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Geri Lewis Has Been an Inspiration to All,
Especially Her Grandson Daniel Getz
Speaks to Outreach theme of Spreading Love of the Arts and
Volunteering to All Generations
By Kailey Field and Brooks Boeke
     riend Geri Lewis will celebrate 45 years    lades, he was first exposed to the arts thanks
F    of volunteer service at the Kennedy
Center this December. When she began
                                                 to his grandmother. Of course a lot of this can
                                                 be credited to her service and dedication to the
volunteering in 1968 at age 35, Geri had no      Kennedy Center.
idea that she would have a grandson who             Now 25 years old, Daniel is a violist at one
would become a professional musician. She        of the world’s premier orchestras, the Boston
recently reminisced about how her grand-         Symphony Orchestra. “It was through my
son Daniel Getz performed at both her 30th       grandmother’s volunteer work that I first
and 40th pin recognitions at the Volunteer       became acquainted with the broad range
Gala: “In l998, my grandson played his violin    of performing arts to which the Kennedy
at my 30-year ceremony. My first thought was     Center offers a wonderful home,” he said.
how grateful I would be if he could play at my   Daniel thanks his grandmother for inspiring
40th,” said Lewis. Her hope became a reality     him to become a musician. “Since before I
in 2008.                                         can remember, she brought me to concerts
   Daniel has come a long way since 1998,        and introduced me to great artists, and I am
when he was only 10 years old. A winner of       eternally grateful for these inspirations.”
the 2006 National Philharmonic High School          Daniel is the newest member of the BSO               Geri Lewis receiving
Concerto Competition and recipient of the        and as a result he is unable to join Geri           her 40 year pin in 2008 from
New England Conservatory’s Presidential          at this year’s Volunteer Gala. No doubt                    Marie Mattson,
Distinction Award, among many other acco-        grandmother understands!                           Vice President of Development

       Daniel’s Light Bulb Moment Happens with the National Symphony Orchestra
       “I don’t remember a time where I didn’t know I wanted to
       be a musician. I figured I’d study music in college. I wasn’t
       sure what I’d do with it until I met my first viola teacher in
       10th grade. Mahoko Egucho was violist with the National
       Symphony Orchestra in Washington D.C.
          After a couple of months of studying with her, I was
       accepted into a fellowship with the NSO which subsidized my
       lessons and I got to see what it’s be like to be an orchestral
       musician. It was really then that I realized that it was probably
       what I wanted to do.”

                The official newsletter of the Friends of the Kennedy Center

                                                                                               LETTER FRom ThE EdIToR

                                              In ThIs Issue                                             We’ve Come a
                                                                                                       Long Way, Baby!
                                                                                               A Short History of FriendScript
                                                                                                                (Part 2)

                                                                                                 n the last Letter from the Editor, we
                                                                                               I outlined some interesting tidbits from
                                                                                               FriendScript (though it wasn’t always
                                                                                               known as such) from its earliest days
                                                                                               through 1990. Picking up soon thereafter,
      1st annual          Coming Soon                                                          the masthead changed to resemble what
                           Tour Guide                       Kennedy Center
  Friends Volunteer                                           without the                      we recognize today, and articles focused
     accessibility        Performance
                            Reviews!                          Volunteers                       on Friends who are still with us—like Bill
       meeting                                                 Page 16
        Page 4              Page 12                                                            Wortley and Marilyn Schoon. The layout
                                                                                               was starting to look a bit more sophisti-
                                                                                               cated, but some regular columns—such as
                      Meet the 2013 Honors Chairs ...............................4
Features                                                                                       the one for the Garden Club volunteers are
                      Access Training - Great Success .............................4           bygones of another age.
                      NexGenFriend Speaks Out ...................................5               A major facelift occurred in the
                                                                                               January 1995 issue as the production
                      Next Step NexGenFriends .....................................5
                                                                                               of the newsletter continued to evolve.
                      2nd Annual Photo Contest ....................................6           The FriendScript headline was adopted
                      Out with the Old In with the New.........................6               as the new look and a calendar of events
                      Friends Outreach to GW University.......................7                for the upcoming month(s) before the
                                                                                               next issue appeared. During this era, in
                      “Status Update” .....................................................7
                                                                                               the days before electronic versions of
                      Jennifer Crier Johnston ..........................................8      the newsletter, the centerfold—called the
                      Staff Spotlight: Clinton Bowman ...........................8             Friends Bulletin Board—included snippets
                      Hello Friends! Goodbye Summer ...........................9               of important information for all Friends.
                                                                                               Writer extraordinaire Adrienne Cannon
                      Kailey Field Says Goodbye .....................................9
                                                                                               has joined the editorial board and in
                      View from the VAC..............................................10        December 1998 contributed an article on
                      Great News from the Shops .................................10            the first guides to provide afternoon tours.
                      Admin Volunteers “Behind the Scene” ................11                     The March 2001 issue began the reign
                                                                                               of Michael Kaiser, with a warm welcome
                      WNO’s Holiday Family Opera ............................11
                                                                                               from Brooks as the title article. Howard
                      Tour Guides Performance Reviews .....................12                  Erdrich ushered in his tenure as Tour Rep
                      Bi-Annual Lounge Meeting..................................13             to the VAC in his usual, understated man-
                      Friends Support Membership ...............................13             ner (NOT!).
                                                                                                 The next major leap forward occurred
                      Tours for Young People, Where we are! ...............14
                                                                                               in December 2006, when the Friends
                                                                                               adopted the slogan Volunteers Working in
                  ThE oFFICIaL nEwSLETTER oF                                                   the Wings, the name being the winner of
    ThE FRIEndS oF ThE KEnnEdy CEnTER VoLunTEER PRoGRam                                        the slogan contest that same year, submit-
                                                                                               ted by Education Friend Karen Wise, and
Editor-In-Chief       Content Consultant                 Friends Staff Phone
                                                                                               a new logo designed by Scott Bushnell.
Tricia Callahan       Jeremy Birch                       numbers
                                                         Brooks Boeke, Manager                 The shops began to sell Curtain Up on
Editorial Board       Layout/Graphics
                                                           (202) 416-8303                      the Friends, a history of our program
Denise Bealin         Scott Bushnell                                                           developed with the invaluable assistance
                                                         Kali Oliver, Assistant
Tricia Callahan       Brooks Boeke                                                             of Friends Historian Michele Calhoun
Adrienne Cannon       Kali Oliver
                                                           (202) 416-8304                      and editor extraordinaire Marilyn Schoon
Ada Ejiogu
                      Staff Liaisons                                                           and perhaps the most important ‘how-to’
Marilyn Schoon
Kathi Smith
                      Brooks Boeke                       2700 F Street, NW                     guide for creating, growing, and managing
                      Myles King                         Washington, D.C. 20566
Lynn Trundle                                                                                   an arts volunteer program available.
                      Kali Oliver
                                                                                                                  (continued next page)
We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!                                                                        (continued from previous page)

   The most recent format update, in          Brooks and then-Assistant Manager            Center and the Friends program overall), I
March 2007, occurred at my initiation,        Allison Sledz [now Miller] for putting it    realized…
I am proud to say. Now that we had a          together, not realizing the awesome edito-     While the ‘look’ of FriendScript wasn’t
slogan and a logo, I played around on         rial board already in existence), I became   always sophisticated, the writing was—
an old Mac at home to incorporate both        editor of FriendScript in 2008, joining      and still is! If the newsletter is a reflection
into the masthead. The ideas I developed      a small group of illustrious names that      of us as a volunteer force through the
were passed along to Brooks, and voila!, a    includes Bill Turner, Adrienne Cannon,       years, we certainly have a history worthy
new look was born. Marilyn Schoon was         and Jennifer LaPada.                         of pride.
named the first Friends Archivist in a move      It has been such an honor to edit           Thank you for all you do every time
that—as much as Curtain Up—showed             FriendScript and oversee improvements        you come to the Center to make it a bet-
that the Friends program had come of age.     in editorial relevance, and streamlined      ter place!
   Having written my first article about      look. At the end of this “walk down
the 2005 Volunteer Gala (in my inno-          memory lane” (both my own history at the
cence I thought someone should thank

      FriendScript Logos over the years
                                                                               The logo from the mid 1990s until late
                                                                               2006 came about in January 1995, when
                                                                               a major facelift for FriendScript accured.

