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									                                                                                 National Trail Raceway
March 24      Test & Tune                              May 25      ET Series #4 - VP Super 32 #1                July 5-7    Jr. Buckeye Open, Midwest Jr. Super Srs   Sept. 6     Street Fights-John Holt NOS Shootout 4
April 7       Test & Tune                              May 26      ET Series #5 - Jr. Q330 #3,                  July 10     T-100, Summer Series PTS #7               Sept. 11    T-100
April 12      NHRA Street Legal, Sportsman Bonus                   VP Super 32 #2                               July 12     Friday Night Drags, John Holt NOS         Sept. 14-15 Closed-NHRA North Central Division
April 13-14   ET Series 1 & 2, Jr. Q330 #1             May 29      T-100, Summer Series PTS #2                              Shootout #3                                           Bracket Finals
April 21      Spring Import Faceoff                    May 31-Jn 1 Performance Nationals                        July 13     26th Annual Night of Thunder, Jr. Q330    Sept. 20-22 9th Annual Northern Sportsnationals
April 24      T-100                                    June 5      T-100, Summer Series PTS #3                              #4, Buckeye Stock/Super Stock             Sept. 25    T-100, NHRA Street Legal
April 27      NHRA Street Legal                        June 7-9    Motorcycle Madness                           July 18-21 NHRA Regional Buckeye Fuel Wars            Sept. 28    Street Fights-NHRA Street Legal
May 1         T-100                                    June 12     T-100, Summer Series PTS #4                  July 24     T-100, Summer Series PTS #8               Sept. 29    Fall Import Faceoff
May 4         Street Fights-John Holt NOS Shootout 1   June 14     Street Fights-NHRA Street Legal,             July 27     King of Columbus                          Oct. 4      Street Fights-NHRA Street Legal,
May 5         Day at the Drags, ET Series 3,                       Super Pro Bonus Race                         July 28     NHRA Summit King of the Track                         Motorcycle Bonus Race
              Jr. Q330 #2                              June 15     Super Quick Series, ET Series #6                         ET Series #8, VP Super 32 #4              Oct. 5      NHRA Summit Jr. Dragster Challenge,
May 8         T-100                                    June 16     National Dragster Challenge,                 July 31     T-100, Summer Series PTS #9                           ET Series #11, Buckeye STK/SSTK,
May 10-12     4th Annual Drag-Slammer Open                         ET Series #7, VP Super 32 #3                 August 2-3 10th Annual BPG Nationals                              Super 32 #5
May 15        T-100                                    June 19     T-100, Summer Series PTS #5                  August 5    Nationals Preview Day                     Oct. 6      ET Series #12, VP Super 32 #6
May 17-19     21st Annual MO-Power Events              June 21     Street Fights-John Holt NOS Shootout 2       August 9-11 33rd Annual Mopar Nationals               Oct. 11-13 NTR Halloween Hootout
May 22        T-100, Summer Series PTS #1              June 22-23 Spring Nostalgia Nationals                    August 16-17 OHSAA CC Invitational                    Oct. 20     Test & Tune
May 24        AMC Day at the Races, NHRA Street        June 26     T-100, Summer Series PTS #6                  August 21 T-100, Summer Series PTS #10                Oct. 27     Test & Tune
              Legals, Pro Bonus Race                   June 28     Street Fights, NHRA Street Legal             August 23 Street Fights-NHRA Street Legal             Nov. 1-3    OHSAA State Cross Country Meet
                                                                                                                August 24-25 Beat the Heat World Finals, ET Series                    All schedules are subject to change.
                                                                                                                            #9 & #10, Jr. Q330 #5
                      Columbus Motor Speedway                                                                   August 28 T-100, Summer Series PTS #11
                                                                                                                                                                                      Cover Photos By
                                                                                                                August 30-Sept. 1 35th Annual NMRA Ford Expo
April 6       NASCAR All American Series Stock         June 15    NASCAR All American Series Stock
              Cars - Door Buster, LM, Col. Mods, SS,              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray
                                                                                                                Sept. 4     T-100, Summer Series PTS #12                        PAUL ARCH PHOTO
              Cray Compacts                                       Compacts, USAC Ignite Midgets
April 13      NASCAR All American Series Stock         June 22    Main Event Super LM, Modifieds,
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray                      Compacts, SS, NASCAR Weekly Ser.
              Compacts, Winged Sprints                 June 29    Hilarious Trailer Races, LM, Col Mods,
April 20      NASCAR All American Series Stock                    SS, Crazy Compacts
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray           July 6     Robbie Dean Memorial Series, Col.
              Compacts, FAST Series Legends
                                                                  Modifieds, SS, Crazy Compacts
April 27      NASCAR All American Series Stock
                                                       July 13    NASCAR K & N Pro Series, Col Mods,
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray
              Compacts, Winged Sprints                            SS, Crazy Compacts
May 4         NASCAR All American Series Stock         July 20    NASCAR All American Series Stock
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray                      Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray
              Compacts, FAST Series Legends                       Compacts, FAST Series Legends
May 11        NASCAR All American Series Stock         July 27    30th Annual John Nuckles Memorial,
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray                      NASCAR LM Feature, Col. Mods, SS
              Compacts, USAC Stars Midget Series                  Crazy Compacts
May 18        Crash-A-Rama 1st Ever Motorhome          August 3   NASCAR All American Series Stock
              Demo Derby, Crazy Compacts, FWD                     Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray
              Enduro, Boat & Trailer Race, Bus Race,              Compacts, Winged Sprint Cars
              Skidd Plate Race....                     August 10 NASCAR All American Series Stock
                                                                  Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray
May 25        CRA All-Star Tour Memorial, NASCAR
                                                                  Compacts, FAST Series Legends
              LM Feature, Col. Mods, SS, Crazy
                                                       August 17 Amazing School Bus Figure 8s, plus
                                                                  NASCAR Weekly Racing Series
June 1        NASCAR All American Series Stock
                                                       August 24 Kids Night - NASCAR Weekly Series
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray
              Compacts, Super Stocks Series            August 31 Labor Day Championship, NASCAR LM,
June 8        NASCAR All American Series Stock                    Col. Mods, SS, CC, Youth Box Cars
              Cars - LM, Col. Mods, SS, Cray           Sept. 7    Fall Speedfest - LM, Col. Mods, SS,
              Compacts, FAST Series Legends                       CC, FAST Series Legends
                                                       October 12 USAC Midget Tripleheader, Compacts,
                                                                  National Ford Focus, .25
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                     Wayne County Speedway                                                                                                   Fremont Speedway
April 12   World of Outlaws LM, Renegades Dirt      July 12     CDL Night - 410 Sprints, LM, SS, Edge          April 13    Fantasy Racing League Begins: 410s,       July 6      Honor Local Heroes: 410 Sprints, 305s,
           Modifieds, SS                                        Mods, MS, Mini Wedges                                      305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts                    Dirt Trucks, Compacts
April 13   Renegades of Dirt Mods, WoO LM, SS       July 19     BRP Big Block Modified Show - Mod              April 20    Throw Back Night: 410 Sprints FAST,       July 20     Bring A Friend to Track: 410 Sprints,
April 26   Opening Night Reg. Show: 410 Sprints,                Lites, Mini Trucks, Late Models                            305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts                    305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts
           LM, SS, Edge Mods, MS, Mini Wedges       July 26     410 Sprints, LM, SS, Edge Mods, MS,            April 27    Fan Zone Night: 410 Sprints FAST,         July 27     Classic Cruise in Night: 410s FAST,
May 3      410 Sprints, LM, SS, Edge Mods, MS,                  Mini Wedges                                                305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts                    305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts
           Mini Wedges                              August 2    Kids Night - 410 Sprints, LM, SS, Edge         May 4       Mike Hensel Memorial - BOSS               August 3    Family Fun Pack: 410 Sprints FAST,
May 10     Mothers Day - 410 Sprints, LM, SS,                   Mods, MS, Mini Wedges                                      Non-Wing Sprints, 305s, Dirt Trucks,                  305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts
           Edge Mods, MS, Mini Wedges               August 9    2nd Annual 410 Sprint Summer Sizzle                        Vintage Cars                              August 10 NRA/SOD 360 Sprint vs 305 Challenge,
May 17     410 Sprints, LM, SS, Edge Mods, MS,                  w/ Fremont, 410 Sprints, LM, SS, Edge          May 11      King of the Hill: 410 Sprints FAST, 305               Dirt Trucks, Compacts
           Mini Wedges                                          Mods, MS, Mini Wedges                                      Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts            August 17-31 Sandusky County Fair
May 24     Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series, LM, SS,    August 16 Season Championship - 410 Sprints,               May 18      Students Race into Summer: 410s           August 24 NTPA Tractor Pullers
           MS, Mods, Mini Wedges                                LM, SS, Edge Mods, MS, Mini Wedges                         FAST, 305s, Dirt Trucks, Compacts         Sept. 7     Championship Night: 410 Sprints FAST,
May 31     Graduation Night - LM, Mods, SS, MS,     August 24 Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series - Sprints,          May 25-26   All Star Sprints, 305s, Dirt Trucks                   305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks, Compacts
           Mini Wedges, 4 cyl Trucks                            LM, Mods, SS Nationals, Mini Stocks,           June 8      410 Sprints FAST, 305 Sprints, Dirt       Sept. 13    Jim Ford Classic-All Star Sprints, 305s,
June 7     Police & Fire Night - 410 Sprints, LM,               Mini Wedges                                                Trucks, Compacts, Vintage Cars                        Dirt Trucks, Compacts
           SS, Edge Mods, MS, Mini Wedges           September 1 UNOH All Star Sprints, LM, SS, 410s            June 15     Bike Night: 410 Sprints FAST, 305s,       Sept. 14    Jim Ford Classic-All Star Sprints, 305s,
June 14    Fathers Day - 410 Sprints, LM, SS,       Sept. 20-21 Dirt Blow Out w/Freedom Fighters 40                        Dirt Trucks, Compacts                                 Dirt Trucks, Live Band, Queens, Guns
           Edge Mods, MS, Mini Wedges                           Late Models                                    June 27     All Sprints - Ohio Sprint Speedweek,      Sept. 27    World of Outlaws, 305s, Dirt Trucks
June 24    UNOH All Star Ohio Sprint Speedweek:                                                                            305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks                  Oct. 5      Recycling Night: BOSS Non Wings,
           Duffy Smith Memorial -410 Sprints, LM                                                               June 29     Ohio Sprint Speedweek Finale: All Star                Run What You Brung
July 5     Mid Season Championship - 410 Sprints,                       All schedules subject to change.                   Sprints, 305 Sprints, Compacts            Oct. 26     Fremont Racers Swap Meet
           LM, SS, Edge Mods, MS, Mini Wedges                                                                                                                        November Fremont Speedway Banquet

