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Introduction and Overview
for external Organisations
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• This presentation will cover:
   • Who Uses LOGASnet
   • What LOGASnet does
   • Example of an online form
   • Reporting
   • System Access
   • Where to get more help and support
               Who uses LOGASnet?
• External Organisations e.g. Local Authorities,
  Auditors etc.
               What is LOGASnet?
• External users use it to:
  • Enter, validate and certify cycle step data via
    an online form
  • Set up and maintain users within their
    organisation (limited use only)
  • Run a wide range of reports
            Entering Cycle Step Data

Expand / collapse the form
headings to display the individual
fields for the cycle step
            Entering Cycle Step Data

Each field has detailed field description,
accessed by clicking on the field reference.
You can also access field notes by clicking
the pencil icon.
              Entering Cycle Step Data

Field level help is available for all fields.
Screen level help is also available.
               Entering Cycle Step Data
• Options at the top of the form allow you to:
  • find fields
  • expand and collapse the form
  • set calculation, validation and field count
              LOGASnet Reporting
• A range of standard reports are available
• Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF
              System Access
•   Access LOGASnet via the internet
•   Obtain LOGASnet user ID and activation key
    via LOGASnet helpdesk
•   Use your user ID, activation key and your
    chosen password to activate your Government
    Gateway ID for logging on to LOGASnet
                      User Setup
•    Most users are set up by DCLG
•    Selected users in organisations can set up
     Claims Officers and Auditors

           Claims                      Appointed
    Administrators                     Auditors

    Claims Officers                    Auditors
             Help & Support
• You can contact the LOGASnet helpdesk via
  email and phone:


              0303 4442444
                   Further Training
• A full range of training and reference
  materials is available, including:
   • Detailed User Guides for DCLG and
     external users
   • Quick Reference Guides
      •   User Setup
      •   Logging On & Navigating
      •   Cycle Step Overview
      •   Reporting
      •   Payments
      •   Frequently asked Questions
               Further Training
• These training materials will be available from
  within LOGASnet itself, under the Training
  Materials menu.
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