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									        local government:
preventing violence against women

  Local Government Alcohol and Other Drugs Issues Forum

                    28 February 2013

                        Kellie Nagle
         it is prevalent

            1 in 3
women have experienced physical violence
          since the age of 15

                          ABS Personal Safety Survey 2006
                         it is costly

Cost to the Australian economy in 2009

Estimated to rise by 2020 to

                                         KPMG, 2009
it is serious
                      it is pervasive

In 2011/12, Victoria Police attended more than

family violence incidents
why should local government take action?

•   Violence against women is preventable

•   Gender equity is achievable

•   Legislative responsibility
     - improve the overall quality of life of people in the local
     - ensure that services and facilities provided by the Council
       are accessible and equitable
                                        (Local Government Act 1989)
•   Council’s reach
     - large local employer
     - 130 services touch some aspect of peoples lives
MAV leadership statement

           ‘Research shows that the key
           determinant of violence against
           women is the persisting inequities
           between men and women’.

                               VicHealth 2007
                 MAV’s current PVAW work

•   Strengthening engagement with executives and elected leaders with

•   Convening PVAW Network

•   Distributing PVAW e-bulletin

•   Embedding gender equity and PVAW in MAV organisational

•   Resourcing of key stakeholders
              sports and recreation

Active Women and Girls in Moreland Strategy
               maternal and child health

Baby Makes 3

AIM: To promote equal and respectful relationships between men and
women during the transition to parenthood.
Darebin City Council

         Equity & Inclusion Policy

         Women’s Equity Strategy

         •   Gender Equity Action Plan 2012-13

         •   Preventing Violence Against Women Action
             Plan 2012-13
Maribyrnong City Council
communications & advocacy
Macedon Ranges Shire
Hume City Council
Strathbogie Shire Council
communications & advocacy
infrastructure and land use planning

Kellie Nagle
Policy Adviser, Preventing Violence Against Women
03 9667 5585

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