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					        2014 Mosaic Journalism Workshop, June 15--27

Applicants must be current sophomores, juniors or seniors in high school. (Mosaic is a full-
time, residential program. All students are required to stay overnight in the workshop’s
supervised dormitory at San Jose State University, San Jose CA)

            Deadline: Postmarked Monday, April 7, 2014


Home address_____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip code: ____________________________________________________________

Home phone: ___________________________Cell phone: _____________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________


Foreign languages_______________________________________________________________

Date of Birth _________________________Sex: M_________ F________

High School: _____________________________ City _________________________________

Current Grade Level: ___________ GPA (Indicate if weighted): __________________________

Have you applied for Mosaic in the past?       No_____ Yes_____ What year?______________

Please circle the activities in which you have participated:

School newspaper              Journalism Classes        Photography       Web design

Yearbook               Blog           Magazine         Video journalism

Other related activity______________________________________________________________

Which do you prefer to study in Mosaic: Reporting & Writing _______or Photography________

If offered, would you also like to study video journalism? Yes_____No_____

Have you ever participated in a summer journalism workshop before? Yes_____ No _____

If yes, please list name of workshop, location and date:_____________________________________

 Send this form with the materials listed on the next page
                       What You Need to Send to Us
 Official copy of your latest grade transcripts. This may be sent directly to us by your school or
you may include it with your application. It’s your choice.

 If you want to be a Mosaic staff writer, send at least three writing samples of your work. We
prefer news articles, opinion columns or essays on current events. However, you may submit up
to one sample of poetry, fiction, book reviews or other prose.

 Photography applicants should send at least six samples of work. Or, send us a link to your
personal photo Web page with a note indicating at least six photos we should consider.

 Applicants also interested in video journalism may send up to three samples on a disk or a
URL for an active link to your video.

 All applicants -- on a separate sheet of paper, write an essay of 75-100 words on why you
want to participate in Mosaic and your interest in journalism.

 Two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, employers or others who know
your work well. Do not include letters from relatives or personal friends. The letters may be sent
separately or with your application.

 Two ideas for ambitious news articles or photo essays that you would pursue during Mosaic.
Who would you find and interview for the stories? How and where would you find them? Why
are the topics important to you? Can you report and produce at least one of these stories in two

Your ideas should be as specific and focused as possible. For example, instead of proposing a
general idea for a story on teenage motherhood based on Internet reports, tell us how and where
you would find a real teen mother to profile. You might already know one, or you might look up
special programs that help teen moms get through high school and learn how to care for their

 Another focused example: You won’t have the time to write “How the Internet is changing the
world.” Instead, look for local farmers markets going online to get their crops to specific
customers, or teens who start online businesses. For a story on teenage text messaging, who
would you write about and how would you find real teens to interview?

Crucial advice: Story ideas count a lot. We emphasize them because Mosaic requires a genuine
interest in journalism, getting off to a fast start, finding people to write about and interviewing
them face to face. Take your time. Do some research. Be as thorough as possible.

       Mail this application and other materials, postmarked no later than April 7, to:

Mosaic c/o Joe Rodriguez, San Jose Mercury News, 750 Ridder Park Dr., San Jose, CA 95190.
If you have questions about Mosaic or this application, contact him at 408-920-5767 or You may also contact Mosaic Director Marcos Cabrera at

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