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					Leader Standard Work
       Lean Leadership Series
              (Sample Slides)
• What is Leader Standard Work (LSW)?
• Why Leader Standard Work?
• Benefits of Leader Standard Work
• Four Elements of Lean Management
• Standard Work Examples
• Success Environment for LSW
• How to Deploy Leader Standard Work
• Key Points
• Take Action
What is Leader Standard Work?
  • A list of the normal tasks that must be done to sustain
    the lean management system
  • Tasks typically include audits, meetings (daily
  • accountability) and continuous improvement projects
  • Focuses on the production process
  • Directs the leader to check on the visual controls
  • Expected to be continually improved
  • Time each task should be completed (frequency)
Why Leader Standard Work?
 Clearly Documents the Management System
 • Documents the current state of the best practices in lean
 • A baseline for further lean management system
 • Defines expected behavior for leaders
   (what they should do)
Four Elements in the 12 Paradigms
      Four Elements                      PHILIPS 12 Paradigms

 1. Leader standard work    •    Standards enable
 2. Visual controls         •    Make problems visible
                            •    Go see
 3. Daily accountability    •    Stop and fix
     process                •    Everybody solves problems
 4. Leadership discipline   •    Leaders as teachers
                            •    Ask the 5 why
Who Should Have Standard Work?
        In Lean Management, EVERYONE!
              ROLE        % of Work (time) that
                           should be Standard
 Executives                      10-15%
 Value Stream Manager             25%
 Support Department               50%
 Supervisors                      50%
 Team Leaders                     80%
 Operators (Associates)           95+%
Standard Work Content
   Standard Work Content Varies by Position
Standard work is LESS structured       Executive
 • % of time standard
 • Specific sequence                   Value Stream Manager
 • Specific time of day
 • More time for discretionary tasks
                                       Supervisor and Supporting Roles
                                       (Engineering, Maintenance, Sales,
                                       Finance, Continuous Improvement,
Standard work is MORE structured       Purchasing)
 • % of time standard
 • Specific sequence                   Team Leader
 • Specific time of day
 • Less time for discretionary         Operator
                        Production Process
Layers of Standard Work
       Leaders standard work should be layered
           (developed) from the bottom up
       Time on the floor to verify the chain of standard work
          is upheld and production process is stable and
                  Value Stream managers
              Monitor and support supervisors in their
              ability to carry out their standard work

             Monitor and support team leaders in their
              ability to carry out their standard work

                       Team Leaders
                     Maintain production and
                 ensure standard work is followed
Daily Accountability Meetings

  Three Tiers
  1.Tier 1: Team Start Up Meeting
     ▫ Team leader meets briefly with team members
  2.Tier 2: Supervisor Meeting
     ▫ Supervisor meets with team leaders and dedicated
       support group representatives
  3.Tier 3: Value Stream
     ▫ Value Stream Manager with supervisors and support
       department personnel
Key Points for LSW
 • Check because You Care – each level of LSW has some
   overlap and redundancy to provide linkage – make sure
   they are logical and meaningful to you
 • Learn by Doing – excellence is more about what you do
   than about what you know – and learning comes from
   action – follow the LSW process
 • Improve the Standard – as the processes change and as
   people learn, Leader Standard Work needs to change
   with it
Take Action
  • Observe Leader Standard Work in action at the site
  • Visit Model Line to learn how operator, TL and GL
    standard work is functioning
    ▫ What are the challenges?
    ▫ What are the benefits seen so far?
  • Look for things that could be on your Leader Standard
    Work checks

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