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                           702 Stone St.
                            Oak Shade Speedway                                                            Welcome To Racing In 2013
                                                                                                          By Brian Liskai - Buckeye Speedzone Host, Fremont & Attica Announcer
   LM-Late Model, SP-Sportsman, BO-Bomber,            July 13     Full Show – LM, SP, BO, HT, SC
   MO-Modified, SC-Sport Compact, HT-Hornet           July 20     15th Annual Birthday Race/UMP
                                                                  Summer Nationals Finale plus UMP
                                                                                                             Welcome to the BAS Broadcasting’s 2013 Racing Guide. In the following
April 27      Bill Reckner Memorial: SP, BO, HT, SC               Summit Racing Modifieds–LM, MO, HT      pages you will find schedules of all the area race tracks and several racing or-
April 28      200 Lap Enduro                          July 27     Sportsman Twin 25’s plus Full Show –    ganizations. We are truly blessed in Northwest and North Central Ohio when
May 4         Full Show - LM, SP, BO, HT, SC                      LM, SP, BO, HT, SC
May 11        Full Show - LM, SP, BO, HT, SC          August 3    American Late Model Series - LM         it comes to motorsports and you can hear weekly highlights on our radio
May 18        Full Show - LM, SP, BO, HT, SC                      (ALMS), SP, BO, HT, SC                  show – The Buckeye Speedzone Presented by Budweiser – on one of the BAS
May 19        200 Lap Enduro                          August 10   Full Show - LM, SP, BO, HT, SC          Broadcasting stations, Eagle 99.1 (Thursdays from 6-7 p.m.)
May 25        American Late Model Series              August 17   Dual Push Truck Challenge - LM, SP,
June 1        Full Show - LM, SP, BO, HT, SC                      BO, HT, SC, 2 full UMP LM features         It’s said racing began the minute the second automobile rolled off the as-
June 8        Wallace Racing Products Night – Full    August 24   UMP Late Model Season Championship      sembly line. Racing appeals to our competitive nature, the thrill of speed, the
              Show – LM, SP, BO, HT, SC                           LM, SP, BO, HT, SC                      excitement of man/woman verses machine. But more importantly, racing is
June 9        200 Lap Enduro                          August 31   American Late Model Series- LM, SP,
June 15       Full Show – LM, SP, BO, HT, SC                      BO, HT, SC                              unlike any other sport because our “heroes” are approachable…we can buy a
June 22       24th Annual Barney Oldfield Race/       Sept. 7     200 Lap Enduro                          pit pass and talk to them. They appear to be just like us except they put their
              American Late Model Series – LM         Sept. 14    Topless UMP Late Models - Full Show -
              (ALMS), SP, BO, HT, SC                              Topless LM, SP, BO, HT, SC
                                                                                                          lives on the line to entertain us.
June 29       Night of Wheels – Full Show – LM, SP,   Sept. 21    Season Championship Night for Sports-      THE most important aspect of racing…of any sport…is the relationships
              BO, HT, SC + kids bikes giveaway                    man, Bombers, Hornets, Sprt Compacts    we make with those who have the same passions and interests.
July 4        Independence Day 200 Lap Enduro         Sept. 28    14th Annual Bomber Spectacular -
July 6        Memorial Night – Full Show – LM, SP,                SP, BO, HT, SC                             Tracks throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania have
              BO, HT, SC                              Sept. 29    250 Lap Enduro                                                                                   Continued on Page 9

