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									Teacher: Ms. Erin & Ms. Ann                                                Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                             Week of : 2014.1.20-2014.1.24
 Subject/Time                 Monday                        Tuesday                        Wednesday                          Thursday                        Friday
9:00 –9:30                                                             Arrival, attendance and getting ready for the day.
                               Objective: Change shoes, put coat and backpack away nicely, put water cup and spoon case away, put name on self-attendance chart.
9:30~10:00       Circle Time
Circle Time      Objectives: Learn about the calendar and the days of the week. Discuss today’s weather. Specially learn a new song (on Mondays, talk about the weekend).
                 Introduce and review the letter of the week and words that start with that letter.
                 Text/Materials: n/a
                  Calendar
                  Days of the week
                  Music & Dance Time
                 Evaluation: Observation

10:15 – 10:45    PHONICS                          PHONICS                        PHONICS                            PHONICS                        PHONICS
SUBJECT..        Objectives: learning to read     Objectives: matching           Objectives: identifying the        Objectives: listening and      Objectives: Reinforcing the
                 og and op phonics                pictures with their words      correct phonics                    matching words to their        letter p through making a
                 Procedures:                      Procedures:                    Procedures:                        pictures                       craft
                 -Listen to the word chant        -Listen to the word chant      -Listen to the word chant          Procedures:                     Procedures: -listen to the
                 -review words and phonics        -review words and phonics      -review words and phonics          -Listen to the word chant      letter p song
                 with flashcards                  with flashcards                with flashcards                    -introduce words and phonics    - have sts identify words
                 -check sts understanding         -check sts understanding       -check sts understanding           with flashcards                that start with p
                 individually                     individually                   individually                       -check sts understanding       - Show sts how to make the p
                 -read pg 66 together             -show how to complete pgs      - sts will put the flashcards on   individually                   craft step by step
                 -sts will complete their own     67 and where to put the        the board under the correct        -show how to complete pg 69     -Sts will make their own
                 books.                           pictures                       phonics                            -sts will complete their own   crafts
                 Text/Materials: Phonics cue      -sts will complete their own   -show how to complete pg 68        books.                         Text/Materials: , Youtube
                 book 2, CD                       books.                         -sts will complete their own       Text/Materials: Phonics cue    Video, craft material
                 Evaluation: Observation          Text/Materials: Phonics cue    books.                             book 2, CD                     Evaluation: Observation
                                                  book 2, CD                     Text/Materials: Phonics cue        Evaluation: Observation
                                                  Evaluation: Observation        book 2, CD
                                                                                 Evaluation: Observation

10: 50 ~ 11:20     SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY                     Math                  SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY                        Math                 SPOTLIGHT ON LITERACY
                 Objectives: recognizing             Biggest and Smallest        Objectives: writing and                   Short and Tall          Objectives: reading the story
                 patterns and creating a          Objectives: Count numbers      review of letters Q and R          Objectives: Count numbers      “We play soccer” singing the
                 project                          1-40 & talk about Biggest      Procedures:                        1-40 and talk about Short      story song
                 Procedures:                      and Smallest                   -talk about words that begin       and Tall                       Procedures:
                 - listen to the theme song and                                  with q and r                                                      - listen to the story song and
                 review vocabulary words          Procedures:                    - listen to the letters Q and R    Procedures:                    introduce vocabulary/words
                 -go over sight words             - Sing number song.            song and review vocabulary         - Sing number song.            -check sts understanding
                 -show pg 10 and 11 and           - Show how to complete         words                              - Show how to complete         individually of vocabulary
                 complete together                worksheet                      -show pg 12 and 13 and             worksheet                      words
Teacher: Ms. Erin & Ms. Ann                                                  Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                             Week of : 2014.1.20-2014.1.24
                  - sts will complete their own                                    complete together                                                -show pgs 14 and 15 and
                  books                                                            - sts will complete their own                                    complete together”
                  - Text/Materials: textbook,                                      books                                                            - sts will complete their own
                  smartboard, CD                                                   - Text/Materials: textbook,                                      books
                                                                                   smartboard, CD                                                   - Text/Materials: textbook,
                                                                                                                                                    smartboard, CD
  11:25~11:55                ORDA                              GYM                              ORDA                                                            Library
                        Hidden Numbers            Objectives: Participate                 Connect the dots
                                                                                                                      Special Activity              Objectives: Have interest
                  Purpose : Reading and           willingly in a variety of         Purpose : Learning numbers        Tofu Crackers:)               with story books
                  writing numbers 1-10-           physically active activities to   Text/Materials: Crayons,                                        Procedures:
                  Text/Materials: paper,          develop gross-motor skills.       paper, scissors                                                 - Talk about rules in the
                  crayons                         Demonstrate health and                                                                            library
                                                  safety practices for                                                                              - Listen to a story
                                                  themselves and others.                                                                            Text/Materials: Library
                                                  Procedures:                                                                                       folder, story booksbg
                                                  Teacher will bring students
                                                  downstairs, using the
                                                  elevator, and supervise while
                                                  students participate in gym
                                                  class with the Gym Teacher.
                                                  Text/Materials: N/A (Gym
                                                  toys and equipment)
                                                  Evaluation: Observation