                                                                               The next major leap forward occurred in
                                                                               December 2006, when the Friends adopted
                                                                               the slogan Volunteers Working in the
                                                                               Wings, the name being the winner of the
                                                                               slogan contest that same year, submitted
                                                                               by Education Friend Karen wise, and a
                                                                               new logo designed by Scott Bushnell.

      Important update Regarding hard Copies of FriendScript

       Beginning with the winter issue in 2014, we will no longer be mailing hard copies of
      FriendScript. however, copies will still be available in the Friends office, the Volunteer
                        Lounge, the ushers desk, and the Visitors Center.

     all Friends will receive FriendScript in the PdF version which you can print at home or
                            read on your computer…and in color too!

Meet the 2013 Honors Chairs
Cynthia Duquette, Linda Muul, Nancy Reid and Beth Shearer
By Kali oliver
     he 36th Annual Kennedy Center             as liaisons with the Honors Production            Despite the long volunteer hours and
T    Honors will honor five of the most
talented stars of the performing arts. The
                                               staff coordinator. “We have a tremen-
                                               dous Honors’ Leadership team who have
                                                                                              detailed oriented hard work, co-chair in
                                                                                              Training Cynthia Duquette is excited to be
2013 Friends Honors Volunteer Corps has        already started working so that everything     part of the leadership this year. “This is a
its own superstar line-up, with the leader-    will run like silk,” Nancy Reid notes.         great team of dedicated workers. We have
ship team on the front lines and ready to      “Our focus is to empower individuals to        spent two weekends thus far (not count-
take charge!                                   do their best in each of the activities that   ing all the spreadsheet homework) trying
   This year’s leadership is comprised         we will undertake in a few weeks.”             very hard to match assignments, as much
of two co-chairs Nancy Reid and Beth              The chairs and valet supervisors are        as possible, to first and second preferences
Shearer and two co-chairs in Training,         looking forward to working with their          listed on volunteer applications. Once
Cynthia Duquette and Linda Muul. Friday        fellow Friends in many different jobs:         production begins, we look forward to
morning Tour Guides DeWayne Morgan             answering phones, hospitality duties, staff-   working again with our experienced vol-
and Tina Tate have stepped up to take the      ing Will Call, and driving and valet duties.   unteers and welcoming our new Honors
wheel as Valet Supervisors during Honors.      Volunteers also support the dressing room      volunteers. And of course, we can’t wait
   They have an important role: sched-         and production table areas, and act as         to see it all come successfully together on
ule and coordinate volunteers and act          stand-ins at technical rehearsals.             the 8th of December.”

           Cynthia duquette                   nancy Reid                    Linda muul                    Beth Shearer

Friends Gather for the First Annual Friends
Volunteer Accessibility Training
By Kali oliver

                                                    espite the shutdown, close to 100         disability etiquette and customer services
                                               d    Friends gathered for the 1st Annual
                                               Friends Volunteers Accessibility Training,
                                                                                              tips, ‘who’s who’ of the Accessibility
                                                                                              Department, and a detailed breakdown of
                                               held on October 9 and October 16! Jessica      Friends positions and how they assist the
                                               Swanson, Manager of Accessibility did          department and patrons. Accessibility staff
                                               an excellent job providing an overview         members Sarah Schoenfelder, Coordinator
                                               of how the Friends help our patrons with       of Cultural Access Initiatives and Joy
                                               disabilities as well as great tips in ways     Gardiner, Coordinator of Accessibility
                                               to assist.                                     were also on hand to demonstrate dif-
                                                 The training sessions offered the Friends    ferent patron scenarios showing correct
                                               important procedures to implement dur-         procedures. Many thanks to everyone that
                                               ing their shifts when interacting with         participated!
                                               patrons with disabilities. Topics included

              all Friends trainings, refresher sessions, and reviews are under the supervision of the
       Friends Training and Review management Team and Volunteer advisory Committee. It is because of
       their efforts, and our wonderful colleagues in the accessibility department, that these sessions will
                                     now be an annual tradition for the Friends.

Beyond the Wings
with NexGenFriends
By Lena Gamble, Gift Shops

Speaking out about the Friends as a NexGenFriend
                              very  other                                              days ago but not remembering any with
                        E     week or so
                         I have a conver-
                                               “The volunteer corps is called
                                              ‘Friends of the Kennedy Center’
                                                                                       the word “Friends!” in it. I rescue her
                                                                                       from her potential embarrassment of not
                         sation that goes      which I think is an appropriate         knowing the name of the show by stating,
                         something like           name because the people              “The volunteer corps is called ‘Friends of
                         this: “Do you         I volunteer with have certainly         the Kennedy Center’ which I think is an
                         want to hang               become my friends.”                appropriate name because the people I
                         out on Sunday?”                                               volunteer with have certainly become my
                         queries      one   thought to buy tickets to one of the       friends.
                         fun-loving asso-   many fantastic shows that must be taking      “Even more, importantly,” I continue,
                         ciate of mine.     place this weekend. “I’m going to see my   “volunteering offers me an opportunity to
“I won’t be able to on Sunday after-        Friends!,” I respond, and barely contain   support the arts, meet interesting people,
noon,” I respond, “I’ll be at the Kennedy   my chuckle as she wrinkles her forehead    and serve alongside others who are as
Center.” “Oh that sounds nice. What do      while trying to remember the names of      passionate and inspired by the great talent
you plan to see?,” asks the friend, try-    the plays, operas, and Millennium Stage    and great beauty offered at the Kennedy
ing to hide her jealousy that she hadn’t    performances she’d skimmed over a few      Center.”

Next Step NexGenFriends!                                             Ideas flowed at Brainstorming Session
                                       attended the inau-            Everyone felt that a top priority would be making videos for
                                     I gural    meeting
                                     NexGenFriends on July
                                                            for   the NexGenFriend website, to be launched early next year. Also
                                                                  discussed was planning events to which we could invite our
                                     11 to meet others in my      outside-the-Kennedy-Center friends to become NexGenFriends!
                                     age group who share my          These and other ideas were offered with the knowledge that
                                     passion for the arts and a   NexGenFriends was already active and making its presence felt
                                     willingness to serve.        at the Kennedy Center. Ryan Gallagher has given tours at MyTix
                                        During her opening        events. Lauren O’Sullivan is invited to MyTix marketing meet-
                                     remarks, Brooks Boeke        ings with Kennedy Center staff. One of the suggestions from
        Friends 35 and under         told us that one of our      these meetings is that we should have a table that allows for
      who attended the July 11       main goals was to make       interaction with potential Friends in our age group.
    brainstorming session about      our presence known and          There was an intoxicating mix of enthusiasm and optimism—
   visions for the NexGenFriends     share our visions and        it almost seemed like we were expressing the type of blind
      also became the group’s        goals with other Friends     ambition and confident goal setting that one might expect from a
                                     as well as arts organiza-    group of young people….wait, this was a group of young people!
         founding members.
                                     tions that need to serve        Thank you to those who have done the heavy lifting to launch
                                     this age bracket.            NexGenFriends! I hope our leaders have strong reins to guide
  Excitement grew as we began to discuss what we would like to    the energy of this group toward the bright future that we know
see happen. I remember hearing someone say “let’s be realistic”   is possible as we take our place and continue serving alongside
as ideas flowed, but why? NexGenFriends have the technical        our Friends!
expertise and energy to make every agreed-upon goal a reality!

