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					                               Karen Kesteloot
Make a Winning Art Portfolio

                                                 A great art portfolio will get you into the best art
                                                 and design programs in college. This free e-book will
                                                 teach you the steps on how to prepare yourself in
                                                 creating artworks that best showcase your skills and
                                                 compiling those in the best possible order in your
                                Make a Winning Art Portfolio                2

                        About PortPrep
PortPrep gets you to the art and design school of your
choice by helping you assemble a portfolio to the
best of your abilities!

We will improve your skills and technique so you can
create artworks that will give you an edge over other

Click here to visit our site and see our premier coaching
services that ensure students a 100% acceptance rate.

                 About Karen Kesteloot
                                Karen is an art instructor
                                and owner of PortPrep.
                                She helps students achieve
                                their dreams of becoming
                                future professional artists
                                by instructing them how
                                to make better artworks
                                and designs for their
portfolio. Click here to know more about her.
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                                    Make a Winning Art Portfolio                     3

                         Table of Contents
About PortPrep ................................................................ 2
About Karen Kesteloot ..................................................... 2
Introduction: Do You Want to Get into The Best Art and
Design Programs? ............................................................ 4
Read This Before You Start Making Your Art Portfolio! .... 5
What's Drawing without Betty Edwards?......................... 6
Why a Notebook Is Crucial in Developing Your Art
Portfolio ........................................................................... 6
Buy Yourself a Notebook .................................................. 9
Now You Have Your Artworks, What's Next? ................. 11
Learn How to Make Your Art Portfolio...the Right Way! 13
Give Yourself a Brand ..................................................... 14
Learn Art Branding from the Master Himself! ................ 15
Compile Your Artworks in an Art Portfolio Case! ............ 16
Is Your College Art Portfolio Complete?.......................... 19
Have Your College Art Portfolio Double-Checked ........... 20
Additional Resources to Building Your Winning Art
Portfolio ......................................................................... 22
How about trying PortPrep’s premium coaching services?
....................................................................................... 25
                         Make a Winning Art Portfolio   4

 Introduction: Do You Want to Get into
  The Best Art and Design Programs?

Of course you do! Getting into these schools allows you
to receive the best education and gives you the best
chance of having a successful career in art and
design .

However, that can only happen if they think you have
what it takes to become a professional artist. You need to
show to the art professors and admissions people that
you have the creativity , passion , and skill to
perform at this level.

You can do this by presenting to them your art portfolio -
a collection of your best artworks through the years.
                            Make a Winning Art Portfolio        5

   Read This Before You Start Making
          Your Art Portfolio!
Hint: It's about the MOST important thing you
need to master before enrolling to an art

                  Photo Credit: Liis Klammer via Compfight cc

Quick, what’s the most important skill you need to
master as an aspiring artist?

With all the advancements made in arts and design, why
does hand drawing remain the most important skill
students have to learn before getting into college?

Drawing is not only the foundation of great art, but it also
proves the knowledge and understanding of an artist to
translate what they see and imagine onto an artwork!
                       Make a Winning Art Portfolio     6

Having the abilities to convey form via shape and shadow
and accurately depict an image from your perspective
through hand drawing prove that you have a firm grasp
of the fundamental theories involving art and know what
it takes to create wonderful art. This will clearly show on
your art portfolio and will impress the professors
reviewing it.

      What's Drawing without Betty
There's no point of talking about drawing as an
art without mentioning the author of "Drawing
On The Right Side of the Brain!"

If you want the holistic approach to drawing, from the
very fundamental to the most advanced techniques, do
yourself a favor and watch Ms. Edwards at work in this
must-see video. All of the topics discussed here are
derived from her book Drawing On The Right Side of The

                  Click here to watch
                       the video!

       Why a Notebook Is Crucial in
       Developing Your Art Portfolio
                          Make a Winning Art Portfolio       7

Your ideas and creative inspiration as an artist
are VERY important!

                 Photo Credit: Honey Pie! via Compfight cc

That's why you need to keep a notebook and record every
idea, thought, and opinions that pass you by. They don't
have to be directly related to art - how you draw and
express your ideas in your notebook define your
thought process as an art student .

