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                                        POISON IN PIZZA HUT CHEESE

         Leprino Foods, the world's largest Italian cheese manufacturer, is the nearly exclusive supplier of
         Pizza Cheese to the 6000+ Pizza Hut restaurants in the U.S. To make money, Leprino Foods
         uses patented processes that add GMO food starch, plus large volumes of water and salt to so-
         called Pizza Cheese.

         It gets much worse. Leprino Foods sprays Polydimethylsiloxane onto the "cheese". According
         to the original source for this information, this poison has not been approved as a food ingredient
         by the FDA. However, another site lists this as a food ingredient. Yet I do not recall reading this in
         the list of ingredients of anything from the supermarket. I believe that they add a whole lot of extra
         toxins in restaurant food that we never see, since they don't have to list the ingredients.

         The levels are 90 X higher residue concentration than the FDA allows for use as a boiler water
         antifoaming agent!

         Polydimethylsiloxane breaks down into formaldehyde when subjected to heat in excess of
         150ºC. There is no safe level of formaldehyde.

         In addition, as I tell people in "You're not fat, You're Toxic", you have the addition of glyphosate,
         the poison that is in Roundup, which comes from GMO plants fed to dairy cows (GMO corn, soy
         and alfalfa). That ends up in what little real cheese is in the cheese, as well as the meat.

         Corporations don't care about you. Only you can care about you. Read the 55 easy-to-
         understand chapters in You're not fat, You're Toxic and save your looks, your health and your life.


                                                                You're Not Fat
                                                                 You're Toxic

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