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									25 Healthy Reminders for
 The start of a new year offers the chance to
  start on fitness and wellness goals. Here are
  some tips to get 2014 off to a great
 1. Add Color - Color can affect your mood.
  Choose the colors in your life wisely. Pick
  out a pink scarf if you’re feeling the winter
  gloom. Paint a wall in your home in dark
  green to give you a cozy place to read.
 2. Choose Fruit - Fruit is full of nutrition.
  Reach for a juicy pear instead of a candy bar
  to satisfy your sweet cravings.
3. Cut the Cola Habit – Substitute cold
 water instead. Add lemon slices to make
 it feel more festive.
4. Dare Yourself - Do something
 daring. Try out for a local play. Eat the
 unusual Thai dish. Improve your self
 confidence with a new experience.
 5. Ditch the Elevator - Climb the stairs
  instead of using the elevator. Even if
  you’re getting off on the 24th floor, get off
  at the 20th floor and walk up the extra
  four flights.
 6. Eat Breakfast - Start each day with a
  healthy, well balanced meal. Choose dairy
  products, whole grains and filling proteins.
 7. Get a Pet – Studies show that people
  who have pets live longer. Visit your local
  shelter and adopt a loving animal in need
  of a good home.
8. Go for the Grains - Whole grains are
 important part of any healthy eating
 plan. Choose the high fiber cereal instead
 of the frosted flakes.
9. Greet Your Neighbors – Expand
 your social networks. Studies show that
 people are healthier when they are part
 of a community. Introduce yourself to
 your neighbors if you haven’t done so
 before. Organize a block party so
 everyone can interact in a convivial
 10. Learn a New Skill - Expand your mind
  with a new skill in 2014. Learn to make that
  perfect soufflé or sew a beautiful new quilt.
  Take ballet lessons or learn to rock climb.
 11. Keep a Journal - Keep yourself on
  track for your goals by starting a journal.
  Note exactly what you do each day and
  what you can do better each day.
 12. Make Love - Studies show that people
  who make love more often are healthier and
  happier. So have fun with your partner at
  least once a week.
13. Meditate – Take five minutes each
 day to give yourself a mental time out.
 Focus on your breathing and nothing else
 for a few quiet minutes each day.
14. Read a Book a Week - Reading
 improves your mental concentration and
 takes you to new worlds. Take a book
 out each week from your community
15. Say I Love You – Tell the people in
 your life you adore that you really love
 them at least once a week.
 16. Schedule That Mammogram -
  Women should have a mammogram at least
  once every two years. Schedule yours this
 17. Stretch – Stretch on your muscles after
  you’ve been sitting for any length of time.
 18. Stick to the Same Bedtime Each
  Night - Studies show it is best to go to bed
  at the same time and wake up at the same
  time each day. Avoid the temptation to go to
  bed late on weekends and holidays.
 19. Substitute Sugars - Excess
  consumptions of certain types sugars can
  cause all kinds of health problems. Use
  other items instead of sugar for sweetness.
  Use natural sugars like apple sauce and
  honey instead of cane sugar. Embrace the
  sweetness of cooked carrots rather than a
  chocolate dessert.
 20. Treat Yourself – Allow yourself a few
  treats now and then. Buy that bag of out
  season cherries or the cashmere sweater
  you’ve had your eye on for a few months.
21. Think Happy - Take a few moments
 each day to be happy. Think about all the
 good your life. Review the good parts of
 the day before you go to sleep.
22. Try New Vegetables - Make 2014
 the year you try vegetables you’ve never
 eaten before. Order the tasty bok choy
 salad. Sample a new Peruvian potato
23. Turn off That Television - Turn off
 the television an hour earlier each day.
24. Volunteer - Volunteer an hour of
 time each week. Give yourself to others
 and you’ll feel better about yourself.
25. Walk More - Walking is a great form
 of exercise. Put on your most
 comfortable pair of shoes and take a
 daily walk.
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