The Revolution towards the Inner Technological World by paulbudds


									The Revolution towards the Inner Technological World

                                Paul Budding

We will live online because it’s safer and where the majority of life’s activity
will be. But online will mean that the technology will be literally in us as
opposed to external to us. We will have instant access to information.
Moreover the outside world will be more dangerous. However, progress will
have occurred in the outer world too. The ability to replace lost limbs is
becoming more common already. Nanobots in the bloodstream will mean
that diseases will be vanquished in the 2020s as the bots will attack bad cells.
Nevertheless there will remain the problem of being ran over by a car or bus
hence longevity will not be certain in the outer world. (There’s a massive lack
of demand for driverless cars). In the online inner world longevity will be
guaranteed. People will live online and the shops will be online. The outer
world high street will be less common. I do not know what the level of
activity in the outer world will be. Will all physical newspapers have ceased
publication? Will physical Christmas cards be a thing of the past? What about
University buildings? After-all wont educational courses all be online? What
about the need for trains connecting cities? Wont communication all be
online? What about the need to be physically with your loved one? Or will it
be indistinguishable from being with their avatar? They are tough questions.
But what seems clear is that the online world, as it becomes indistinguishable
from the outer offline world, will be the dominant world where life is lived.
The trend in that direction has already begun. In the UK (in 2013) the big
retailers had a bad Christmas not because of recession but because of online
competition. In the near future the online inner world is where knowledge
and information will be available and therefore a technological revolution will
occur concerning inner world and outer world. This will occur in either the
2020’s or 2030’s. Watson AI will be in you! And (more than that) the online
world will be in you and all around you!

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