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               2218 W. State Street • Fremont, Ohio 43420
                           ARCA Racing Series                                                                                         Toledo Speedway
April 28   Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA 200 -   August 2    Pennsylvania ARCA 125 -                  April 20   ARCA CRA Super Series, ARCA               July 5      SP, X Cars, 4 Cyl.
           Salem Speedway                                    Pocono Raceway                                      Midwest Tour Challenge                    July 12     ARCA LM Gold Cup Series, SP, F8
May 3      Talladega ARCA 250 -                  August 10   Berlin ARCA 200 - Berlin Raceway         May 3      Friday Night Opener: SP, F8, X Cars,      July 20     Midwest Monster Truck Show
           Talladega Super Speedway              August 18   Allen Crowe 100 -                                   4 cyl.                                    August 2    SP, Top Speed Modified Series, Road
May 19     Toledo ARCA 200 - Toledo Speedway                 Illinois State Fairgrounds               May 10     ARCA Late Model Gold Cup Series,                      Course Track
June 1     Akona 250 - Elko Speedway             August 25   Madison ARCA 200 -                                  SP, X Cars                                August 8    All 8 Night: Fig 8 Trailer, F8 Train, Boat
June 8     Pocono ARCA 200 - Pocono Raceway                  Madison International Speedway           May 19     ARCA Racing Series, ARS Practice,                     F8, ARCA F8s, Flag Pole, Kids Night
June 14    Michigan ARCA 200 -                   Sept. 2     Southern Illinois 100 -                             Qualifying, ARCA Trucks, Autographs       August 9-11 Toledo Speedway BMX National Event
           Michigan International Speedway                   DuQuoin State Fairgrounds                May 24     Night of Destruction: School Bus, Train   August 16 ARCA LM Gold Cup, Main Event LM,
June 22    Road America 150 - Road America       Sept. 7     Prairie Meadows ARCA 150 -                          F8, Boat F8, Bowling, X Cars                          X Car & F8 Championships
June 30    Winchester ARCA 200 -                             Iowa Speedway                            May 31     Autograph Night, SP, F8, XCars, 4 Cyl.    Aug. 24-25 Rusty Wallace Racing Experience
           Winchester Speedway                   Sept. 14    Kentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA Fall       June 7     Kids Night: SP, XCars, Great Lakes        August 30 Night of Destruction: SP Championship,
July 21    Chicagoland ARCA 150 -                            Classic - Salem Speedway                            Mini Cups                                             4 Cyl., School Bus F8, Train F8,Boat F8
           Chicagoland Speedway                  Sept. 20    Kentucky ARCA 200 - Kentucky Spdwy       June 14    Fastest Short Track Show in World -       Sept. 7-8   Rusty Wallace Racing Experience,
July 28    New Jersey ARCA 150 -                 Oct. 4      Kansas ARCA 150 - Kansas Speedway                   MSA Super Modifieds, AVBBSS                           Racer’s Flea Market, Public Flea Mrkt
           New Jersey Motorsports Park           Dec. 14     2013 Championship Awards Banquet                    Sprint Cars                               Sept. 28    Silver Anniversary of Glass City 200,
                                                                                                      June 15-16 Rusty Wallace Racing Experience                       Late Models, SP, X Car Invitationals
                                                                                                      June 21    SP, F8, X Cars, 4 Cyl.
                                                                                                                                                                                All Schedules Subject to change.
                                                                                                      June 28    SP, X Cars, MCR Dwarf Cars

