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									 On the Move
              Curt                             Joe Longo,
              Behlmer,                         Serus
              Dolby Labo-                     The Santa
              ratories                        Clara supply
              The San                         chain man-
              Francisco                       agement for
              audio, video,                   high-tech
              and voice                       companies
technologies that trans-        appointed Joe Longo vice
form entertainment and          president of the profes-
communications named            sional services group.
Curt Behlmer senior vice        Previously, he was an
president of content solu-      executive at PSVillage.
tions and industry rela-
tions. Recently, he served                     Colleen
as chief technology officer                    McCreary,
of entertainment services                      Reputation.
at Technicolor.                                com
                                               The Red-
              Deberah                          wood City
              Kelley,                          provider
              Mechanics                        of online
              Bank              privacy, which helps
              The Rich-         suppress online negativ-
              mond              ity about yourself or a
              financial         company, named Colleen
              institution       McCreary chief people of-
appointed Deberah Kelley        ficer. Previously, she held
executive vice president of     human resource positions
wealth management. Pre-         at Electronic Arts and
viously, she held positions     Microsoft.
at Exchange Bank.
                                               Subash Rao,
              Daniel                           Symphony
              Latini,                          Teleca
              DTZ                              The Moun-
                The global                     tain View
                property                       development
                services firm                  services
                named                          company
                Daniel Latini   named Subash Rao ex-
senior vice president. He       ecutive vice president and
will work in the Palo Alto      chief human resources
office. He is former vice       officer. He held human re-
president at Colliers’ Oc-      sources positions at Cisco
cupier Services Group.          Systems.

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