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                                              Meeting Notes
                                         Community Benefit Fund
                                           17th June 2010, 6pm
                                          Castle Park - Frodsham
1.   Attending
CW&C Councillors                                   Cllr Andrew Dawson - Frodsham & Helsby – AD
                                                   Cllr Eleanor Johnson - Mickle Trafford – EJ
Frodsham Town Council                              Cllr Pammi Taylor – PT
                                                   Cllr Graham Bondi – GB
Helsby Parish Council                              Cllr. Sam Johnson – Chairman – SJ
                                                   Cllr. Chris Ellams – Vice-chair – CE
Elton Parish Council                               Cllr Tony Mills – TM
                                                   Cllr John Ireland – JI
Dunham on the Hill & Hapsford Parish Council       Cllr Andy Jones – AJ
                                                   Cllr Mike Kenworthy – MK
Ince Parish Council                                Cllr Andrew Eardley – AE
                                                   Cllr Edward Morris – EM
Peel Holdings (Energy) Limited                     Stephen W Snowdon – SS
                                                   Jonathan England – JE
Cheshire West and Chester Council                  Christopher Capes – CC
CW&C Councillors                                   Cllr Lynn Riley - Weaver
                                                   TBC - Central & Westminster
2.       CBF approach and how the fund is intended to work [CC]
        CC introduced the Community Benefit Fund (CBF), explaining that CW&C have been
         approached by Peel to support the process and I have been asked to work on this by CW&C.
        CW&C Cllrs met on the 17th May to discuss the approach and it was agreed that its essential we
         involve Town and Parish Councils and that we should invite 2 representatives from each to
         attend the meetings as well as a CW&C Cllr from each of the 4 wards.
        It was confirmed that this is dealt with separately from S106 funding and planning and it is
         imperative that no Cllrs who can influence planning decisions are involved in this process.
        It was also confirmed how important it is that an agreement can be reached with all the
         communities for delivery and negotiation.
3.       Stephen W Snowdon & Jonathan England – Peel Energy to present some ideas about the
         Community Benefit Fund [PEEL]
        Peel confirmed its commitment to provide a CBF in the event that planning permission for the
         scheme was granted by Secretary of State
        Outlined the types of CBF that could stem from a scheme. Peel advised that ‘regular payment’
         type was most common, and that use of local contractors wherever possible was already
         something to which Peel was committed
        Peel wanted a view on how the CBF could be administered – a new trust or use of an existing
        Peel advised that community had already given suggestions about what to spend the CBF on as
         part of the questionnaire survey in November 2009 and had included this feedback as a schedule
        Peel gave an example amount of CBF using DECC Toolkit figures and how this would equate for
         Frodsham, bearing in mind constraints of site
        Peel advised that in whatever administrative structure was decided upon, it would have an
         ‘observer’ role
4.       AOB (open)
        A discussion took place around the fund, if it should be negotiated now and how and agreement
         could be reached.
        JI questioned how the funding would be divided up and what would be taken into account as
         although the views would not be affected as much as Frodsham all the construction traffic would
         be coming in via Elton and Ince, however in order to ensure this is agreed we need to come to an
         agreement with all parish councils.
     GB advised that it could work like the landfill tax credit schemes and questioned if it would be a
         regular income or one lump sum. Advised that it would cost to run the programme and asked
         whether Cheshire Community Action (CCA) or the body administering the programme would be
         able to make decisions.
     AD advised that it would be very important all present read and understand the Guidance notes
         on CBF for Wind farms (attached) in order to understand the basic principles of the scheme. It
         was also advised that he felt the settlement figure of between £1000-2000 per MW generated
         annually is far to low and it should reflect the true value of the area. The guidance notes advise
         that the settlement can be between £1000-5000 per MW.
     SS confirmed there are many different ways the settlement can be made, and it is up to the
         community working with Peel & CW&C to come up with a clear and fair way of dealing with the
         money. The £1000-2000 figure is an example of settlement figures and clearly part of the
         negotiations will be to discuss this.
     MK asked how the money would be divided up between the authorities.
     JE advised that negotiations are in order and they need to define issues of special
         circumstances. He also advised that the settlement would be based on a financial model that
         takes into account the full picture of cost including other investment that is needed to make the
         wind farm viable.
     AD asked if Peel would consider funding independent advice for the community. Action Point -
         JE & SS to confirm this.
     MK asked if the community could take ownership of one of the turbines? JE advised that it is a
         possibility but they cost between £1-2m and that would require a full model of costs, this info
         could be provided if and when the need developed.
     GB how would a council who disapprove negotiate.
     AD it is important that each council round the table goes back to their committee and gets
         agreement on the action they wish to take. Including if you they support pursuing the CBF at this
         point and what they feel could be the key points to consider.
     CC agreed that it is essential that this is the case, also if the individuals round the table are not
         comfortable with being there someone else should take their place. It is clear that everyone has
         their own views on how the money could be distributed but in order for the CBF to work we need
         to come to a unilateral agreement and set out the ground rules now. If we don’t do this now it will
         cause problems in the future.
     JI advised that it needs to take into account of the potential 8 years of construction that Elton will
     AD advised that it is important that the group knows what the S106 will be delivering on the site
         so we don’t duplicate the funding. Action Point – Get a clear understanding of the S106
     Action Point – All Cllrs to go away, read the guidance and present to their authority the
         proposals. Each authority will then need to agree if they want to negotiate the CBF now or
         after planning, be part of the negotiations and if the right people are representing them.
5.       Date of Next Meeting
     9th September 2010, 6pm at Castle Park
Current Key Dates for Planning Permission
Decision                                                            Date
Recommendation goes to CW&C planning committee                      16th Sept or 21st Oct
Decision deadline to send to Secretary of state                     19th November 2010
If public inquiry not called best guess is minimum of 4             March 2011
months till decision
If public inquiry called could be up to 18 months                   May 2012

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