12:00~1:20                                                                                     Lunch
1:25~1:55         Faces                           Faces                             Faces                            Faces                           Faces
Course Book       Objectives: review of            Objectives: dialogue             Objectives: listening to a       Objectives: phonics s t a nd     Objectives: unit 7 review
Faces 2:          restaurant vocabulary           building “can I help you?”        story, practicing the dialogue   u, book activities              Procedures:
Unit 1            Procedures:                     and “I want… please”              Procedures:                      Procedures:                     -review vocabulary and
                  -review food vocabulary         reviewing language                -show lesson 7 and play the      -review the vocabulary using    chech sts understanding
                  -show activity book pgs 56-     Procedures:                       story cd                         flash cards. Say “I like…” “I   individually
                  58                              -show pg 56 in the faces book     -ask sts what the different      don’t like..”                   - show pg 59 and ask sts to
                  -complete with sts on the       and ask sts what fruits they      family members wanted to         -show a.b. pgs 59-61 and        point to the different food
                  smartboard                      know.                             eat. Talk about how old          complete together               -sts will circle the changes in
                  -sts will complete their own    - count the seeds together and    Anna is                          - sts will complete their own   the bottom picture
                  books                           sts will match to the correct     - sts will complete their own    books                           -listen to and sing the
                  Text/Materials: activity        number                            books                            Text/Materials: activity        alphabet song
                  book , flashcards CD,           -show pg 57 and complete          Text/Materials: activity         book , flashcards CD,           -sts complete their own books
                                                  lesson 6 in the faces book        book , flashcards CD,                                            Text/Materials: textbook ,
                                                  together                                                                                           flashcards, CD
                                                  -sts complete their own books
                                                  Text/Materials: textbook ,
                                                  flashcards, CD
Teacher: Ms. Erin & Ms. Ann                                              Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan                             Week of : 2014.1.20-2014.1.24
2:00~2:30                  RAZ-KIDS                           Art                           Craft                            Gym                            Science
                           City places                  A Baby Mobile                    Raindrops              Objectives: Get exercise,                  Dinosaur
                  Objectives: Students are       Objectives : To develop       Directions :                     socialize and play together.    Objectives: Learn about the
                  going to talk City places      decorating skills                 a. Fold the white paper      Procedures:                     principle of a cam
                                                 Ideas :                                in half. And glue       -Free play with the gym         Procedures:
                  Procedures:                        a. Draw a baby mobile              them together.          equipment                       -Insert the cam axis on the
                  -Listen to a story talk City            hanging on the           b. Color the cloud,                                          guide.
                  places                                  given space.                  raindrops and the                                       -Insert the wheels on the axis.
                  -Talk about City places            b. Draw it based on                light. Then cut out.                                    -Put the dinosaur in the
                  - Show how to complete                  balance.                 c. Cut the string to put                                     guide.
                  worksheet                      Text/Materials: Crayons                the raindrops and                                       -Insert the axis and wheels.
                  - Complete worksheet                                                  the light.                                              -Hold the guide and move it
                                                                                   d. Tape the string on                                        around.
                                                                                        the back of the
                                                                                   e. Tape the bell and
                                                                                        raindrops on the end
                                                                                        of the string as
                                                                                        following the picture
                                                                                   f. To hang your work
                                                                                        on the wall, make a
                                                                               Text/Materials: Craft kit
                                                                          Wrap up and Home Time

          Independent Centers:                   Songs: (It is possible to find all the songs below on www.youtube.com)
Blocks                                           Days of the week                              If you’re happy                       Skeleton dance
Puzzle                                           BINGO                                         10 Little numbers                     5 little speckled frogs
Library                                          Wheels on the bus                             Shape song                            Twinkle, twinkle little star
Manipulatives                                    I am a pizza                                  Good Morning                          Hokey Pokey

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