                            nexGenFriends Founding members
 Paul Bernstein, alexis deBerry, Ryan Gallagher, Lena Gamble, Katie Garland, Brittany Jecko,
    andrew Jones, Paul michael, Flavius mihaies, Lauren o’Sullivan, Shannon o’Sullivan,
                               Joli Provost, and audrey Sosa.

                   Beyond the Wings
Second Annual Photo Contest in the Works!
By Bob Bahr, Outreach VAC Representative
                                                                                            Photo Guidelines
    riends, we ALWAYS need fresh, new, and updated photo-
F   graphs of Friends in action—for the Playbill, FriendScript,
the Friends website, and the tour booking website, as well as
                                                                             *all photos need to be current;
                                                                             *Submission need to include name & area;
other Kennedy Center–related sites and publications. That’s why              *Submit as a .jpeg attachment;
the Friends Outreach Committee recently decided to make the
                                                                             *Please no cell phone/iPad photos!;
photo contest an annual activity for the Friends.
  When we have wanted to advertise the Friends and all of the                *Please, no embedded photos in emails;
diverse activities that you do at the Kennedy Center, we have run            *Please, no compressed files;
into a roadblock. Believe it or not, we never have enough photos
                                                                             *high quality please, at least 300dpi!
of Friends in action. For example, we recently needed photos of
the Multimedia Broadcasters but really had no good photos that               Deadline is Friday, November 29.
would express their contribution to the Kennedy Center.
  As a result, we want to encourage people to photograph to                   Winners will be recognized at the Volunteer
their hearts content. You could think of your photographic                    Gala on December 17 as well as for any
session as a photo safari where you would compose and shoot                   photographs used in future Kennedy Center
throughout the building, inside and out.                                      publications.
  Stay tuned for special promotional activities to encourage you
to participate!                                                               Good luck with your photo shoots.

Out With the Old, In With the New
By Marilyn J. Schoon
     ooking with Friends, the popular cookbook, had a long and       the Friends that is found in the Playbill program. With a bit of
C    successful run in the Kennedy Center Gift Shops; but, as has
been reported in earlier issues of FriendScript, the time had come
                                                                     further editing, the box lid text was done.
                                                                        The note cards were another story. Each box will have 20
for it to be phased out of the Shops.                                cards with five each of four different images. That meant that all
  The good news, also featured in the summer FriendScript, is        of the areas in which the Friends work had to be distilled into
that a new product featuring the Friends of the Kennedy Center       only four paragraphs. The biggest hurdle was the word limit for
will soon be available in the Shops: boxed note cards, a very        each these paragraphs: 40 words, max! How does one talk about
popular item with tourists. Why note cards and not a recyclable      all the wonderful things the Friends do at the Center in only 40
bag or some other product? To find the answer to that and other      words? It was not easy; but after many hours of brainstorming,
questions, I turned to Stephanie Fridge, the buyer for the Shops.    writing, revising, cutting, and editing, the four different state-
  Stephanie recommended against a recyclable bag, based on           ments about the Friends were completed with only a little bit of
their poor sales performance in the past. She added, “I was plan-    fudging on the word count.
ning on doing a note card series for the Shops already, and there       The pictures on the cards are four different exterior shots
was space on the box for text. Normally, this would have been        of the building taken by photographer Ron Blunt. According
a blurb about the Kennedy Center’s history, but we were able to      to Stephanie, the retail price will be less than $20. There is
use that space to talk about the Friends program instead.”           not a confirmed date yet, but the cards should be available in
  Once the idea of featuring the Friends on the note cards           the Shops sometime this fall. So for those of you looking for a
became reality, the next step was to decide on what to write         tasteful yet inexpensive holiday gift, look no further than the
to showcase the program. The box lid was fairly easy. A lot of       Kennedy Center Gift Shops for a box of note cards featuring
work had already been done to come up with the page about            you, a Friend of the Kennedy Center.

          want to be among the first to find out what is said about the Friends on these cards? The
    Friends outreach Committee is planning a special event to launch the appearance of the new note
                  cards in the Shops. Be prepared for news on the event, coming soon!

                    Beyond the Wings
Friends Outreach Reaches Out at George
Washington University Wellness
Outreach Members Promote Festival/Event Program and Tours
By Vim Iglesia

                                                  Friends Intern Vim Iglesia, outreach members Colette arnston and
                                                 Boris Brailovskyat the Gw wellness Fair. Because of their efforts, we
                                                              now have 25 new Festival/Event volunteers.
                                                   n Friday, October 4 Friends Outreach     only is volunteering very important for
                                              o    Committee members Collete Arnston,
                                              Boris Brailovsky, and Flavius Mihaies
                                                                                            an individual’s overall wellness and con-
                                                                                            nection to the community, the fair is also
                                              connected with visitors at the George         a worthwhile activity to connect with our
                                              Washington University Medical Faculty         neighbors to promote volunteer support
                                              Associates (MFA) Annual Wellness Fair.        and tours at the national performing arts
                                              Attendees learned about the Kennedy           center.
                                              Center’s free tours and Festival/Event
                                              Volunteer Program.                            upcoming outreach events
                                                Because of their efforts, we now have 25    this fall include a gathering of
                                              new Festival/Event volunteers.                nexGenFriends and a special
                                                The GWU Wellness Fair has become an         activity in conjunction with the new
                                              annual event for Friends Outreach. Not        cards in the Gift Shops!

Social Networking News and Friends
“Status Update”
By Vim Iglesia
    he Friends Office is tinkering with tweets, planning posts,       facts/promotion of the Friends program. Follow the Kennedy
T   and making a master calendar for future social media out-
reach efforts. This media plan will produce monthly content to
                                                                      Center on Twitter with the username @KenCen.
                                                                        Our new hashtag “FriendFact” will highlight interesting facts
be shared on the Friends and Kennedy Center Facebook page             spanning the 48 year history of volunteer service at the Kennedy
and the Kennedy Center Twitter account expanding the Friends’         Center as well as recruitment for NexGen Friends.
online presence. Checkout our “status updates.” There is plenty         Any pending or current social media activity will be logged in
to look forward to this year!                                         our master Tour Promotion calendar. This will allow us to keep
  For tour promotion, the Center’s Facebook page will now fea-        you all up-to-date with our activity.
ture a tour guide twice annually. Our first feature last spring was
Howard Erdrich; Theresa Chaklos is ‘in the spotlight’ this fall.
                                                                             a peek at some upcoming Tweets!
Also twice a year, additional tour promotion can be seen under                          View the art and gifts of over 40 countries
“News and Noteworthy” on the Center’ Web Page                                           without the airfare. Enjoy a free @KenCen
  Although we’ve been sending tweets through the Kennedy                                                     Tour with the #Friends
Center twitter account since 2011, we are excited to debut some
                                                                                       what do the @KenCen and michaelangelo
brand new tweets. Ideally, two tweets will be sent monthly,                         have in common? Find out on a free tour with
pulled from three main tweet topics: general tour promotion,                                   the #FriendsoftheKennedyCenter.
promotion of the Tours for Young People program, and fun

  Introduced in the summer issue of Friendscript, “Social networking news and Friends: “Status
      update” is now a regular feature in FriendScript on the Friends Social Networking Program.

