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									            Hit and Run Accidents
                       What do I do if someone hits me and runs?
         Hit and run incidents need to be reported to the Local Police Service.
If you are operating your vehicle and involved in a hit and run try to obtain:
•         the plate of the vehicle;
•         the vehicle description;
•         a driver description and the number of the person’s, ; and,
•         last direction of travel of the vehicle.
  Do not attempt to follow the vehicle for this can bring your safety and that of
     the public at risk. When it is safe to do so, pull over and contact the local
                                        Police Service.

                 Do I need to stay at the scene following an accident?
The duties of a driver involved in a collision are defined in The Traffic Safety Act.
Remain at, or immediately return to the scene of the accident
Render all reasonable assistance and
Produce in writing to anyone sustaining loss or injury, to any police officer and to
any witnesses all or such of the following information as is requested:
•        The financial responsibility card issued in respect of that vehicle (insurance
•        If someone strikes a parked car they are obligated to leave written notice in a
         conspicuous place (under the windshield wiper usually) :
•        name and address of the driver
•        driver’s license number of driver
•        license plate of the MV’(s) involved
If an accident results in damage to property on or adjacent to a highway, the
driver must take steps to locate the owner and supply:
•        the name and address of the driver
•        the number of the operator’s driver’s license
•        the license plate number of the vehicle
Collision scenes are dangerous. Drivers need to make sure the scene can be
made safe as soon as possible. This can be achieved by removing their vehicles
from the roadway. If there are no injuries, when applicable, they should move
their vehicles off the road to a safe location to exchange information.
A collision sticker is required by law when damage exceeds $2,000 dollars. Damage
stickers inform the police that the collision has been reported and allows for auto-
body shops to repair the damaged motor vehicle.
*Collision stickers are not required when damage was caused by vandalism.

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