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      David Franck                                                          Award Winning Service Department
      Steve Bast                                                    1430 State Route 19, Oak Harbor
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      Galen Arnold                                      419-898-2931                                      1-800-336-2931
      Andrew Williams
                                                                        World of Outlaws Sprint Cars
April 5      Antioch Speedway - Antioch, CA          July 12      Knight Before the Kings Royal:              August 7-10 Knoxville Nationals: Knoxville Raceway   Sept. 20   4 Crown Nationals: Eldora Speedway -
April 6      Calistoga Speedway - Calistoga, CA                   Eldora Speedway - Rossburg, OH                          - Knoxville, IA                                     Rossburg, OH
April 12     Kings Speedway - Hanford, CA            July 13      Kings Royal: Eldora Speedway -              August 13 Junction Motor Speedway -                  Sept. 21   Commonwealth Clash: Lernerville
April 13     SoCal Showdown: Perris Auto Spdwy -                  Rossburg, OH                                            McCool Junction, NE                                 Speedway - Sarver, PA
             Perris, CA                              July 16      Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup Twins:       August 16 River Cities Speedway -                    Sept. 27   Fremont Speedway - Fremont, OH
April 16     El Paso Speedway Park - El Paso, TX                  Lernerville Speedway - Sarver, PA                       Grand Forks, ND                          Sept. 28   TBA
April 19     Paducah International Raceway -         July 19-20   Summer Nationals: Williams Grove            August 18 Nodak Speedway - Minot, ND                 Oct. 4     Williams Grove Speedway -
             Paducah, KY                                          Speedway - Mechanicsburg, PA                August 23-24 Oil City Cup: Castrol Raceway -                    Mechanicsburg, PA
April 20     Tri-State Speedway - Haubstadt, IN      July 21      Lebanon Valley Speedway -                               Edmonton, ALB                            Oct. 5     National Open: Williams Grove
April 26     Salina Highbanks - Salina, OK                        West Lebanon, NY                            August 30-31 Skagit Speedway - Alger, WA                        Speedway - Mechanicsburg, PA
April 27     Spring Classic: Federated Auto Parts    July 23      Rolling Wheels Raceway Park -               Sept. 2     Grays Harbor Raceway - Elma, WA          Oct. 12    NAPA Super Dirt Week XLII:
             Raceway at I-55 - Pevely, MO                         Elbridge, NY                                Sept. 3     Williamette Speedway - Lebanon, OR                  Rolling Wheels Raceway Park -
May 3-4      Outlaw Thunder: Eldora Speedway -       July 27      Autodrome Drummond -                        Sept. 4     Cottage Grove Speedway -                            Elbridge, NY
             Rossburg, OH                                         Drummondville, QUE                                      Cottage Grove, OR                        Oct. 19    TBA
May 10       Elko Speedway - Elko, MN                July 28      Cornwall Motor Speedway -                   Sept. 5     Southern Oregon Speedway -               Nov. 7-9   PEAK Motor Oil World Finals:
May 11       Madiacom Shootout: Knoxville Racewy                  Cornwall, ONT                                           Medford,OR                                          The Dirt Track at Charlotte -
             - Knoxville, IA                         July 30      Arrow Express Cup: Ohsweken                 Sept. 6-7   Gold Cup Race of Champions:                         Concord, NC
May 15       Gettysburg Clash: Lincoln Speedway -                 Speedway - Ohsweken, ONT                                Silver Dollar Speedway - Chico, CA
             Abbottstown, PA                         August 2     Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55        Sept. 8     Antioch Speedway - Antioch, CA
May 17       Williams Grove Speedway -                            - Pevely, MO                                Sept. 13    Clay County Fairgrounds - Spencer, IA                      All schedules subject to change.
             Mechanicsburg, PA                       August 3     Ironman 55: Federated Auto Parts            Sept. 14    Deer Creek Speedway -
May 18       Morgan Cup: Williams Grove Spdwy -                   Raceway at I-55 - Pevely, MO                            Spring Valley, MN
             Mechanicsburg, PA
May 19       Orange County Fair Speedway -

                                                         Where can YOU find
                                                                                                                           GOT MEAT?
             Middletown, NY
May 21       New Egypt Speedway - New Egypt, NJ

                                                               HALF PRICE
May 22       TBA
May 24       Outlaw Showdown: The Dirt Track at
                                                                                                                               We Kill It ... You Grill It!
             Charlotte - Concord, NC
May 27       Lawrenceburg Speedway -