Jennifer Crier Johnston
Coordinator, Special Programming
By Sami atalla
       ndoubtedly, many of us over time have       and program directors to select content for     Spring Gala, a concert version of My Fair
u      stopped to admire the display cases
that are situated throughout the Center, par-
                                                   a given display case highlighting important
                                                   aspects of certain performances or shows.
                                                                                                      Jennifer started her theatrical career in
ticularly those at the entrances of the Opera         Most of the time, costumes arrive in boxes   England in 1943, singing “You Are My
House, Eisenhower Theater, and Family              to Jennifer’s office. She then unpacks them,    Sunshine” for a WWII fundraiser, and
Theater. Whether the display features cos-         figures out the best way to display them,       has been involved in all phases of theater,
tumes, photographs, or other works of art,         selects, and if necessary, orders suitable      from directing to stage management to
it is always of special interest and fascination   mannequins, and dresses them, all within a      props and set dressing. Since coming to the
as it relates to the characters or work being      limited timeframe to coincide with a specific   United States in 1957, she has worked in
performed in that theater.                         performance or show.                            Hollywood in many films, including My
    Some of the more memorable displays               Jennifer’s association with the Kennedy      Fair Lady, The Unsinkable Molly Brown,
include the costumes from the Kennedy              Center began in 1977 when she worked as a       and The Americanization of Emily, to name
Center production of Follies, designed by          super (supernumerary) in the opera Werther,     a few. She has also worked in television and
Tony Award® winner Gregg Barnes, the               directed by the late George London. She         in soap operas including “Dr. Kildair,” “Ben
mini-office of Texas Governor Ann Richards         later created the position of Supernumerary     Casey MD,” and “The Guiding Light.”
for Ann, and for several productions of The        Coordinator starting in 1999 with the opera        Next time you see a lady busy working on
Nutcracker snow, snow laden trees, and             Le Cid. She began her costumes display          a display case, stop and say’ hello’. Jennifer
Russian Matryoska dolls along with the             work for the 2008 Spring Gala, The Art          would love to tell you all about it!
fairy tale costumes.                               of Film Music, which included costumes
    Meet Jennifer Johnston, Coordinator of         from Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago,
Special Programming. Jennifer is responsible       and A Passage to India, among others. She         Jennifer will be our guest speak-
for supervising the display cases for the          also coordinated displays of costumes for           er at the Fourth annual Shift
                                                                                                       Leader Retreat on Saturday,
Kennedy Center performances and includ-            the Arabesque, India, and Nordic festivals.
                                                                                                             october 26 at 10 am.
ing international festivals and other special      Most recently, Jennifer coordinated cos-
events. She works closely with producers           tumes, props, and set dressing for the 2013

Staff Highlight: Clinton Bowman
By Vim Iglesia
     linton Bowman is a Coordinator in             and the Volkswagen Group of America.            VSA and International Photography Hall
C    Kennedy Center’s Department of
VSA and Accessibility. He works directly
                                                   Bowman’s award-winning work was
                                                   displayed in the VSA “Accelerate” exhibi-
                                                                                                   of Fame & Museum, Bowman returned to
                                                                                                   the Kennedy Center as the Assistant to the
with Betty Siegel, Director of VSA and             tion at the Smithsonian from September          Director of VSA and Accessibility.
Accessibility, in fulfilling VSA’s mission         2009 to January 2010. At the age of 23,           As a coordinator, Bowman responsible
“to provide arts and education oppor-              Bowman was diagnosed with a disability          for overseeing departmental conferences,
tunities for people with disabilities and          and his affinity toward the arts led him        meetings, and projects. He works on social
increase access to the arts for all.” Since        to seek an internship with the Kennedy          outreach and communication, while over-
2009, Bowman has developed a close rela-           Center and VSA.                                 seeing volunteers and interns and assigning
tionship with the VSA and the Kennedy                 “I found solace in art as a means of         daily projects and administrative tasks. In
Center as an artist, intern and now full-          expressing my feelings,” said Bowman. “I        his spare time, Bowman still makes time to
time employee.                                     wanted to help others do the same thing.”       practice his art as photographer and instal-
    Bowman is an Oklahoma native who                  Bowman began his role at the Kennedy                                   lation artist.
graduated cum laude from Oklahoma                  Center in 2010 as a spring intern. He
City University (OCU) in 2008 with a               assisted with the preparation of VSA’s
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.              2010 International Education Conference,
Prior to his involvement with the VSA,             which was a portion of the 2010
he worked closely with OCU to pro-                 International Festival. At the completion
vide after-school art opportunities for            of his internship, he was hired on to work
at-risk youth in the greater Oklahoma City         with VSA in coordinating portions of
area. In 2009, he received an Award of             the 2010 VSA International Festival and                                    Clinton Bowman,
                                                                                                                              Department of VSA and
Excellence for his photography from VSA            Education Conference. After working with                                   Accessibility Coordinator

Hello Friends! Goodbye Summer!
By Vim Iglesia, 2013 Fall Intern
      reetings, Friends of the Kennedy              Although I did not pursue perform-        ship working with first-year students as a
G     Center! My name is Vim Iglesia and
it is a pleasure to be your intern this fall.
                                                 ing arts in higher education, a lot of my
                                                 campus involvements have allowed me to
                                                                                              peer advisor. Also, as a student DJ I’ve put
                                                                                              countless hours towards increasing our
The impact of volunteer work is incredible       stay connected with the arts community       audience via social media, word of mouth,
and I’m proud to be the Friends of the           at my university. As a DJ for my student     and inviting student talent on air.
Kennedy Center intern. This opportunity          radio station I’ve invited bands, musi-        It’s inspiring work that volunteers do
is once in a lifetime, and it is a pleasrue to   cians, poets, and even our university’s      and the Friends have certainly inspired me
share this experience with all of you.           improv troupe on air to share their work.    in the short time I have been your intern.
   I am a senior Communications major            As a member of student government, I’ve      Thank you.
at California Lutheran University and I          made an effort to create music events to
specialize in Public Relations, Community        showcase student talent. I’ve always been
Relations, and Social Media. This intern-        involved in performing arts, from musicals
ship is allowing me to blend my diverse          to playing in bands and going to as many
PR & communications skillsets with a new         concerts as humanly possible. This is my                           I love the performing
experience in volunteer management and           chance to combine my love for performing                           arts: from musicals to
community outreach.                              arts with arts support.                                            playing in bands and
   I am a San Diego, California native and          This is my first time working in volun-                         attending as many con-
I’m thrilled to see how the east coast lives.    teer management, but I’ve participated                             certs as possible! Now I
I studied abroad in Panama for a semester        in and seen the power of volunteerism. I                           can combine my love for
in 2011 and I have visited my family in          have served as a tour guide at my univer-                          performances with arts
West Virginia and the Philippines, but at        sity working with hundreds of prospective                          support.
the end of the day California is really all      students and their families. I provided
I know.                                          social, academic, and emotional mentor-

