Ultimate Backpackers Guide - Vacuum-sealed Food

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					Ultimate Backpackers Guide: Vacuum-sealed food
If you have ever been out in the woods then you definitely know what it is like. It
can be cold, dark, and if you don’t prepare your food or can’t find any out in the wild,
then you can be left with hungry stomachs at night. Whether you are a serious
camper or just someone who likes to camp every few years or so, you probably
aren’t taking advantage of Vacuum-sealed bags. They are easy to use, but have huge
benefits to them when you camp. You may be cold and dark, but that doesn’t mean
you need to be hungry too.

The Vacuum sealer
You have probably heard of a vacuum sealer before. Their isn’t anything too fancy
about them, they simply taking out all of the air in a bag. Many sealers require that
you buy the bags that are specifically made for the sealer but looking around, you
can find the right sealer for you. Vacuum sealers aren’t terribly expensive either. A
cheap vacuum sealer may only take you as low as $50 but if you are willing to spend
the money, you can go as high as $400 or $500. Although it is much more expensive,
you will definitely see the
quality that shows through
from paying the extra amount
of money.

Easy rationing
If you have ever been camping,
then you probably have
realized that once you are out
in the big outdoors, there is no
going back. It can be difficult
to find more food and places
that sell food might be miles
and miles away. Rationing is important when you are camping and especially
backpacking. With vacuum-sealed bags, you can have your food already rationed
and makes cooking a cinch when you are out ‘roughing’ it.

Keeps things fresh
Not only is using a vacuum sealed meal easy and quick but it also has many
advantages to it such as it keeps food from spoiling. Many foods won’t need to be
refrigerated because air can’t get to it. In some cases, for example, if you are near a
river, you can also keep your food cold by sticking it into the river. The vacuum-
sealed bag will keep your food dry while the river will keep your food cold. You
would be surprised on how much you can do with Vacuum bags and truly how much
they can help you when you are out under the stars.
Less space
Camping can be easy. You can put all of your stuff into the back of your truck and
space is not an issue at all. But when you are backpacking, every inch counts and
trying to get everything in can be a struggle. Vacuum packed foods take up
significantly less space allowing you to take more of your favorite things and not
stressing you about a space shortage in your back pack.

Vacuum sealer bags or food saver bags aren’t made for the outdoors. They were
specifically designed for those that were trying to save their food in there kitchens
but the many uses of them make them perfect for using outdoors. Next time you go
camping, definitely think about whether or not you should invest in a vacuum

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