Professors put stock on how you build and develop your
ideas found in your art portfolio. This is the reason why
some colleges ask for your sketchbooks along with
your art portfolio for review . They will trace the
process on how you go from establishing your idea in your
notebook and transferring it to your medium of choice
                        Make a Winning Art Portfolio    8

(hand drawing, photography, sculptures, graphic design,
and others).

Ultimately, having a notebook helps you refine your
process on how you make your ideas come to life
through your art . By writing and drawing down
everything that's in your mind, you have a clearer image
of your thoughts and is therefore easier to recreate into a
piece to be included in your art portfolio!


There will be times that you don’t feel creative enough to
regularly draw on your notebook.

As an artist, you need to find inspiration to not only
create, but also develop original thinking .

To help you harness your creativity and showcase
your creative process through your notebook, read
Making an Artistic Impact – The Creative Inspiration
Process in Building Your Art Portfolio.

                    Click here for the
          Buy Yourself a Notebook
If you don't keep a notebook or sketch book,
now's the time to get yourself one!

 Moleskine Classic Notebook, Large, Ruled, Black,
     Hard Cover (5 x 8.25) (Classic Notebooks)

Moleskine is the ultra-popular brand of notebook that
most artists own. Aside from the fact that Van Gogh,
Picasso, and Hemingway used one, Moleskines have a
sleek and minimalist appearance that artists can't get
enough of.

                      Buy Now
                      Make a Winning Art Portfolio   10

   Rhodia Classic Orange Notepad 6X8.25 Lined

A very affordable alternative to Moleskine. In fact, it
shouldn't matter what brand of notebook you buy. It's all
about the quality of your ideas that matter - as long as
you have those, your notebook will become priceless.

                       Buy Now
                          Make a Winning Art Portfolio       11

 Now You Have Your Artworks, What's
Even if you have the best artworks around, it
won't matter to professors if you don't follow
this ONE simple rule!

               Photo Credit: brandonhuang via Compfight cc

Going back to your notebook, all of your ideas recorded
there don't have to make sense outright. Your ideas, in
this case are unrealized artworks - they need to be
                        Make a Winning Art Portfolio    12

developed and brought into a particular form and order
so they can be understood by people.

The same thing goes with the artworks in your portfolio.
You need to put them in order for professors to fully
comprehend what you want to express in them. Also,
considering that you have to compile around 15-20
artworks in a portfolio (depending on the requirement of
the college), you need to figure out a way to make each of
the artworks interrelated so that your college art portfolio
seamlessly flows from one piece to another.

In other words, you need to compile your artworks
logically and intelligently to make it much easier
to understand!

Here are tips and advice to help you achieve this:

       Put your best artworks first and last. Your
       "WOW" pieces are intended to capture the
       attention of professors reviewing your college art
       portfolio. This is your chance to make a statement
       in the art world and show to them why you deserve
       to get into their art or design program. The works
       featured in the first and last page of your portfolio
       should best represent your current skill set as an
       artist, so choose wisely.
       Choose your second best work on the second
        page. This should be your "keep looking" artwork.
       It's clearly not your best, but it shows promise of
                        Make a Winning Art Portfolio    13

      what else you can do if you were to learn more
      about doing arts and encourages them to take a
      closer look of your portfolio.
     Create a flow with the remaining artworks
      you have in tow. While these might not be your
      best works, your supporting documents should still
      help your case to get accepted to the art program.
      You can do this by arranging them in such a way
      that they create a flow that speaks well of your skill
      set and potential.

        Learn How to Make Your Art
         Portfolio...the Right Way!
Find out what it takes to build a winning
college art portfolio

This collection of Youtube videos should explain to you
what to include in their art portfolios and how to compile
your artworks in such a way that they create a logical
flow. This helps art professors from colleges you're
applying to understand your work much better!