Thanks for the Memories! Goodbye Friends!
By Kailey Field, 2013 Summer Intern
                                           it is filled with unique, remarkable people.       Kennedy Center creates for the arts every
                                           I sincerely appreciate meeting the count-          single day. Extraordinary.
                                           less individuals who have made an impact              I am now in chilly Wisconsin for
                                           keeping the arts alive in the commu-               my last semester at the University of
                                           nity and beyond. A special thank you goes          Wisconsin–Stevens Point to earn a BA
                                           out to Friends Manager Brooks Boeke                in Arts Management and two minors
                                           and Assistant Manager Kali Oliver. They            in Dance and Communications. I grew
                                           have taught me the ropes throughout this           immensely over the summer and look
                                           internship and gave me the opportunity             forward to applying what I have learned
                                           to grow.                                           towards my emerging career. Learning the
                                              My fondest memory from this intern-             best practices from an international leader
 Proud first time aunt with niece Natalie! ship stems from meeting the invaluable             in the arts, the Kennedy Center, carries
                                           volunteers. Every volunteer I spoke with           forth my motivation to obtain excellence
   hank you for a phenomenal summer
T  interning in the Friends office. The
Kennedy Center is a remarkable place and
                                           had a spark in their eye and a genuine
                                           story as to why they volunteer. The volun-
                                                                                              in artistic cultural celebration with other
                                                                                              communities in the future. Thank you for
                                           teers exemplify the passion and energy the         the memories. I am sincerely grateful.
 It was such great experience interning with the Friends Office        development of prospective students, auditions, and day-to-day
 over the summer of 2013. I will always fondly think of the            operations. I am also the campus radio station (WWSP-Stevens
 Friends as the vivacious, passionate volunteers of the Kennedy        Point) News Director this semester leading teams for public
 Center as well as working with incredible mentors, Brooks and         affairs shows, news stories aired weekdays, and feature news
 Kali.                                                                 stories similar to NPR. I love working with other students and
    I’m finishing up my senior year at University Wisconsin-           watching them as they grow in the process.
 Stevens Point, and I am tying up all of the loose ends before           As my graduation approaches, I will continue to look for
 I graduate. I am training a new person to be the UW-Stevens           employment opportunities on the horizon and carry with me
 Point Dance Program Office Assistant                                                        the memory of excellence embodied at
 which oversees the dance program’s              updates from Kailey!                        the Kennedy Center.

View from the VAC
By audrey Sosa, 2013 VaC Chair
      ver the summer, I had the opportunity to attend a training session   of our Friends. We know this because of the training sessions and
o     as part of an exercise offered by Retail Operation Management
to improve our ability to provide outstanding customer service, and I
                                                                           the monthly refreshers, trainings which are supervised by the Friends
                                                                           Training and Review Management Team, we can always improve
feel this was an extremely valuable process. This exercise reinforced      our working atmosphere so that customer service thrives.
the idea of giving good customer service to our patrons.                      As Friends, we always want to show our visitors that we have first
   This is a top priority for all Friends. We should offer each patron     class volunteers that are dedicated to the Center.
an experience that goes above his or her expectations. Every year, we         Remember that patrons are our top priority and it is important
receive visitors from all over the world, and for some of them, this       to greet them with a positive attitude. During your next shift,
will be the only time they will ever visit the Kennedy Center. We          practice greeting every visitor with a smile. Before words are
want our visitors to leave the Center remembering the outstanding          exchanged, say hello with your eyes. A nonverbal “body lan-
performance, sale, tour, and service they experienced. At the Kennedy      guage welcome” will ensure dialog. First impressions are critical:
Center, we recognize the skills, judgment, talent, and daily dedication    they set the tone for the rest of the experience!

Great News from the Shops!
By audrey Sosa, Retail operations VaC Representative
       e would like to thank our Gift Shop Friends for being               Lobmeyr as Austria’s gift to the Kennedy Center. We will feature
w      part of the training sessions offered over the summer by
Retail Operation Management to expand our ability to provide
                                                                           tote bags, cosmetic bags, and umbrellas in matte metallic silver
                                                                           print on black nylon.
outstanding customer service to all patrons. It was a great oppor-           For Christmas, the Shops will feature special merchandise.
tunity to learn customer service techniques, product knowledge,            The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum have
procedures, sale techniques, and innovative strategies for han-            joined forces with the Center to produce the Jacqueline Kennedy
dling difficult customers.                                                 Paintings Holiday Note Card Collection. These wonderful note
   We are also thrilled to announce that the Shops inventory               cards will include two paintings by her. Hallmark Cards, Inc.
is completed, thanks to our Friends. Prep work is the most                 originally printed the cards in 1963 to raise funds for the benefit
important part of inventory, because the more we can eliminate             of the National Cultural Center. There will also be a collection
potential errors and have everything as organized as possible, the         of 10 cards with a drawing of the Center in the snow by local
less time our inventory firm RGIS needs to be at the Kennedy               artist Bill Harrah. And finally, inspired by the Honors ribbon,
Center, and the less it will cost us for their services. This is one       we will carry an exclusive ornament as the tribute to the joys of
of the many behind-the-scenes ways that the Friends help.                  the Kennedy Center and the magic of the holiday season.
   Regarding new merchandise for this fall, there will be items              I know it is too early to think about winter but be prepared
based on the renowned Opera House chandelier made by                       because our winter holiday merchandise is here!

Ron Blunt, Creator of New Photographs
New Cards Will Feature Ron’s Photographs                                        By adrienne G. Cannon
      oming soon to the Gift Shops are new                                                         Born and educated in England, he has
C     note cards featuring information about
the Friends and featuring pictures taken
                                                                                                worked in and around Washington, DC,
                                                                                                for more than 20 years. His images have
by master architectural photographer Ron                                                        been featured in top publications like
Blunt. (See article page 6) The images are                                                      Architectural Digest, housed in private col-
part of a larger commission to capture this                                                     lections, and sought after by clients around
cultural icon. Ron is a master architectural                                                    the world. To highlight his extensive col-
photographer who celebrates his 25th year                                                       lection of photographs, a new retrospective
this year as a photographer of note in his                                                      exhibit of his work, “PANORAMA,” was
field of architectural, interior design, and landscape imagery.            at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, D.C earlier this
   The four exterior views of the Kennedy Center to appear on              month. He also gave a lecture in Mandarin Oriental’s gallery:
the note cards were shot using tilt-shift lenses designed especially       “Architecture as Meditation,” on Tuesday, October 22, as part
for architectural photography that reduce distortion and corrects          of DC Architecture Week.
perspective. When asked for details of his technique, Ron says,              An avid Kennedy Center patron, he and his wife Keleigh like
“Like a landscape painter, I am extremely patient with light.              to attend jazz, opera, theater, and dance performances. “You
I wait for ‘idyllic’ light, combined with striking composition,            name it, I’ve seen it,” says Ron. “This magnificent building,
to create and capture evocative images.” His portfolio for the             home to so many artistic productions, is a wonder to photo-
Kennedy Center shoot includes interior and exterior views of the           graph. I am pleased that my work will help to preserve memories
building, as well as views of the various theaters and crowds of           of the building for many patrons.”
patrons attending events.

