Organic Clothing Is What's Hot for Winter by marijuanaclo


									                   Organic Clothing Is What's Hot for Winter

As you start filling your closet with your winter wardrobe and deciding what new pieces you'll buy with
your hard earned money, take a moment to consider what's important in this day and age. We all know
that the environment is taking a beating from pollutants and chemicals and every day more chemicals
seep into our bodies becoming a permanent part of our physical make-up. So what does all that have to
do with organic clothing?

Organic clothing is an investment you can make in materials that are 420 clothes gentle to the earth and
help sustain ecosystems. Here are a couple of cool facts about some of the most popular types of
organic textiles:

Bamboo is a tree but is more like a weed. It grows rapidly, spreading 420 clothing its roots deep into the
soil to help prevent erosion. Because it grows quickly, bamboo farms can replenish
their supplies without tapping into forests or old growth reserves. As a fabric, bamboo clothing is silky
soft against the skin with excellent wicking properties. It's anti-microbial and the bamboo shirt I have
has never smelled, despite many a long climb up mountains in steamy hot summer temperatures. I
already miss summer a little bit.

Hemp is an ideal fabric for winter. The thick, nubby texture of this textile actually works to regulate body
temperature, keeping you warmer in cool temperatures and cooler in warm ones. Hemp is a very
distinct plant, and should not be confused with marijuana. Marijuana gets you high; hemp does
not. Hemp clothing is not just hippy grunge-wear anymore. You can find classic hemp t-shirts, pants and
dresses that are as fashionable as anything you're going to find at designer stores. A quick Internet
search will bring up everything you need to know.

The organic clothing most people are familiar with is organic 420 shirt cotton. The benefit of buying
organic over traditional cotton is there are no pesticides or insecticides. That means no chemical run-
offs that can kill the birds and the bees or the deer and the bear or your cute pet Fido or Kitty. You get
the look and feel of cotton without the harmful environmental degradation that comes with traditional
cotton. Most organic cotton farmers aim for rain-fed crops meaning no additional drain on our water
resources that are becoming more precious by the day.

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