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									                   Hknets Professional To The Core!

Finding a good English editing service for theses, dissertations, manuscripts, academic
papers, professional documents and business correspondence that is diligent, professional,
discrete and yet offers quality work is getting tougher by the day. Especially in non-English
speaking countries, the quality of work will obviously be only as good as the editor or
proofreaders' command of the English language. The issue of confidentiality also rears its
ugly head quite often you obviously do not want to see your painstaking work plastered all
over the internet for all to see and copy!

Well, when it comes to top quality and confidential English editing services, it cannot get
better than HKNETS. This is because HKNETS is entirely manned by native English editors
and proofreaders who possess in-depth practical and academic knowledge of the English

Therefore, they can quickly and efficiently zero in on even the most inconspicuous errors
that people make as speakers of English as a second language when writing academic
papers or even business correspondence. They even ensure consistency of style and
carefully restyle any confusing or awkward sentences to make the meaning clear.
                                                      Moreover, the editors are also
                                                      proficient   in    a   multitude    of
                                                      specialties including law, medicine,
                                                      engineering, architecture, general
                                                      sciences,      sociology,     finance,
                                                      insurance, economics, business, etc.
                                                      and can therefore cover all academic
                                                      areas, including postgraduate white
                                                      papers, conference papers, journal
                                                      submissions and grant proposals.

                                                    Confidentiality is given top priority
                                                    and all editors take great care to
                                                    ensure    the    utmost   discretion,
                                                    privacy and integrity at all times.
                                                    Mr. Nicholas John O'Dell, B.A.
                                                    (Hons) - the senior editor and
language expert oversees every project whether large or small. And you are assured that
your valuable documents will never be mishandled or misused in any manner ever.

Yet, the prices of the English editing services are surprisingly low at HK$100/8/USD13 per
1,000 words (discounts up to 20% for volumes over 10,000 words are available). You can
always email your file to to receive a free quotation. And once you agree,
payment has to be made in advance before the English editing work commences. You can
even make a deposit into their HK bank account and receive a receipt for it.

Still, many overseas clients may be worried about using and paying for this type of online
service and this is quite justified. Well, this is where HKNETS again displays its inherent
professionalism and offers clients the opportunity to pay only 50% of the price at the
outset. Accordingly, you can even cut your file into two equal parts or request the HKNETS
editors to do so and return the first part. Once you are satisfied with the English editing
work that has been done, you can pay the balance amount and the second part will be
edited and returned to you shortly. What's more, any questions or further changes will be
made                   at                   no                extra                 charge.

Therefore, the professionalism displayed by HKNETS English editing services ensures the
utmost satisfaction and complete peace of mind for all its esteemed clients!

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