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									Intro to the Glycemic Index for
Women with Type II Diabetes

     Sidrah Usmani (Naturopathic
Definition & Function of the Glycemic
A Glycemic index is a numeric index appointed to
 a carbohydrate rich food to show the increase in
 blood glucose levels that this food causes after it
 has been ingested.
If you choose low GI carbohydrates that produce
 only a small difference in your blood glucose level
 your long term health will be affected greatly in a
 positive way. It will also reduce risk of heart
 disease, diabetes and will also cause weight loss.
 A food with a GI of over 70 is considered at high GI food and a food that
  has a GI of less than 55 is considered a low GI food.
 Low GI diets causes weight loss and easy management of weight.
 Low GI diets increase the body's ability to respond properly to insulin.
 Low GI carbohydrates improve the bodies diabetes management.
 Low GI carbohydrates reduce the risk of heart disease
 Low GI carbohydrates improve blood cholesterol levels
 Low GI carbohydrates can help manage symptoms of Polycystic Ovary
  Syndrome (which causes infertility).
 Low GI carbohydrates reduces hunger and keeps you fuller for a longer
  period of time.
 Low GI carbohydrates can lengthen physical endurance.
 High GI carbohydrates help provide more fuel to the bodies carbohydrate
  stores after exercise.
             Health Food vs. Glycemic Index
Foods                    Glycemic Index   Good/Bad/Moderate
Spaghetti, white         49±2             GOOD (low GI)
Whole wheat/whole meal   74±2             MODERATE/BAD
bread                                     (above low below high GI)
Apple, raw†              36±2             GOOD (low GI)
Orange juice             50±2             GOOD (low GI)
Carrots, boiled          39±4             GOOD(low GI)
Potato, French fries     63±5             MODERATE (middle GI)
Fructose                 15±4             GOOD(low GI)
Honey                    61±3             MODERATE (middle GI)
Chocolate                40±3             GOOD(low GI)
Kidney beans             24±4             GOOD(low GI)
Ice cream                51±3             GOOD(low GI)
Milk, skim               37±4             GOOD(low GI)

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