“Behind the Scene” in the Friends Office
By Vivian Lock, administration VaC Representative
     ontinuing our series of profiling the different units that      filling these small but crucial customer service needs that make
C    make up the Administration department, this month we
would like to thank the invaluable contributions of the volun-
                                                                     the Center the world-class destination it is!

teers in the Friends Office. These wonder workers are involved          Brooks and Kali would like to thank
with many different projects and provide unflagging support to            our wonderful admin Friends!
Brooks and Kali in many capacities.
   Not many people know that if someone calls for a brochure,                 Jo Bregida, ann Cacace, mary Cacciatore,
it is mailed by an Admin Friend. Flyers for the Millennium
                                                                                Pat Chan, Gina haynes, Elena Franzoi,
Stage performances get sent to hotels, restaurants, and libraries.
Other items requested include the season schedule of perfor-                      Kay Garvey, maria Khatchadourian,
mances, Kennedy Center News, JFK quotes, restaurants near the             maryellen madden, Pat Powers, Kathi Reynolds,
Kennedy Center, and the list goes on and on.
   A surprising number of people call the Friends Office want-                      Jackie Rosen, Sally Sherman,
ing to purchase tickets. Though the Friends Office is a place for                   Jeanne Sobel, Shireen Thomas,
excellent customer service, any ticket inquires must go to the Box
Office staff.hank you to all who serve in the Friends office for
                                                                                              and Kathy Truex

WNO’s New Holiday Family Opera:
The Lion, the Unicorn, and Me                                        By Linda deRamus, wno VaC Representative
                               ashington National Opera is             The composer is Jeanine Tesori. She has written award-win-
                          w    excited to offer the first of its
                         planned holiday family programs this
                                                                     ning scores for Broadway and other theater productions, and has
                                                                     composed music for many films, including Shrek the Third and
                         December. We have commissioned a            Mulan II. Broadway musical director and conductor Kimberly
                         new children’s opera based on Jeanette      Grigsby will conduct her first performances for WNO.
                         Winterson’s charming story of the             The director of the production is Francesca Zambello, who
                         Nativity, The Lion, the Unicorn, and        began her first full season as our Artistic Director. In addition
                         Me. The tale of Mary and Joseph’s trip      to her management duties, she is also directing GiuseppeVerdi’s
to Bethlehem and the miracle that occurs there is told from the      opera The Force of Destiny.
standpoint of the donkey, chosen among all the animals to take         The performers are current members of WNO’s Domingo-
the couple on their journey. When interviewed by the angel, the      Cafritz Young Artist Program, as well as other rising stars. The
lowly donkey bests his more impressive competition, the lion         cast will also include a chorus of local children. A call for volun-
and the unicorn, by stating his only credential: “... if He is to    teer child-minders is also currently in the works.
bear the burdens of the world, He had better be carried by me.”        There will be seven performances of The Lion, the Unicorn,
  Winterson is an award-winning contemporary British author,         and Me, December 14, 15, and 20–22. The opera is recom-
known for her novels and short stories. The libretto is being        mended for children age 6 and up. Imaginative costumes and
adapted from her book by American poet, professor, and critic        evocative music promise to make the production a treat. We
J.D. McClatchy, who has also written other texts for musical         hope to see you there.
settings. His previous opera libretti include adaptations of
Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, and George Orwell’s 1984.

              Changing of the Guards among Friends Shift Leaders
 The Visitors Center has several new Friends that were recently      longer make the commute to volunteer at the VIC, which she did
 promoted to the shift leader team. Will Molzahn is now the shift    for several years. She also wrote for FriendScript.
 leader for Thursday afternoon and his wife Wendy is co-chairing        Ellen McCauley also stepped down as Shift Leader for the
 the morning shift with Emily Cato. Kevin Baker recently became      Web Researchers. Ellen helped start this program in 2006 and
 Huda Ayas co-chair on Tuesday nights. Both Emily and Huda are       it is because of her excellent leadership in this role that the Web
 very grateful to have Kevin and Wendy assist them with ensuring     Researcher team is still strong today. Her co-chair Sami Atalla will
 their shifts are adequately staffed and trained!                    now be working with Dennis Butler, who has taken Ellen’s place.
    Will took Kathi Smith’s place on Thursday afternoons. Sadly,     Ellen was an excellent mentor for them and just another excellent
 Kathi has made her permanent home in Williamsburg and can no        example of the extraordinary leadership found among the Friends.

                           Shift Leaders: a heartfelt thank you to all 90 of you!

It’s Tour Guide Performance Review Time
Beginning January 2014
By mary ann Troanovitch, Tour Guide VaC Representative
  n an effort to ensure that all tour guides continue to provide        To this end, tour guide reviewers will be scoring each guide
I top-notch tours, performance reviews will begin in January
2014. The last reviews were conducted in 2009 so its time! Tour
                                                                      following the form used in the past. The categories to which they
                                                                      will be paying close attention are:
guide reviewers will meet on November 20 to discuss the review
process. Tour Guide Review Commitee: Stay tuned for further           Tour Script and Facility Knowledge
details!                                                              This includes knowledge of the foyer and halls; gifts; theaters
   All Friends performance reviews (regardless of the volunteer       and lounges; current show schedule (or ones in the near future);
area) are supervised by the Training and Management Review            promoting Membership; and the ability to answer questions.
   Like all volunteers, tour guides play an important role in the     delivery
overall success of the Kennedy Center. They have the respon-
sibility to provide information in a professional, courteous,         Guides need to show creative use of the tour script; address the
and friendly manner. Highlights of the official job description       entire group; show enthusiasm and confidence; speak clearly and
include: adhere to all policies and procedures; provide tours on      loud enough to be heard; and be respectful and courteous when
a regular basis based on knowledge of the official tour script, the   dealing with ushers.
Tour Informational Handbook as well as current programming;
and provide the information in a pleasant and positive way,           Presence and Control
being responsive to the group on the tour, such as age limita-        With regard to personal appearance and attire the guide is
tions, interests, and special needs. Appearance is also important.    expected to have the ID badge visible, be well dressed and clean;
   In addition, guides need to be able to meet the physical chal-     have the ability to control the tour group; have the physical
lenges required regardless of tour size; refrain from personal        stamina to meet all physical challenges throughout the tour
commentary or remarks of a political nature; serve as a customer      including taking stairs, walking the entire distance, and taking
service representative of the Kennedy Center: make people feel        the group outside on the Roof Top Level; and keep the tour
welcome with a friendly greeting; answer questions about the          within an appropriate time, depending on the needs of the group.
building and gifts; generate enthusiasm about Kennedy Center
Membership as well as making purchases in the Gift Shops; and         other
encourage visitors to make donations to the tour box.
                                                                      The reviewer will consider special issues/adaptability such as the
                                                                      guide’s ability to fully meet accessibility needs and adapt to tour
     Tour guide reviewers will meet on November
          20 to discuss the review process.
                                                                        This may seem like a full plate, but this is what guides do on
                                                                      a daily basis. We are confident that every tour guide will “pass”
    Tour Guide Review Commitee: stay tuned for
                                                                      with flying colors!!!
                  further details!

montessori School “Tours for young People” Pilot Groups
                                                                                                 over the summer, the Friends
Continue to “Test” Tour Scripts                                                               office targeted schools that fit the
                                                                                              bill to “test” the tour script for the
Dear Brooks and Kali,                         gram. I hope that our input helps as you
                                                                                                 age bracket represented in the
Thank you so much for arranging a             move forward! And let me know if you
                                                                                               tour group for our new Tours for
tour for Montessori School for Northern       need any more feedback.
                                                                                                 young People Program. at the
Virginia’s Music Camp students. I             Please thank Debra (Simon), our tour
                                                                                              end of the tour, teachers filled out
appreciated you reaching out to me after      guide, for her time this morning.
                                                                                              the special survey that addresses
I contacted the Kennedy Center inquir-        Again, thank you so much for welcom-
                                                                                                  the interests of the three age
ing about a tour. It was also nice to meet    ing MSNV’s students to the Kennedy
                                                                                                 groups represented in the pro-
you in person this morning.                   Center this morning.
                                                                                                 gram: 4–10; 11–14; and 15–18
My co-teacher and I filled out the spe-
                                                                                                year olds. See page 14 for more
cial Teacher Survey to assist the Friends     Sincerely,
                                                                                                      on the TyP Program!
office with the launch of your new pro-       Lindsey Williams