             Lawrenceburg, IN
May 31       Attica Raceway Park - Attica, OH
                                                                                                                      For ALL Your BEST Cuts of Meat, you’ll find it HERE!!
June 1       I-96 Raceway - Lake Odessa, MI                                                                        Brats & Kielbasa • Ribeye & Top Sirloin Steaks • Ground Chuck & Sirloin
June 5       Kokomo Speedway - Kokomo, IN                                                                          Lamb Chops • Center Cut Pork Chops • Spare Ribs • Country Style Ribs
June 7       34 Raceway - Burlington, IA
June 8
June 9
             Lakeside Speedway - Kansas City, KS
             NAPA Auto Parts Outlaw Showdown:
                                                                                                                                     Welcome to GRILLIN’ Season!
             I-80 Speedway - Greenwood, NE                                                                                       We’ve got what You Want...and Much More!
June 14      Jackson Speedway - Jackson, MN                                                                                        • Marinades & Spices • Great Variety of Cheeses
June 15      Mediacom Shootout: Knoxville Racewy                                                                               ... and don’t forget our Mean Mother Chili Mix!!
             - Knoxville, IA
June 21      River Cities Speedway-Grand Forks, ND                                                                                                                               Hog Roasters &
June 22      I-94 Speedway - Fergus Falls, MN
June 28      LaSalle Speedway - LaSalle, IL
                                                                                                                                                                                Hogs of all Sizes...
June 29      Beaver Dam Raceway -                                                                                                                                                  Including Supplies
             Beaver Dam, WI
June 30      Cedar Lake Speedway -                                                                                                                                               COMPREHENSIVE
             New Richmond, WI                                                                                                                                                    MEAT PROCESSING
July 3       Huset’s Speedway - Brandon, SD                                                                                            3355 S. S.R. 51, Elmore                      AVAILABLE
July 5-6     Boot Hill Showdown: Dodge City
             Raceway Park - Dodge City, KS                                                                        419-862-3312                                 Check out our
July 10      Brad Doty Classic: Limaland                                                                                                            Daily Specials ONLINE
             Motorsports Park - Lima, OH

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                     Limaland Motorsports Park                                                                                         Attica Raceway Park
April 19 Season Opening Shootout: NRA Sprint        June 28 31st Annual Ohio Sprint Speedweek:             April 5     410 Sprints, UMP Late Models, 305s        July 5      Fan Appreciation Night: 410 Sprints,
         Invaders, UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks              All Star Sprints, UMP Modifieds               April 12    UMP Late Models, 305s, Dirt Trucks                    UMP Late Models, 305s, Dirt Trucks,
April 26 Spring Fling: Sprints, UMP Modifieds,      July 10 25th Annual Brad Doty Classic -                April 19    410 Sprints FAST, UMP LM, FAST                        Open Pit Area/Meet the Drivers
         Thunderstocks                                       World of Outlaws Sprints                                  305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks                  July 12     305 Engine Builders Challenge, UMP
May 3    Dr. Jarvis Modified Double Dare: UMP       July 19 Modified Mayhem: NRA Sprint Invaders,          April 26    410 Sprints, UMP Late Models, 305                     Late Models, Dirt Trucks
         Modifieds, Thunderstocks, Tuff Trucks               UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                              Sprints FAST                              July 19     UMP Late Model Summer Nationals,
May 10 Meet the Drivers: NRA Sprint Invaders,       July 26 Fricke Memorial Thunderstocks Select:          May 3       UNOH 305 / 360 Challenge, UMP LM,                     410 Sprints, UMP Modifieds
         UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                        Sprints, UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                     Dirt Trucks                               July 26     410 Sprints FAST, UMP Late Models,
May 17 78th Anniversary Race: Sprints, UMP          August 2 Meet the Drivers Night: Sprints,              May 10      410 Sprints FAST, UMP Late Models,                    305 Sprints FAST, Dirt Trucks
         Modifieds, Thunderstocks                            UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                              305 Sprints FAST, Vintage Cars            August 2    410 Sprints FAST, UMP Late Models,
May 24 Memorial Cup: NRA Sprint Invaders vs         August 9 NRA Challenge: NRA Sprint Invaders,           May 17      Eric Phillips 25th Anniversary Classic-               305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks
         Sprints on Dirt, UMP Modifieds, T-Stocks            UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                              410 Sprints FAST, UMP Late Models,        August 9    Attica Fair
May 31 14th Annual Steve Brown Memorial Race:       August 16 16th Annual Limaland Season Point                        305 Sprints Non-Wing                      August 17   410 Sprints FAST, UMP Late Models,
         Sprints, UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks               Championships & NRA Championship:             May 31      World of Outlaws Sprints - UMP LM                     305 Sprints FAST, Dirt Trucks
June 7 Meet the Drivers - Kenny Wallace &                    NRA Sprint Invaders, UMP Modifieds,           June 7      410 Sprints FAST, 305 Sprints FAST,       August 24   Mark Keegan Classic Season Champ:
         Kenny Schrader: NRA Sprint Invaders,                Thunderstocks, King of the Quarter-Mile:                  Dirt Trucks                                           410 Sprints, UMP late Models, 305s,
         UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                        Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks                    June 14     Mid Season Championship - 410s FAST,                  Dirt Trucks
June 14 12th Annual Keysor Memorial: Sprints,       Oct. 19 Limaland Motorsports Park                                  UMP LM, 305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks          August 30   Late Models, All Star Sprints
         UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                        Awards Banquet                                June 21     Ohio Sprint Speedweek - All Star          August 31   All Star Sprints, UMP Late Models,
June 21 Run for the Rabbit: NRA Sprint Invaders,                                                                       Sprints, UMP Late Mdels                               305 Sprints, Dirt Trucks
         UMP Modifieds, Thunderstocks                                   All schedules subject to change.

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                                                                                                                                                                    PIT STOP
                                                                                                                                                                           CONVENIENCE STORES

                                                                                                                                                                           210 N. Washington St.
                                                                                                                                                                              321 E. Perry St.