   What Colleges are Looking for in Portfolios
   Did High School Prepare You to Apply to Art School?
   What is the Best Order of Your Portfolio Content?
   What to Include in Your Art Portfolio for the
    Illustrator Program?
                       Make a Winning Art Portfolio   14

             Give Yourself a Brand
Or, why you should focus on branding at all

One thing artists forget about becoming successful is how
they should treat themselves as a brand. For some
people, packaging is everything, and you need to package
yourself according to an image or idea of how you want
people to see you. Are you a painter, designer, or
sculptor? Do your artworks clearly reflect your
personality? What is your ultimate goal in becoming an

The point here is for you to separate yourself from
other students applying in art colleges. The problem
that colleges have to deal with during admission is how
all applicants are almost the same that they can't
distinguish one from the other. By having a clear branding
for your art portfolio, you are able to showcase your
                      Make a Winning Art Portfolio   15

uniqueness more effectively, which you stand out from
the "sea of sameness.”

Another purpose of branding yourself is to establishing
consistency between your college art portfolio and
yourself. Your artworks are extensions of your creative
vision. You must cultivate your brand by creating
artworks that communicate who you are. Art colleges will
appreciate the brand you exude in your art portfolio,
especially if it's in line with your personality.

  Learn Art Branding from the Master
Proper branding tips from the #1 New York
Times Bestselling author himself!

Raymond Aaron, author of Double Your Income Doing
What You Love and branding success coach, shares his
thoughts and expertise on how parents can help their
students how to get to an art or design program of their
choice through branding!

                 Click here to watch
                      the video!
                       Make a Winning Art Portfolio    16

      Compile Your Artworks in an Art
              Portfolio Case!
There's more than enough reasons why you
should get a case for your college art portfolio

Once you have arranged your artworks in logical order,
you will have to purchase a portfolio case to hold them.
Keep in mind, however, that an art portfolio case is more
than just holding your pieces together. Below are reasons
why you should think carefully of the case you plan on
buying for your art portfolio.

     Keep your artworks safe from wear and tear.
      Without a durable case, you risk your art getting
      damaged. You must choose a case that will best
      protect your art portfolio for years from your
     Conveniently carry your art portfolio with you. The
      problem with most artists is transporting their
      works from one place to another. With an art
      portfolio case, you can carry them from the handle
      or place them on your shoulder while keeping your
      artworks safe at the same time.
     Present your artworks in style. This is important for
      students who need to showcase their art portfolio
      for college admissions. The portfolio case must be
      sleek and fashionable to match the artworks you
      will be presenting to the panel.

Below are types of art portfolio cases that you can
purchase off Amazon today!
                      Make a Winning Art Portfolio   17

  Itoya ART Profolio 8 1/2 x 11 Storage/Display
        Book Portfolio-24 Sleeves/48 Views

This is an example of a display book. This has plastic
sleeves where you slip in your artworks. These are used
when sending your college art portfolio via mail and are
normally affordable.

                       Buy Now
                      Make a Winning Art Portfolio   18

  PRESTIGETM Carry-All Soft-Sided Art Portfolios
                      for 32 x 42"

This is a carry case portfolio that comes with a handle.
This art portfolio case type is ideal when coming over to
the college to personally present your portfolio.

                       Buy Now
                             Make a Winning Art Portfolio           19

Is Your College Art Portfolio Complete?
Before you feel good about completing your
portfolio, read this first!

                Photo Credit: Life Mental Health via Compfight cc

You've practiced hand drawing, wrote down your creative
ideas in your notebook, followed the best ways on how
you compiled the artworks in your portfolio, and have
bought a portfolio case to store your artworks and
present it to art colleges you're applying to.

Question now is, are you satisfied with your portfolio?

There is no telling what your future holds after submitting
your portfolio to different art programs. There's a chance
that you'll get in and there's a chance that may not. This
is the reason why you may be feeling that something's
not right with your portfolio, even though you've done
                        Make a Winning Art Portfolio     20

everything under your power to make the best art
portfolio possible.

Therefore, as much as possible, you'd want to squeeze
everything that's worth out of your college art
portfolio to maximize your chances of getting to your
school of choice and fulfilling your dream of becoming a
professional artist!