An Informative Gathering of Friends at the
Bi-Annual Lounge Meeting
By Katie Garland, Lounge VaC Representative

                                                   onday, September 30 was our              and answer questions about lounge sup-
                                             m     Bi-Annual Lounge meeting and once
                                             again it proved to be an excellent refresher
                                                                                            plies, statistics, and scheduling. Lounge
                                                                                            Sub/cancellation scheduler Judy Begal
                                             session for the Lounge Friends. Attendees      gave everyone her best in absentia! We
                                             received the 2013-2014 Lounge Manual,          could not do what we do in the Lounges
                                             the official Lounge training roster, and       without this terrific trio of Friends.
                                             a new and improved Training Refresher
                                             Checklist. “Hot lounge topics” were              Refresher Training Lounge
                                             reviewed, including working with scan-
                                             ners, how to empty and clean a hot water               Quiz worked!
                                             or coffee container, how to fill out the        As part of the refresher training
                                             Sign-In Sheet/Lounge Supply Form and            element to the meeting, Lounge
   Lounge volunteer Gary nooger              the importance of showing up for duty!           Friends took a quiz, developed
  reading his new Lounge manual.               Manager of Annual Giving Programs              by Friends intern Vim Iglesia,
                                             Myles King provided updates on Member                with 18 lounge-related
   welcome new Lounge                        services; Manager of Donor Services Jovita         questions plus three bonus
     Friends this Fall                       Gross and assistants Michael Dean and           questions. Sixty Lounge Friends
                                             Franklin Hernandez expressed their grati-       participated; three stood above
         merci del Toro,                     tude for the excellent services the Lounge         the rest! wendy and will
   Eva Griffeth, Peggy Long,                 Friends provide to our members.                 molzahn tied for first. and ann
  Paul michael, Celeste Roney,                 Friends Database Supervisor Ralph               Recknor took second prize.
    Richard Rosenfeld, and                   Johnson and Lounge Scheduler Diane                   ConGRaTuLaTIonS.
        Keith Zembower.                      Lipsey were present to provide information

Friends Create Memorable Experiences for Members
By Jamie doughty, membership assistant
     s we begin another exciting season at   lounges open to Members and each one           and are able to provide many details to
a    the Kennedy Center, the Membership
Office is already hard at work planning
                                             is staffed by Friends volunteers. These
                                             Friends are responsible for greeting the
                                                                                            donors about current and past opera
                                                                                            productions. It is also clear that each tour
various events to ensure that our Members    donors, offering snacks and refreshments,      guide possesses a great passion for opera,
have a memorable and rewarding experi-       answering questions, and encouraging           and that passion is contagious!
ence when they visit the Center. These       interested patrons to join Kennedy Center         The support of our Members is essential
efforts would not be possible without the    Membership. Their efforts make such a          to the Kennedy Center, and we want to
dedicated work of the Friends volunteers,    difference in creating an enjoyable eve-       ensure that their visits are unforgettable
who provide assistance and a friendly        ning for our Members.                          and that even the smallest interactions they
face to our donors each and every day.         In addition to working at the                have with the Center are positive. Friends
From answering questions at the Visitors     Center, Friends volunteers travel to the       volunteers play a crucial part in facilitat-
Center to staffing the Center’s Gift Shops   Washington National Opera Costume              ing Member involvement. Without their
to staffing the three donor lounges, these   Studio, located in the Takoma neighbor-        daily dedication, our Members would be
volunteers provide our donors with the       hood of the District, to lead tours for our    left with quite a different experience.
best possible visiting experience.           Members at the Donor level and above.             The Membership Office would like to
   One of the main benefits for our          These tours give the donors a behind-          extend a huge thank you to the Friends
Members at the Contributor level and         the-scenes look at the design process for      Office for all that you do. Your efforts
above is special access to our Members-      the costumes and props used in WNO             have not gone unnoticed, and we appreci-
Only Lounges before a performance            productions. The volunteers that conduct       ate your help more than you can imagine!
and during intermission. There are three     these tours are incredibly knowledgeable

Collaboration Between Friends and Education
Makes Tours for Young People a Reality
By Kailey Field
    he Tours for Young People Program          Higgins) all three tour scripts and generat-     The enthusiasm from high school stu-
T   went into high gear over the sum-
mer and will become a reality in late fall
                                               ing interesting and informative content.
                                               Kincaid feels “honored” to be part of the
                                                                                              dents, tour guides, teachers, and staff
                                                                                              demonstrates the collaboration across
2013. The Kennedy Center’s Friends and         development of this new program which          departments and envisages an exciting
Education Departments collaborated to          caters to specific age levels.                 future for the Tours for Young People
create age-specific educational tour scripts      Two high school volunteers had a hands-     Program launch in the months ahead.
for school groups and other youth orga-        on experience in developing the program.
nizations that visit the Kennedy Center        Over the past several years, Paul Bernstein       The drafts of these tour scripts have
through this exciting new program.             has contributed as a consultant, writer,           touched the many hands of staff,
   The drafts of these tour scripts have       and supervisor of surveys. Bernstein said,          tour guides, teachers, and high
touched the many hands of staff, tour          “I am very excited for the launch of the                school volunteers alike.
guides, teachers, and high school volun-       tour program, it will be very pleasing to
teers alike. Mary Ann Troanovitch, Shift       see all of our work become a reality, in
Leader and Tour Guide on Monday morn-          making people happy.”
ings, revised and tested the elementary           Erin Mena, a short term volunteer and
and middle school scripts. She raves about     rising senior, feels the tours scripts serve
the scripts delightful interactivity. “The     as a valuable educational opportunity.
middle school script asks questions that       Mena said, “The Tours for Young People
are easy to answer and keeps up interest;      Program will be extremely beneficial to
the elementary school script takes time to     informing young people about this presti-
sing—what could be better?” Troanovitch        gious and cultural performing arts center.”
said.                                             Bernstein agrees: “It will surely intro-         Debra simon giving a pilot tour to
   Rita Kincaid, a Tour Guide on               duce young children to a lifelong love             the elementary age group from the
Wednesday afternoons and a former sec-         for the arts as well as provide a focus for          Montessori school for northern
ondary education teacher, assisted with        young adults on possible careers in the                  Virginia’s Music Camp.
editing (along with Tour Guide Barbara         performing arts.”

                 a special thank you to the following Friends collaborators on this project:
                Paul Bernstein, howard Erdrich, Barbara higgins, Rita Kincaid, alexia Kolias,
                        Erin mena, maryellen magner, marilyn Schoon, debra Simon,
                                 mary ann Troanovitch, and Liz Vecchione.