             Congratulations to Our Very Own
                           BRIAN LISKAI
                                                                     Racing Announcer
                                                                     at Attica Raceway
                                                                    & Fremont Speedway
                                                                      2012 WINNER
                                                                          of the
                                                                     Tom Carnegie
                                                                        of the
                                                                      Year Award
                                                                         Presented by
                                                                        Terry Fitzwater

                                   Eldora Speedway                                                                    Racing In 2013 - Continued from Page 5
                                                                                                                      hosted some of the biggest stars in racing like
April 13      60th Season Opener: Sunoco ALMS,           July 24       Inaugural Mudsummer Classic:                   NASCAR champions Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart
              UMP Dirt Car Mods, Stocks                                NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
April 20      USAC National Sprint Cars, UMP Dirt        August 10     Family Fun Night #2: UMP Dirt Car              (shown at right), Johnny Benson and future stars like
              Car Mods, Stocks                                         Mods, Stocks                                   Ricky Stenhouse and Kyle Larson and Indy car
April 27      Saturday Night Speedfest: UMP Dirt         Sept. 1       6th Annual WIX Filters Baltes Classic:
              Car Mods, Stocks, FWD Compacts                           Sunoco ALMS, UMP Dirt Car Mods,
                                                                                                                      champions like Gordon Johncock, Johnny Rutherford,
May 3         World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, Stocks                     Stocks                                         Mario Andretti, Al Unser, A.J. Foyt, etc.
May 4         World of Outlaws Sprints, UMP Dirt         Sept. 5-6     43rd Annual World 100: Qualifiers,               Automobile racing began on dirt. Locally, there’s
              Car Mods                                                 Heats, Last Chance Races, Twin 25
May 10-11     TRAXXAS TORC Series                                      Features
                                                                                                                       Fremont Speedway, a third-mile clay oval that
May 18        Family Fun Night #1: UMP Dirt Car          Sept. 7       43rd Annual World 100: Heat Races,             races sprint cars, trucks and sports compacts
              Mods, Stocks, FWD Compacts                               B-Features, The World 100                      nearly every Saturday between April and October.
May 26        Johnny Appleseed Classic: Sunoco           Sept. 20      32nd Annual 4-Crown Nationals Wkd:
              ALMS, NRA Sprints, Mods, Stocks                          World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, UMP              Known as “The Track That Action Built,” Fremont
June 6-7      19th Annual Dirt Late Model Dream:                       Modifieds                                      Speedway is celebrating its 63rd year of racing!
              Qualifiers, Heats, Last Chance Races,      Sept. 21      32nd Annual 4-Crown Nationals Wkd:                Just 40 minutes to the southeast is Attica Raceway Park, another one-third
              Twin 25 Features                                         USAC Midgets, Sprint Cars, Silver Crown
June 8        19th Annual Dirt Late Model Dream:         Oct. 3-4      UMP Dirt Car National Championship:            mile clay oval located in a fairgrounds. This track races sprint cars, late
              Heats, Consies, Dirt Late Model Dream                    Full Modified Show                             models and trucks nearly every Friday from March through September and is
June 22       Ohio Sprint Speedweek: All Star Sprints,   Oct. 5        UMP Dirt Car National Championship:            celebrating its 25th season of racing.
              UMP Dirt car Mods, Stocks                                Full Late Model Show, Mod Alphabets
July 12-13    30th Annual Kings Royal Weekend:           Oct. 12       The UNOH Sprintacular: All Star Sprints,          One of the world’s fastest and most famous dirt tracks is located in south-
              World of Outlaws Sprints, NRA Sprints                    NRA Sprints, BOSS Non-Wing Sprints                                                                  Continued on Page 12

                                                           All Makes Autos & Lt. Trucks
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                                                             Air Conditioning • Computer Service
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                                                             Lube, Oil & Filter
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           Dirt Track, Asphalt & Sprint                             Call for an Appointment!
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                                                             other coupon or offer. Offer Expires 12-31-13.

        Broadcast from 6-7 p.m.
         Thursday Nights
                                        Sandusky Speedway Motorsports Park
                             May 4       Sprints, Modifieds, SS, HS, Autographs   July 25     Fan Appreciation Night: Sprints, SS, HS
                             May 11      Vicki Rodisell Memorial Race:                        Kids Bike & Big Wheel Races
                                         Supernationals MSA Supermodifieds,       July 26     HY-MILER ISMA Supers FAST 40,Mods
                                         Main Event LM, SS, HS                    July 27     HY-MILER ISMA Nationals 100 Laps,
                             May 18      Sprints, Modifieds, SS, HS, Kids Bike                Top Speed Modifieds
                                         & Big Wheel Races                        August 2-3 Rusty Wallace Driving Experience
                             May 25      At Lorain Co. Speedway - 1st Annual      August 10 Sprints, Modifieds, SS, HS, Autographs
                                         Modified Challenge                       August 17 Sprints Championship Night, Modifieds,
                             May 26      1st Annual Modified Challenge, SS, HS                SS, HS, Kids Bike & Big Wheel Races
                             May 27      Annual Corvette Cleveland Club -         August 24 Reed Memorial Race: MSA
  TUNE IN ALL SEASON FOR:                Autocross                                            Supermodifieds, Modifieds, Jaycox 35
                             June 1      Sprints, Modifieds, SS, HS, Kids Gold                Lap, SS, HS

 Cleveland Indians           June 8-9
                             June 15
                                         Rusty Wallace Driving Experience
                                         Sprints, Modifieds, SS, Hobby, Kid
                                                                                  Aug-30-Sept. 2 Rusty Wallace Driving Experience
                                                                                  Sept. 7     MSA Supermodifieds, Season
                                                                                              Championship for Modifieds, SS, HS

