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 a : the quantitative relationship between constituents

in a chemical substance b : the quantitative relationship between two or more substances especially in processes involving physical or chemical change
 Stoichiometry is a critical piece of the general

chemistry curriculum that often poses a significant challenge to students. It’s mastery is nevertheless vital for understanding the subject as a whole.

stoiTutor – an innovative tool for teaching and learning stoichiometry

 stoiTutor is a software program that elucidates the

pathway to solving a variety of stoichiometry problems  Problem types include: composition stoichiometry (compounds, molecules), reaction stoichiometry (redox, precipitation, acid-base, etc), solution stoichiometry (i.e. dilution problems) and gas stoichiometry.  The versatile and user-friendly interface allows the student or teacher to enter relevant information from the stoichiometry problem into the software interface, prior to analysis.  The program can be run in two modes:
 In the “Learn” mode, the problem is solved and an analysis of

the pathway to the solution is provided.  In the “Practice” mode, a pathway to the solution is provided. The student uses an interactive interface to solve the problem using this pathway and other provided or derived inputs.

Key Features – Learn Mode
 The answer to each problem is presented with dimensional



 

analysis. In addition, individual steps for solving the problem are provided in a clear LaTeX display which can be saved as a PDF file or in the following image file formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG and EPS. Numerical results are displayed with significant figures that are consistent with user input data Any chemical reaction (including redox reactions) can be entered and balanced en route to solving the stoichiometry problem. Formula/molecular weights and miscellaneous conversion factors are automatically determined by the program. Mole ratios can also be implicitly determined from certain inputs e.g. chemical reactions

Key Features - continued
 Limiting reagents are detected and routes to solving

the problem adjusted accordingly  Aside from the ability to enter problem inputs via the user interface, problems can be saved to or loaded from special *.prob files.

Key Features – Practice Mode
 The innovative stoiTutor engine maps out a solution

pathway for each problem
 The practice mode interface is a problem-solving tool

that allows the student to work towards the problem solution.

 The “bare-bones” steps for solving the problem are

provided as a guide to the student.  Using this information, the dimensional analysis chain the produces the solution, is gradually built by the student from the menu of known and derived (calculated) inputs.  Clear step-by-step prompts are provided to guide this process. Feedback is also provided at the completion of each step.

 stoiTutorPlus is an upgraded version of stoiTutor  In addition to the features present in stoiTutor,

stoiTutorPlus provides stoichiometric calculators that can determine; (1) empirical and molecular formulae from elemental data, (2) formula mass and percent composition values for any compound, (3) equation coefficients for any reaction (including redox reactions) with up to 15 reactants and 15 products  Screen shots for these calculators are presented in later slides

Sample Question
 § Iron ore is impure Fe2O3. When Fe2O3 is heated with

an excess of carbon (coke), iron metal is produced:

Fe2O3  C  Fe  CO2

From a sample of ore weighing 812Kg, 486Kg of pure iron is obtained. What is the % Fe2O3 by mass in the ore sample?

§ General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications by R.H. Petrucci and D.S. Harwood; Chapter 4, pg 127, 6th edition; MacMillan Publishing Company, 1993

User Interface

User Interface
“Calculators” menu option is only present in stoiTutorPlus Calculated inputs or quantities are shown in red

Text Display – Learn Mode

The text display shows the problem equation as well a clear analysis of the calculation steps.

Practice Mode Interface

The student is guided through the problem using prompts and feedback

stoiTutorPlus Calculator: Empirical/Molecular Formula

stoiTutorPlus Calculator: Formula mass/Percent Composition

stoiTutorPlus Calculator: Equation Coefficients Calculator

The Blakely Equation is known to be one of the most difficult equations to balance manually – J. Chem. Education, volume 59, 728-2341 (1982) This is an enhanced version of the equation editor on the main user interface. This version can accommodate up to 15 reactants and 15 products

 Our product is simply the most complete software tool

for learning and teaching stoichiometry. In addition to it’s robust interface, the program’s demonstrated versatility and the overall focus on learning, is unmatched by similar products that are currently on the market
 The software download is accompanied by a database

of 60 sample questions of varying types and complexity. Each question comes with a stoiTutor .prob file consisting of the problem inputs and target output. Each file can be loaded into the program and analyzed at the click of the mouse. The program output can be evaluated using the learn and practice modes.

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Description: Stoichiometry is a critical piece of the general chemistry curriculum that often poses a significant challenge to students. It’s mastery is nevertheless vital for understanding the subject as a whole. This powerpoint presentation highlights a versatile software program that is geared toward teaching and learning stoichiometry, by focusing on problem-solving.