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									                            Star of the Sea Catholic School Newsletter

                              Reverence * Respect * Responsibility

 March 4, 2010                                                                                  No. 22

                              Come, Worship the Lord’
    Friday, March 5th                   School Mass - Gr. 3M and Primary Choir
    Tuesday March 9th                   Official School Blessing Celebration – 7 pm in the gym

      Parish Stewardship Day with Father Daniel Mahan

                                                  Mass Focus:
   Star of the Sea
   Catholic School                           The Lord’s Prayer:
   15024 – 24th Avenue              Our Father, who art in heaven,
       Surrey, BC                       hallowed be thy name.
        V4A 2H8
                                          Thy Kingdom come,
         Phone:                             thy will be done,
     (604) 531-6316                    on earth as it is in heaven
           Fax:                    Give us this day our daily bread.
      (604) 531-0171                And forgive us our trespasses,
          E-mail:              as we forgive those who trespass againstt                           us.
                                   And lead us not into temptation,
                                        but deliver us from evil.

 The new school facilities will be formally blessed by Archbishop Miller on Tuesday March 9th at 7:00 pm and
 all parishioners, family, friends, alumni and current students are encouraged to attend. This is a great
 opportunity to hear our Archbishop speak on Catholic education. The celebrations begin at 7 pm in the school
 gym, followed by refreshments and tour. In order to prepare for the reception please RSVP on the attached
 form by Monday March 8, 2010. All current students attending are asked to wear their school uniform for the

 Mrs. Balsevich, Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Kyne are eager to begin a dazzling show choir season. Practices will be
 held on Tuesday lunch hours and Friday mornings in the Fine Arts Studio. In addition to providing singing
 leadership at school masses, the show choir will have an opportunity to showcase their musical talents in a
 Spring Musical Extravaganza…come out and see what we have planned. Also, on Tuesday March 9th at 7 pm
 the members of this choir are asked to sing proudly O Canada at our Official School Blessing Celebration!
 Please complete the attached permission form and return it to the school by Monday March 8, 2010!

Congratulations to all our basketball teams (8 in total) that have participated in our regular basketball
season. Our Grade 6 Girls, 7 Girls and 7 Boys teams now move on to the playoffs. The Grade 7’s have away
games on Monday and the Grade 6 girls will be playing a home game, next Monday after school. Come out and
cheer them on if you can!
                                          Go Stars Go!

Our basketball recognition assembly will be on March 26th!

The Girls’ soccer season will start next week with practices. Games will begin the week of March 21st.
We have Mr. Rasmussen coaching the Grade 7 girls and Mr. Grange coaching the Grade 6 girls. We are in need
of a coach for the Grade 5 girls and people who can lend a hand setting up and taking down the nets as well
as a referee for our home games. If you have the time to help with this very short soccer season, please
contact Madame Laflamme ASAP at

With the nearing of spring comes the Speech Arts season. As with last year there will be two components to
our school speech arts program – one in class and the other an extra curricular club.

This extra curricular club is a great opportunity for those students who are looking for a challenge and to
advance their public speaking skills. Participants of the club will be asked to attend coaching sessions during
lunch time, where they will practice with their peers and receive helpful hints from our coaches who will
address areas such as posture, eye-contact, pace and volume. Each participant will then ‘perform’ their
piece for the coaches who will select a group of students to compete at the regional level with other students
from our Catholic school system. If your child is interested please fill out the form attached to this
newsletter and return it to his/her classroom teacher.

Primary coaching sessions will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch hours.
Intermediate coaching session will be Monday and Thursday lunch hours.


Mrs. Lesya Balsevich – Principal

South Surrey Recreation Centre – Pickleball Drop In times and dates:
Saturdays:     Children 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Sundays:       Families 12:30 – 4:00 pm

                                  School Blessing – Tuesday March 9, 2010

__Yes we will be attending the School Blessing on March 9, 2010.

Name:____________________                Number attending:_______

        Please return to the school office Monday March 8, 2010

                                Intermediate Show Choir

       My child ______________________ in grade _________ will participate in the Intermediate Show Choir
        and understands that practices will be held at Tuesday lunch hour and Friday mornings.

Parent Signature: _________________                  Date:____________

       My child ___________________ will be in attendance on Tuesday March 9, 2010 to sing at the School
        Blessing Celebration.
My child will be in full uniform and arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 that evening to the Fine Arts Studio.

                        First practice Tuesday March 9th at 12 pm.


                                     Primary Speech Arts Festival
My child ________________________________ in ____________(class) would like to participate in the
school’s Speech Festival as well as receive some extra-curricular coaching in following categories:
                       Coaching sessions Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at lunch

        Poetry _____________                            Bible Reading ________

Parent Signature _______________________________________

           Please return this form to your classroom teacher by Wednesday March 10th.

                                  Intermediate Speech Arts Festival
My child ________________________________ in ____________(class) would like to participate in the
school’s Speech Festival as well as receive some extra-curricular coaching (times and dates TBA) in the
following categories:

Poetry _____________                               Bible Reading ________

Character Recitation ___________                  Story Telling   ________

                                                         Persuasive Speech ___________
                              Coaching sessions Monday and Thursday at lunch

Parent Signature _______________________________________
              Please return this form to your classroom teacher by Wednesday March 10th.

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