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									             Why Editing and Proofreading Cannot Be Ignored?

Summary – This article highlights why it is essential for various English language documents to be
edited and proofread by professionals to ensure clear readability and comprehension.

Most people believe that their writing does not need any editing or proofreading. You too can be
excused for thinking like others, but the reader – especially the examining officer, in most cases –
will not be as forgiving.

This is because the simplest of grammatical errors and typos become quite glaring to even a
layperson who is reading your text for the first time. Yet, you may easily miss them even when you
repeatedly comb through your complete writing with the most cautious eye.

So, can you really afford to have obtrusive mistakes mar your theses, dissertations, postgraduate
white papers or any other academic papers, for that matter? They can not only make it difficult for
people to understand what you intend to say but even change the entire connotation of your words
at times. And such blunders can cost you heavily – loss of precious marks in academic papers or
even loss of reputation in the case of professional documents, business correspondence, emails, etc.
And we all know that no business can afford language errors in their legal documentation,
contracts, business proposals, tender applications or even website content.

Even manuscripts for submission to journals are often rejected if they come dotted with
grammatical errors and typos galore. Furthermore, it is pretty obvious that even slight errors of
omission or commission in a job resume or cover letter can blatantly blemish an otherwise
exceptional profile and even make you lose a brilliant job that was otherwise yours for the taking!
                                                                     Simple errors become even more
                                                                     common when it comes to people
                                                                     who speak English as a second
                                                                     language. English editing
                                                                     becomes mandatory as some
                                                                     language incorrectness can be
                                                                     spotted by

                                                                   native English speakers alone.
Therefore opting for English editing services by professional editors whose native language is
English helps guarantee that all spellings and grammar are correct.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ function in your word
processing software or even other dedicated grammar checker apps can help you weed out all the
errors. This is because these programs work with a limited number of rules, and so fail to identify
even some of the common mistakes. Thorough explanation of why or even how a sentence
structure should be revised is also sorely lacking.

And this is where professional English editing services come into the picture. Furthermore, editors
and proofreaders do not just check grammar, punctuation and typos but also ensure that proper
academic formatting and appropriate citation styles are followed consistently. Additionally with
English editing, a professional English style, structure and clarity will come to the fore as the editors
can easily spot inapt, out of place or even irrelevant expressions and make necessary improvements
to the language as needed.

So do not hesitate to utilize professional English editing services always!

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