The Old Star Wars Books As Trilogy Series

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					                    The Old Star Wars Books As Trilogy Series

For the book readers, the good news is there. For the science fantasy and fiction lovers, the new trilogy series
by Malaika Bahizi is going to bring a fresh feeling because the readers will get what they have never got into
any of the previous science fantasy fiction stories. The writer is new and the books are based on her
experiences of life. The books describe the sufferings of different characters described in these books. The
characters are described so vividly that readers will find as if their own lives are described here. Easy language
makes the reading smooth for the readers. Whether you want these books as part of your own collection or
you want to gift them to any of your dear ones, they are the most precious gift. Readers who take special
interest in The Old Star Wars will keep glued to these books when they start reading them.

This new trilogy of Star Wars will take the readers on the journey of a different world. Different aspects of life
along with the life after death are described here in these books. Readers will find these books very fascinating
as these have no loose ends. The Odyssey Chronicles-The Life of Zoya is the first one, The Odyssey Chronicles-
A Wizards Tale is the second book and The Odyssey Chronicles-The Afterlife is the third in the series.

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