                                         Bike & Big Wheel Races                   Sept. 14    Midvales Cavalcade, Rusty Wallace Drv
                             June 22     MSA Supermodifieds, Modifieds, SS,       Sept. 28-29 Cavalcade: AVSS 410 Sprints, VROA
                                         Hobby Stocks                                         Modifieds, Modifieds, Ohio Stocks, SS,
                             June 29     AVSS 410 Sprints, Modifieds, SS, HS                  HS, Mini Trucks              July 13

                             July 20
                                         Mid Season Championship Sprints,
                                         Modifieds, SS, HS
                                         Sprints, VROA Modifieds, Modifieds,HS
                                                                                  Oct. 5      Closed for Lorain Co. Speedway Cav.
                                                                                  Oct. 12-13 Main Event: XXVI Outlaw LM, MSA
                                                                                              Supermods, Modifieds,SS,FWD Comp.
                                         Kids Gold Rush                           Jan. 1      Wild Bill Hangover Race

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   M. Samuel Schmenk, AVP

                     Summit Motorsports Park                                                                                Lorain County Speedway
April 20   32nd Annual Spring Warm-Up            July 24     Wednesday Fun Night                    April 2015th Annual Season Opener, SS                 July 27  Family Fun Night, Kids Rides, Penny
April 27   Inaugural Funny Car Fox Hunt          July 27     Mr. Gasket Super Series                April 27Mods, Sportsman, Grand Natl, SS,Charger                Gold Rush
April 28   Buick Race Day                        July 28     Oldsmobile Powered Nationals           May 4   Twin State Auto Racing Club                   Aug. 3 North Coast Modified Series #3
May 1      Wednesday Fun Night                   July 31     Wednesday Fun Night                    May 11  Powder Puff & Cone Race                       Aug. 10 MSA Supermodified Open Wheel Madness
May 4      Mr. Gasket Super Series               August 2-4  22nd Annual Ames Performance           May 18  Family Fun Night: Kids Big Wheel Race,                 Kids Rides
May 5      25th Annual High School Nationals                 Tri-Power Pontiac Nationals                    Kids Rides, Teacher Feature, Weekly           Aug. 17 Faster Pastor Race, Kids Rides
May 8      Wednesday Fun Night                   August 7 Wednesday Fun Night                               Racing Series                                 Aug. 24 Lorain County Fair
May 11     Mr. Gasket Super Series               August 10 50th Celebration Auto Plus               May 25 1st Annual North-Coast Modified Series #1      Aug. 31 North Coast Modified Series #4
May 15     Wednesday Fun Night                               Night Under Fire                       June 1 North Coast Vintage Oval Racers                Sept. 7 Family Fun Night, Autograph Session
May 17-19  7th Annual Cavalcade of Stars         August 14 Wednesday Fun Night                      June 8 MSA Supermodified Open Wheel Madness           Sept. 14 Mods, Sportsman, Grand Natl, SS,Charger
May 22     Wednesday Fun Night                   Aug. 17-18 21st Annual DSM/EVO Shootout            June 15 Night of Destruction: Trailer Race, Burnout   Sept. 21 Season Championship
May 25     Mr. Gasket Super Series               August 21 Wednesday Fun Night                              Contest, Demo Derby, Double Spin to Win,      Oct. 3-6 23rd Annual October Festival of Speed:
May 26     Sport Compact Nationals               Aug. 23-25 Inaugural NMCA Muscle Car Nationals
                                                                                                            Roll Over Contest, Parking Lot Drags                   North Coast Modifieds Season Finale,
May 29     Wednesday Fun Night                   August 28 Wednesday Fun Night
                                                                                                    June 22 Cone Race                                              Sportsmen, Grand Nationals, Chargers,
June 1     Mr. Gasket Super Series Kids Night,   Aug. 30-Sept. 1 21st Annual Ten Grand Nationals
                                                                                                    June 29 Double Spin to Win                                     Spectator Stocks
           Renegade Heads-Up, JD Challenge       Sept. 4     Wednesday Fun Night
                                                                                                    July 6  North Coast Modified Series #2
June 5     Wednesday Fun Night                   Sept. 7     Mr. Gasket Super Series Season                                                                                  All Schedules subject to change.
                                                                                                    July 13 Mid-Season Championship, Buddy Night
June 8     Mr. Gasket Super Series                           Championship, Harlow Appreciation
                                                                                                    July 20 Cone Race & Boy Scouts Night
June 12    Wednesday Fun Night                               Night, Renegade Heads-Up Racing
June 14-16 Inaugural NMRA Nationals Series       Sept. 11    Wednesday Fun Night
June 19    Wednesday Fun Night                   Sept. 13-15 Inaugural Monster Mopar Weekend
June 21-23 16th Annual No Box Bonanza Wkd        Sept. 18    Wednesday Fun Night
June 26    Wednesday Fun Night                   Sept. 21    Mr. Gasket Super Series
June 29    Mr. Gasket Super Series Mid Season    Sept. 25    Wednesday Fun Night
           Championship, King of the Track       Sept. 28    Mr. Gasket Super Series Season
July 4-7   7th Annual Summit Racing Equipment                Championship
           NHRA Nationals                        October 4-6 Summit Racing Equipment Shakedown
July 10    Wednesday Fun Night                               at the Summit
July 13    Mr. Gasket Super Series               October 12 Halloween Classic Warm-Up
July 17    Wednesday Fun Night                   Oct. 20-27 K & N Halloween Classic XXXX                                                  Specializing in:
July 19-21 12th Annual Wanda Brand AkzoNobel
           Blue Suede Cruise                                                                                           • New Homes
                  NHRA North Central Division                                                                    • GaraGes • Pole BarNs
April 26-28          Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis - Clermont, IN                                                                Remodeling Experts:
                                                                                                               Kitchens & Baths, Roofing, Siding, Doors,
May 17-19            Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park - Norwalk, OH
                                                                                                           Replacement Windows, Gutters, Decks, Drywall,
June 7-9             Route 66 Raceway - Joliet, IL
                                                                                                           Plaster, Painting, Insulation, Plumbing & Electrical.
July 19-21           National Trail Raceway - Columbus, OH
July 27-28           Mid-Michigan Motorplex - Stanton, MI
August 23-25 Beech Bend Raceway Park - Bowling Green, KY
                                                               All Schedules subject to change.

