I-MED Pharma Partners to Develop Next Generation Glaucoma & Hygiene Products Using Hylasponge�

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					I-MED Pharma Partners to Develop Next Generation Glaucoma & Hygiene Products Using Hylasponge®

Biocia, I-MED Pharma & Matrix Biology Institute execute R&D Agreement to develop glaucoma and ocular
hygiene products utilizing Hylasponge®

Online PR News – 09-January-2014 – Biocia Inc., a New Jersey-based biotechnology company and I-MED
Pharma Inc., a Montreal-based biotechnology company have strengthened their foothold in North America
and global markets focused on ophthalmology specifically in the area of glaucoma and ocular hygiene by
forming a Joint Research & Development alliance with Matrix Biology Institute (MBI), Edgewater, New Jersey.
The basis for the alliance is to research, test and validate MBI’s patented hylasponge® technology for use
during glaucoma surgery and also for ongoing daily ocular hygiene.

HylaSponge® (HS) was developed as a radiation cross-linked hyaluronan for various therapeutic uses. It was
patented, and the patent was assigned to MBI. MBI has developed a special form of HS that has been
analyzed by both MBI and Biocia during the past two years for its potential use as a therapeutic agent with
promising results.

Wes Domareki, Chairman of the Board, Biocia Inc. announced “this alliance will serve as the basis for
research, development and testing of Hylasponge® as long-term viscosupplemental implant for treatment of
the most severe cases of glaucoma when other therapy or surgical intervention has failed or in the event that
patients cannot tolerate traditional glaucoma medications”.

Dr. Hofmann, President of Biocia Inc. and I-MED Pharma Inc. stated “our collaboration with Matrix Biology
Institute will enable I-MED Pharma to expand the i-lid 'n lash® line of ocular hygiene products which have
been proven safe and effective in the daily management of blepharitis and MGD (Meibomian Gland Disease).
We are honored, excited and optimistic about moving ahead based on this important research and
development alliance.”

Dr. Janet Denlinger, President, Matrix Biology Institute commented, “The development and testing of
Hylasponge® for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hygiene will hopefully expand the armamentarium of
physicians in treating patients with specific clinical disorders which continue to be medically unsatisfied by
current technology or surgical intervention”

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