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                        Year 4 Spring 1
Hi everyone, we hope you have had a good Christmas break and are raring to go for
the new term. We have lots of exciting activities planned.

                              Mrs Hunt’s topic is ‘The Power of Nature’, this is
                              explanation texts based on earthquakes, volcanoes
                              and tsunamis. Mrs Allonby is looking at stories from
                              other cultures.

                              Topics his half term will include:
                                  Roman numerals to 100
                                  Adding and subtracting fractions
                                  Position and direction, co-ordinates
                                  Adding and subtracting up to 4 digit numbers

                              Habitats-Through this unit, children will begin to
                              understand the concept of a habitat, how it provides
                              organisms found there with conditions for life and
                              how animals depend on plants or other animals which
                              eat plants for food.

                              Branching Databases-We will be learning how to
                              search, create and modify branching databases.

                              India- We are studying India’s climate, learning
                              about the main rivers, cities and mountains, and
                              finding out about the people who live there.
                               Hinduism- we will be learning about the Aum symbol
                               and about the Hindu idea of God in many forms.

                               Tuesdays- Gym with Miss Bretherton and Mrs Hunt
                               Thursdays- Dance with Mrs Allonby.
                               No outdoor kit needed this half term.

                                Year 4 will continue to take part in the Wider
                               Opportunities programme with Mr Bell. The children
                               will need to bring their brass instruments each
                               Monday. If there are any problems with instruments
                               Mr Bell does a repair session each Monday afternoon
                               at playtime just before our lesson.


Spellings will be tested each Friday and new ones given for the following Friday,
spelling homework should be completed and handed in for checking every Thursday.

Times tables will be tested on Mondays- Week 1-x4, week 2-x8, week 3-x3, week 4-
x6, week 5-x9 and week 6 –mixed tables test.

Homework will be given out on Tuesdays and should be handed in the following

Reading: children should read aloud to an adult at least 2 or 3 times a week for
about 15 mins. It is helpful if you can then discuss what has been read so they can
develop their comprehension skills.

Thank you for your support,
Mrs Hunt and Mrs Allonby

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