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A Business Agreement is a covenant that an entity makes with a second party to ensure that its conduct of business is bound to contractual liability.

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									Sample Business Agreement Form

Agreement made the ________day of _________ (year) by __________and between
________, a_________ c corporation (referred to as purchaser) and ____________, a
___________corporation (referred to as the seller) and the undersigned shareholders of
seller (referred to as the Shareholders).

In order to consummate the plans of reorganization, and in consideration of mutual
benefit to be delivered and the mutual agreement contained, the parties approve and adopt
this agreement and mutually covenant and agree that the seller shall retain cash not to
exceed sh. _________for expenses incurred by the seller arising from or attributable the
sale or exchange provided for by this agreement, the consideration which the purchaser
agrees to pay the seller.

Any thing to the contrary not withstanding, the purchaser shall not assume or pay
precedent cost arising out of the transfer of the asset to the purchaser contemplated by
this agreement .Thereby any obligation or liability of the seller to its shareholders is as
such and consideration be given.

Upon the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and in exchange for the
business , property or asset of the seller to be transferred, purchaser in addition to
assuming all sellers liabilities other than those excluded in paragraph __________,will
issue and deliver to the seller certificates representing _________shares f purchaser’s
common stock registered in the name of seller.

Purchaser and seller agree to execute any and all other document and to take any other
action or corporate proceedings as may be necessary or desired to carry out the terms.

In witness of, the parties have caused this agreement to be duly executed as all of the day
and year fist written above.



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