About that Paint Job in the Concert Hall!
By dennis Butler
    hanges have taken place on the walls       gilded to tie into the new organ façade, Lights were also cleaned and fixtures
C   of the Concert Hall, specifically to the
color scheme. Before the makeover, the
                                               while doors and tier ceilings are a wonder- repaired during the project.
                                               ful, complimentary soft gray.
Concert Hall’s colors ranged from green           The gold leaf pattern on the balcony       Before and after photos below.
and gold to mustard. The walls and bal-        fronts is silver while the gold leaf at the
cony fronts are now a stunning cream and       organ façade and the ceilings remain gold.

    november 2013

1     Sister Act, 7:30pm (OH)                                        15    Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty – New Adventures,
      Barbara Cook’s Spotlight: Tommy Tune, 7:30pm (TT)                    1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)
      The washington Ballet Giiselle, 7:30pm (ET)                          Friday Morning Music Club Presents Avanti Orchestra,
      KC Jazz Club: The Curtis Fuller Brasstet with Bobby Shew             7:30pm (TT)
      and Don Sickler, 7:30 & 9:30pm (TG)                                  Something to Sing About Kathleen Battle with Cyrus
      national Symphony orchestra, 8pm (CH)                                Chestnut, 8pm (ET)
      Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)                                              national Symphony orchestra, 8pm (CH)
2     Man of the House, 11 am and 1:30 & 5pm (FT)                          Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      Sister Act, 1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)                                 16    Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty – New Adventures,
      The washington Ballet Giselle, 1:30 & 7:30pm (ET)                    1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)
      Shear Madness, 6 & 9pm (TL)                                          Kit Armstrong, piano, 2pm (TT)
      Django Reinhardt Festival All-Stars with Stefon Harris,              Master Class: Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, 4pm
      7:30 & 9:30pm (TL)                                                   Shear Madness, 6 & 9pm (TL)
      national Symphony orchestra, 8pm (CH)                                national Symphony orchestra, 8pm (CH)
3     Jam Session with the Django Reinhardt Festival All-Stars,      17    Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty- New Adventures, 1:30pm
      11am (CH)                                                            (OH)
      Man of the House, 1:30 & 4pm (FT)                                    DC Youth Orchestra Fall Concert 2013, 2pm (TT)
      The washington Ballet Giselle, 1:30 & 6:30pm (ET)                    Shear Madness, 3 & 7pm (TL)
      Sister Act, 1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)                                 19    Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      Stefan Jackiw, violin with Anna Polonsky, piano, 2pm (TT)      20    Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      Shear Madness, 3 & 7pm (TL)                                    21    Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      washington Chorus Britten: War Requiem, 7:30pm (CH)            22    american Voices: Classical Master Session with
5     Sister Act, 7:30pm (OH); Shear madness, 8pm (TL)                     Eric Owns, 2pm (TT)
6     The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, 7:30pm (ET)                              american Voices: Symposium: Vocal Health
      Sister Act, 7:30pm (OH); Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)                     and Illness: Insights into the Past, Present, and
7     national Symphony orchestra, 7pm (CH)                                Future, 4:30pm (Atrium); Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      Suzanne Farrell Ballet, 7:30pm (ET)                            23.   american Voices: Country master Session, 10am (TT)
      Sister Act, 7:30pm (OH); Sphinx Virtuosi, 7:30pm (TT)                american Voices: Symposium: Singing in the 21st
      Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)                                              Century: Business and Technology, 1:30pm (At)
8     Barbara Cook’s Spotlight: Lucie Arnaz, 7:30pm (TT)                   Elephant & Piggie’s We are in a Play!, 1:30pm & 4pm (FT)
      The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, 7:30pm (ET)                              american Voices: Pop/Rock Master session, 3:30pm (TT)
      Sister Act, 7:30pm (OH)                                              Shear Madness, 6 & 9pm (TL)
      KC Jazz Club: Jazzmeia Horn, 7:30 & 9:30pm (TG)                      American Voices Concert, 8pm (CH)
      national Symphony orchestra, 8pm (CH)                          24.   american Voices: Musical Theater master Session with
      Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)                                              Sutton Foster, 11am (TT); Elephant & Piggie’s We Are in a Play!,
9     The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, 1:30 & 7:30pm (ET)                       1:30 & 4pm (FT); american Voices: Gospel master Session with
      Sister Act, 1:30 & 7:30pm (OH); Shear Madness, 6 & 9pm (TL)          Kim Burrell, 3pm (TL); Shear Madness, 3 & 7pm (TL)
      KC Jazz Club: Jason Moran and The Bandwagon, 7:30 &            25.   Marc-Andre Hamelin, piano, 7:30pm (TT)
      9:30pm (TG); national Symphony orchestra, 8pm (CH)                   Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
10    Sister Act, 1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)                                 26.   Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, 1:30 & 7:30pm (ET)                 27.   Elephant & Piggie’s We Are in a Play!, 1:30 & 4pm (FT)
      Shear Madness, 3 & 7pm (TL);The Choral Arts Society of               Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker, 7:30pm (OH)
      Washington Legacy and Life, 4pm (CH)                                 Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
12.   Enso String Quartet, 7:30pm (TT)                               28.   Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)
      Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty –New Adventures,              29.   Elephant & Piggie’s We Are in a Play!, 1:30 & 4pm (FT)
      7:30pm (OH) Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)                                  Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker, 1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)
13    Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty:New Adventures, 7:30p(OH)           Shear Madness, 5 & 8pm (TL)
      washington national opera american opera Initiative:                 nSo Pops: An Evening with Matthew Morrison, 8pm (CH)
      Three 20-Minute Operas, 7:30pm (TT); Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)   30.   Elephant & Piggie’s We are in a Play!, 11am and 1:30 &
14    national Symphony orchestra, 7pm (CH)                                5pm (FT); Joffrey Ballet The Nutcracker, 1:30 & 7:30pm (OH)
      Matthew Bourne’s sleeping Beauty –New Adventures,                    Shear Madness, 6 & 9pm (TL); nSo Pops: An Evening with
      7:30pm (OH); Vocal Arts DC Presents Michael Fabiano,tenor,           Matthew Morrison, 8pm (CH)
      7:30pm(TT); Shear Madness, 8pm (TL)

The Kennedy Center without Friends
 By Vim Iglesia
An Intern’s perspective
  ’ve heard that you can fit two football       say that there is at least one Friend work-            stations, providing vital support to the
I fields in the Grand Foyer and have a first
down to spare and that the chandelier in
                                                ing every shift. Visit the Tour Desk and see
                                                the tour guides ready and waiting to give
                                                                                                       ‘slimdowned’ Center!) There are pam-
                                                                                                       phlets, magazines, brochures to restock,
the Opera House is 50 feet in diameter          a tour. Enjoy a show and visit a Lounge,               but the building is empty. People are
and contains almost 2,000 bulbs. I know         where Friends welcome patrons into our                 submitting tour requests, but there are
that the oils from our hands can add            home here at the Kennedy Center.                       no tours.
more sheen to Lucien Wercollier’s sculp-          The spirit of volunteerism fills the place,             Indeed, it was a quiet time at the
ture Ascension. Without the Friends Tour        but lately it has been (mostly) quiet.                 Kennedy Center, but the government shut-
Guides, I would not know anything about         Due to government shutdown, the voices                 down has ended and the Friends and
the building.                                   and sounds I’m used to hearing have                    visitors are back to breathe life into the
    At the Hall of States entrance one of       been muted with just a percentage of the               building again!
the first things you see is Friends seated at   regularly scheduled volunteers reporting                  Thanks to the Friends who were so
the Visitors Center. They’re always happy       for duty. (Note: we are truly grateful to              patient during the government shutdown.
to help if you need any assistance. Take        the shops and admin friends who were                   It is a pleasure to have everyone back in
a look into the Gift Shops and it’s safe to     not ‘furloughed’ and remained at their                 the building.

                                  The spirit of volunteerism fills the place, but lately it has been (mostly) quiet.

                           “The schools were strangely quiet, with no field trips and no volunteer
                           classroom aides. Symphony halls and the museums that had been built
                            and stocked by volunteers were dark and would remain that way. The
                          flowers in churches and synagogues withered and died. Children in day
                           nurseries lifted their arms, but there was no one to hold them in love.”
                                                                 --Erma Bombeck

washington, dC 20566-0003

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