Star Wars - A Galaxy Never Dreamt Of_ by AnnyMartha


									                     Star Wars - A Galaxy Never Dreamt Of!

Does rocket, spaceships, aliens, unidentified flying objects (UFO) drives you crazy, well, if the
answer is yes! Then we have a plan to send you to an altogether new destination. So, rise up
fellas! Enjoy a time travel ride with the Star Wars Book and witness an altogether new race
comprising of Jedi and Sith carrying their traditionallight saber and chasing you imagination
beyond reality.

Children’s have an appetite for fantasy and when they realize the wildest one come alive for
them, they are filled with a sense of awe, so this Star wars Book is all set to add to their appetite
following the hunger looming larger ever since The Old Star Wars Book was read.

With the series becoming a grand success, no one but can stop from grabbing the new Star Wars
Book to experience a whole together new experience , and with that demand, even a toddler is
excited to watch a movie of this kind.

The new book has an altogether new beginning with the trade federation blocking all trade
routes that lead to the planet Naboo and they are being hefty paid for that in the form of
Galactic Republic taxation on trade policies. With the expectation of the viewers spurting every
time they read star wars, these new Star Wars Books and various other compiled series of the
Old star wars Book provide a real feast the imagination of the readers.

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