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									High-Speed Hand Dryers a Safe Choice in the Defense Against
CDC says frequent handwashing still a key factor in preventing the spread of ge

11.17.2009 – The recent outbreak of H1N1 flu across the country has captured the
attention of the U.S. public. Unfortunately, the H1N1 flu has also provided an            Twitter Pitc
opportunity for unscrupulous marketers, using SPAM e-mails and other techniques,          High-Speed H
                                                                                          in the Defense
to circulate scare tactics in hopes of increasing profits for their products and
services. This misinformation and discredited data have been around for years, and
                                                                                          News Facts
have been soundly debunked.                                                                 In a study of
Excel Dryer, Inc. wants our distributors and end users to be confident about the            contaminate
safety and health benefits of warm air hand and hair dryers. It is important to us that     researchers
you know that our products are both reliable and hygienic. Several studies have             got rid of th

been published in well-known medical reviews on the health benefits and hygienic            regardless
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superiority of warm air dryers. Hand dryers are almost unanimously declared to be
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more sanitary than other drying techniques.
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Blowing Hot Air: debunking hygiene myths about hand dryers
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Research indicates that, "irrespective of the hand washing agent used," electric air        for spreadin
drying produces "the highest and cloth the lowest reduction in numbers" of bacteria        Warm air dr
and viruses on washed hands (Ansari et al., 1991, American Journal of Infection             in efficient a

Control). Researchers Meers and Leong declared, in a 1989 letter to the Journal of          drying.
Hospital Infection, that there is "no bacteriological reason to exclude [hand dryers]
                                                                                            declared, in
from the clinical areas." The European Cleaning review adds, "unless paper towel
                                                                                            of Hospital I
waste is regularly cleaned [up], it can be a lasting source of bacteriological
infection" (September 1994).
                                                                                            dryers] from
                                                                                            The Europe
Over the last 40 years, numerous scientific researches have valued the hygienic             "unless pap
safety of warm air as a drying medium. These studies were conducted with careful            cleaned [up]
methodology, at major academic or medical institutions.                                     of bacteriolo

In 2000, Dr. Franklin R. Cockerill III and his colleagues at the Mayo Clinic in
                                                                                          Resource Li
Rochester, Minnesota, reported their results in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings
                                                                                          Hand dryer h
(75:705 - 708). In a study of 100 people who volunteered to have their hands
                                                                                          Blowing Hot
contaminated with bacteria, researchers found that hand washing got rid of the            Hand Dryers
same amount of germs regardless of drying style. The subjects dried hands with            Centers for
either cloth towels from a roll dispenser, paper towels from a stack on the sink, a       Handwashin
mechanical hand dryer, or old-fashioned air drying. Drying preference, researchers        CDC: Clean H

say, matters little.                                                                      Cleanlink.co
Moreover, residual bacteria stays on paper towels that are often thrown on floors.
This littering results in unnecessary waste for a custodian or maintenance person to      Tags
clean up. With electric hand dryers, there’s no waste for anyone to handle and no         #H1N1, hand
risk for spreading germs.                                                                 flu, XLERATO
The new generation of hands-free hand dryers prove to be the leader in efficient and
hygienic method of drying hands. In addition, they are the most cost-efficient and
environmentally sound drying technique. Whether Excel Dryers are installed in
schools, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, service stations, stadiums,
movie theaters, correctional facilities, factories, hotels, health clubs, etc., each
individual who uses our product is guaranteed safety and satisfaction. Our company
will also be pleased to provide its clientele with copies of the studies cited. We are
confident that you will agree that warm air dryers are clearly the best alternative in


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