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Being the Club President


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									Being the Club President
Keywords Business Administration, Accounting, Property Management, Event Planning, New Media
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When you are in college, there are many different opportunities to participate in extracurricular
activities. Beyond the social benefits of these clubs, there are also many benefits since leadership in a
club can give you great experience in management, and give you something unique to put on your
resume, or grad school applications.

Being an Active Member
One of the first things you need to do if you want to be in club leadership, is to become an active
member of a club, and participate regularly in the activities it provides. By starting out as a loyal
                                     member, you will become a key member of the team, and much
                                     more likely to be considered for a leadership position.

                                   And when you are actually chosen for a position of leadership, there
                                   are many things you need to keep in mind. Becoming a top notch
                                   club president requires a lot of work, but will mostly be extremely
                                   rewarding, and will help you to feel more capable of pursuing a
future in leadership. There are many elements of being a good leader, and by mastering them, you will
be more successful now, and in the future.

Responsibilities of a leader
One of the most important things a leader should understand is the necessity of delegation. The best
leaders do not do everything themselves, but rather they master the art of helping others to do jobs
well. AS a club leader, you should delegate responsibilities to others within your presidency so that
everything will have a job, and everything will get done. By doing so, your club will run much more
smoothly, and you will be able to accomplish
whatever you put your mind to.

The next thing you should do is help your other
presidency members to feel that you think they can
be successful. People appreciate a leader who
allows creativity to flourish, and who lets them
know when they have done a good job. By
encouraging your fellow members to do well and
appreciating their work, you will foster an
environment of success and mutual respect.

The skills that you learn as a club president will help you in your future career in business, accounting, or
property management. The ability to plan and execute events will allow you to succeed in almost any
career, and the experience will be invaluable to the development of your skill set.
Whether you are going in to event planning, New Media Marketing, or Programming a position in a club
during your college years will help you to be prepared for your future and excited to pursue your
dreams. By taking advantage of the clubs available on campus, you will make friends, have fun, and
build your resume.

Beyond leadership skills, you will also increase your ability to lead, and improve your skills more
generally. As you use college to prepare for your future, you will be able to build a skill set that will set
you apart as a leader in any field you pursue.

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