      Have Your College Art Portfolio
What if we say that you can have your art
portfolio reviewed by an art instructor for

Your college art portfolio isn't optimized for college
admissions until it is reviewed by an art professor or
instructor first. If you need your art portfolio reviewed, we
can help you with no extra costs!

Below are links to resources where you can get your free
art portfolio review to increase your chances of getting
into an art or design program in college.

Welcome to the National Portfolio Day Association

      The National Portfolio Day Association is the
      premier source for post-secondary portfolio
                       Make a Winning Art Portfolio     21

     development. The membership represent the
     highest standard of visual arts education available
     in the United States and Canada.


     Get accepted to your art and design school of
     choice - take a portfolio assessment for your art
     portfolio for college from a successful art instructor!

Gateways Coaching for Artists and Creative Professionals

     Artist Career and Creativity Coach help Art
     Professionals worldwide to empower creativity and
     reach art career goals faster.

Augusto Fine Art

     Augusto Bordelois has helped art students with
     their works through his various services (in
     particular his free portfolio review).
                      Make a Winning Art Portfolio   22

Additional Resources to Building Your
        Winning Art Portfolio

Your art portfolio won’t be complete without
following the tips and advice from these must-
read articles!

Learn the best practices on how to take pictures of
your portfolio. Having good image quality for your
sculptures, paintings, and 3D art in your art portfolio
accurately showcases your skills.


   How to Take Pictures of Artwork for Your Art
    Portfolio: 42 Tips
   More Tips for Taking Pictures of Art from the
                       Make a Winning Art Portfolio    23

Learn about SlideRoom. Instead of sending your
portfolio by mail, you can now upload digital copies of
your portfolios to their database. Most of the colleges use
SlideRoom, a site where colleges can efficiently manage
portfolios being sent to them online. It would help if you
do a bit of reading about SlideRoom, which you can by
clicking on the link below.

Things to Know About SlideRoom Before Uploading Your
Art Portfolio

Arrange the works in your art portfolio. How the
pieces in your portfolio are arranged will have an impact
to those who will review it. It must have a logical flow
where the best works are strategically placed on certain
pages while your supporting documents or piece create a
narrative that speak well of your skills.

Resource: Applying to an Arts Program in College? Here’s
What to Include in Your Portfolio
                       Make a Winning Art Portfolio     24

Master hand drawing. This art skill is one of the
building blocks of becoming a great artist. Good hand
drawing skills shows that you understand the basic
concepts of art and design. With this knowledge, you will
be able to build more creative ideas and achieve stronger
compositions, regardless of art program you're interested


   Hand Drawing Basics: A Quick Look
   No Nude Models? No Worries! 6 Alternative Life-
    Drawing Resources for Art Students
   Why Betty Edward’s “Drawing on the Right Side of
    the Brain” Is an Essential Read for All Art Students
   The Fundamentals of Figure Drawings for Your Art

Ace the interview! While bulk of your college
application depends on your art portfolio, it is also
importance to prepare for the interview you will be
having with the college. This includes presenting your art
portfolio in person and answering questions about your
intentions of studying art in their college.

Resource: How to Prepare for an Art College Interview
                        Make a Winning Art Portfolio    25

How about trying PortPrep’s premium
coaching services?
Guarantee your spot at your art school of
choice by signing up for PortPrep’s paid
services and boosting your art portfolios like
you’ve never imagined!

Proven ARTS Answer

The Proven ARTS Answer Video Series gives students the
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what to put in art portfolios, in what order, and in what
format. 100% of her students have been accepted into the
top arts colleges and universities. Now you can too with
the help of these instructional videos. Click here for more!

Portfolio Development Coaching Packages

Choose from three packages that best suit your needs.
Packages include a detailed list of recommendations for
the art portfolio you will be sending us, a video chat
discussing how to further improve your artworks, free e-
books to help you get started, and a custom course
depending on your availability. Click here to see our
coaching services!
                   Make a Winning Art Portfolio   26

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