Why AirBNB Isnt the Way to Go

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					Why AirBNB isn’t the way to go
For those who might not be aware, AirBNB is a company that was founded in San Francisco in 2008. The
company provides an online meeting place for people who are looking for cheap places to stay to enter
in contact with individuals who are willing to rent out part of their living space for a nightly fee. As of
the fall of 2013, AirBNB has expanded to include over 500,000 listings in more than 30,000 cities in 192
countries. And in addition to listing rooms in apartments, AirBNB has grown to offer overnight stays in
everything from castles and manors to tree houses, boats, and even private islands. Whether your
tastes are frugal or expensive, AirBNB seems to offer you the experience of staying in a new place for a
fraction of the cost of regular hotels. However, is it everything it’s cracked up to be? Keep reading to
find out the other side to AirBNB.

No Guarantee
The most unnerving aspect of renting out a room on AirBNB is there is absolutely no guarantee. The
Internet has long been a place where people can misrepresent themselves and that services they are
offering, and AirBNB is no exception. Many people have booked a room through AirBNB, only to arrive
at the location to find that the host is rude, the room is dirty, or, worst of all, the place doesn’t even
exist. AirBNB has put a rating system
in place to try and combat the
dishonesty about the details regarding
rooms and living areas, but they are
not always accurate.

Often Illegal
One of the most surprising facts about
AirBNB is that by renting out a room
for a night or two, you can often be
unknowingly committing a crime.
Cities and countries often have their
own rules and codes about the steps a
host must take in order to legally rent out part of their home or apartment for money and sadly, many
of the hosts on AirBNB do not follow these guidelines. This can make you an unwitting party to a crime
in a strange new city. So while hotels might cost a little more, at least you can be sure that you won’t be
cited for criminal behavior simply by paying to stay in one.

You’re Living with Someone You’ve Never Met
People usually think long and hard about who they decide to live with. However, on AirBNB your host
that you’ll be effectively living with is often somebody that you know absolutely nothing about. While
they might have an AirBNB profile that gives you a bunch of details about them, you have no way of
knowing if any of it is true. So before you use AirBNB, ask yourself if you really want to become
temporary roommates with someone who is a complete mystery to you.
AirBNB is an innovative idea, but is still fraught with problems. So next time you are looking for a place
to stay in Albuquerque, pick a hotel.

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