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									General Tips for College
When it comes to your college experience, it is supposed to be one of the best and most exciting time of
your life. It is also a time that will be very important in the creation of your future. The choices you
make as a college student have the potential to affect you for the rest of your life!

So as you start out in college and try to decide what you want to do with your life, remember that now is
the time to dream big. It is a time to plan for your future, but also embrace the present and have fun.
Finding a balance between working hard and having a good time is the key to the optimal college

What are Your Goals
One of the best things to do as you start attending college is to think
about your priorities. What are your main goals for the rest of your
life? Is money really important to you? Or do you want to just really
enjoy what you do? Is it possible to do both? Finding the answers to
these questions will help you as you make important decisions and
embark on your college experience.

Remember that life as a college student can be very different than
life at home, so plan accordingly. Think carefully about your budget
and your meals. Skip eating out daily, and you’ll have the money and
calories to spare when you go out with your friends.

Finding a Balance
One of the most important things is to balance your social life and your academic life. Find out what
kind of a schedule you need. For some students, cramming works out well, while for others, consistent
studying is better. Making your friends a priority is especially important. If you don’t give yourself a
chance to play, you will crash.

                                           No matter what subject you have decided to pursue, from a
                                           business degree, to a degree in English, or even a property
                                           management degree, make sure that you enjoy what you are
                                           doing and that you would be happy spending your life doing
                                           something in that field.

                                         You deserve to be happy, now and in the future, so make the
                                         kinds of choices that decrease your stress and allow you to be
happy and successful. If you are unhappy, you will have a more difficult time being successful. That
does not mean that you should love every class you take, some classes will be challenging and maybe
even boring, but find a way to enjoy even those classes, or at least to reward yourself for attending
College is an exciting and important time, so as you pursue your degree in business administration, a
computer science degree, or a degree in chemistry, make sure to balance your time. Have fun with your
friends, and give yourself time to study. If it helps you to make a schedule, make one. If you work
better in the mornings, set your study time accordingly.

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