's an Itch” is distributed by Monarch Home Entertainment, Nashville, TN. Produced by: Kevin A.
Kent, Rossi Morreale and Joel Mills.

Runtime: 94 mins - Genre: Comedy/Romance - Written & Directed by Kevin A. Kent or Monarch Home Entertainment

This movie can be bought or seen on Amazon.

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