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of Actuaries
 in Mexico
 This document has been developed with
 the intention of publishing some of the
 available data about the actuarial
 profession in Mexico.

 We hope this would be of your interest and
 we thank every person involved in
 obtaining the numbers shown here.
General Statistics
How many actuaries are there in Mexico?

    Classification                           %

 Certified                    4,300         33%
 Non Certified                8,600         64%
 Total                       12,900         100%

In which fields do they work?

Some Statistics in Insurance Companies and
Consulting Firms

What is the percentage of Bachelors Degree?

 BD – Bachelors Degree
 No BD – End of College but without B. D.
What is the distribution per working area?

Note: 11% of the data was not assigned

Which is the distribution for the Rest Segment?

 Note: 11% of the data was not assigned
Which is the distribution per working area for Consulting /
Employee Benefits?

  Which is the distribution per branch?

  Note: 11% of the data was not assigned

 Number of Certifications Granted *

Note: Integral implies certification for both Reserves computation and Technical
Notes development an actuary could have more than one certification.
* Actuary in Mexico is studied at Universities obtaining a Bachelors Degree (BD); once a BD is
obtained actuaries can apply for CONAC's Certification after three years of experience in the
filed of the certification requested. The CONAC apply an exam by field of practice (Life,
Accidents and Health, Property and Casualty, Bonds, Annuities and Reserves Auditing.

  Information from the first chart is base on estimations
  Made by the National College of Actuaries (CONAC),
  due to the fact of not having an accurate data base.
  The rest of the charts complement the information
  of the CONAC’s through a poll exclusively applied
  to the purpose of elaborating the current paper among
  The Participating Companies,

  Participating Companies

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