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					 On the Move
              Cheryl                         Jeff Paine,
              Cruver,                        Vello
              CareInSync                     Systems
              The Santa                       The Menlo
              Clara com-                      Park provider
              munications                     of open, con-
              software                        verged net-
              provider for                    working and
the health care industry        software tools appointed
appointed Cheryl Cruver         Jeff Paine vice president
senior vice president of        of marketing. Recently,
provider solutions. She         he was vice president
was managing director of        of product marketing at
performance technologies        Endace.
at The Advisory Board Co.
of Washington, D.C.                          Andrew
              Mark Cyster,                   NanoTech
              Extole                         Entertain-
               The San                       ment
               Francisco                      The San Jose
               provider of                    provider of
               marketing                      technology
               software         for the entertainment
               named Mark       industry appointed Aaron
Cyster chief technology         Taylor executive vice
officer. Previously, he was     president of sales and
director of engineering at      marketing. He is a former
Jive Software.                  vice president at Roku.
              Chris                          Catherine
              Duskin,                        van Zuylen,
              Extole                         Livefyre
              The San                         The San
              Francisco                       Francisco
              provider of                     provider of
              marketing                       real-time
              software                        conversation
named Chris Duskin vice         and social curation plat-
president of marketing. He      form appointed Catherine
is former vice president of     van Zuylen vice president
product at Badgeville.          of product. She is former
                                vice president of products
              Simon             at Attensity.
              Rocket Fuel                    Linsey
              The Red-                       Willis,
              wood City                      Contra
              provider                       Costa Trans-
              of artificial                  portation
              intelligence                   Authority
advertising tools for digital                (CCTA)
marketers appointed Si-         The Walnut Creek agency
mon Hayhurst senior vice        that manages the county’s
president of product and        transportation sales tax
business development.           program appointed Linsey
Recently, he was senior         Willis director of external
vice president of product       affairs. Previously, she
management at YuMe.             served at Capitol Corridor.

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