           UNOH All-Star Circuit of Champions                                                            Racing In 2013 - Continued from Page 9
                                                                                                         west Ohio. Known as “The Big E,” Eldora Speedway is celebrating its 60th
April 26  Williams Grove Speedway -                July 3    West Virginia Motor Speedway -              anniversary season and in recent years was purchased by NASCAR cham-
          Mechanicsburg, PA                                  Mineral Wells, WV
April 27 Port Royal Speedway - Port Royal, PA      July 17   Fulton Speedway - Fulton, NY
                                                                                                         pion Tony Stewart. And, because NASCAR began on the sandy beaches in
May 10    Lernerville Speedway - Sarver, PA        July 18   Fonda Speedway - Fonda, NY                  Florida, the series, which grew to race only on asphalt, is going back to its
May 11    Mercer Raceway Park - Mercer, PA                 THUNDER THROUGH THE PLAINS                    roots this summer at Eldora. The Camping World Truck Series will compete
May 18    I-77 Raceway Park - Ripley, WV           July 20   Wilmot Raceway - Wilmot, WI
May 25-26 Fremont Speedway - Fremont, OH           July 21   Husets Speedway - Brandon, SD
                                                                                                         on the high-banked half-mile dirt oval!
June 8    Butler Motor Speedway - Quincy, MI       July 23   TBA                                            Located in the heart of Amish Country is another long-running track – the
June 11 Canandaigua Motorsports Park -             July 27   Jackson Speedway - Jackson, MN              Napa Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway. The 3/8th-mile dirt oval features
          Canandaigua, NY                          July 28   Buffalo River Raceway-Park Glyndon,MN
June 14 Williams Grove Speedway -                  August 4 TBA                                          sprint cars, late models, modifieds and compacts.
          Mechanicsburg, PA                        August 11 Husets Speedway - Brandon, SD                  A look at racing in our area could not be complete without looking at the
June 15 Lincoln Speedway - Abbottstown, PA                    _______________________                    “hard surface” tracks. Located outside of Norwalk, Ohio, is the renowned
June 21 Attica Raceway Park - Attica, OH           August 16 TBA                                         Summit Motorsports Park which brings in the biggest names in drag racing
June 22 Eldora Speedway - Rossburg, OH             August 17 Butler Motor Speedway - Quincy, MI          through the NHRA every summer!
June 23 Waynesfield Raceway Park-Waynesfield, OH   August 24 Mercer Raceway Park - Mercer, PA               If the 300+mph speeds of drag racing can’t get your blood pumping,
June 24 Wayne County Speedway - Orville, OH        Aug. 30-31 Attica Raceway Park - Attica, OH
June 25 Sharon Speedway - Hartford, OH             Sept. 1    Wayne County Speedway - Orville, OH        there’s the speed of the exotic super modifieds that race at the historic San-
June 26 TBA                                        Sept. 6-7 Port Royal Speedway - Port Royal, PA        dusky Speedway. The half-mile paved oval has been around nearly 65 years
June 27 Fremont Speedway - Fremont, OH             Sept. 13-14 Fremont Speedway - Fremont, OH            and has hosted racing’s biggest names like Johncock, Benson, and many
June 28 Limaland Motorsports Park - Lima, OH       Oct. 12    Eldora Speedway - Rossburg, OH
June 29 Fremont Speedway - Fremont, OH                                                                   more have competed at the track.
                                                                      All schedules subject to change.      This summer bring the family ... and we’ll see you at the races!

                                                                            2013 NASCAR Schedules
             SPRINT CUP SERIES                       August 11   Watkins Glen International-1:00 - ESPN                NATIONWIDE SERIES                     July 27      Indianapolis Motor Speedway -
April 7    Martinsville Speedway - 1:00 - FOX        August 18   Michigan International Speedway -        April 12   Texas Motor Speedway - 8:30 - ESPN2                  4:30 - ESPN
April 13   Texas Motor Speedway - 7:30 - FOX                     1:00 - ESPN                              April 26   Richmond International Raceway -        August 3     Iowa Speedway - 8:00 - ESPN2
April 21   Kansas Speedway - 1:00 - FOX              August 24   Bristol Motor Speedway - 7:30 - ABC                 7:30 - ESPNEWS                          August 10    Watkins Glen International - 2:00 - ABC
April 27   Richmond Intrntl Raceway - 7:30 - FOX     Sept. 1     Atlanta Motor Speedway - 7:30 - ESPN     May 4      Talladega Superspeedway - 3:00-ESPN     August 17    Mid-Ohio - 2:30 - ESPN
May 5      Talladega Superspeedway - 1:00 - FOX      Sept. 7     Richmond International Raceway -         May 10     Darlington Raceway - 7:30 - ESPN2       August 23    Bristol Motor Speedway - 7:30 - ESPN
May 11     Darlington Raceway - 6:45 - FOX                       7:30 - ABC                               May 25     Charlotte Motor Speedway - 2:30 - ABC   August 31    Atlanta Motor Speedway - 7:30 - ESPN2
May 18     Charlotte Motor Speedway:                 Sept. 15    Chicagoland Speedway - 2:00 - ESPN       June 1     Dover International Speedway -          Sept. 6      Richmond International Raceway -
           All-Star - 7:30 - SPEED                   Sept. 22    New Hampshire Motor Speedway -                      2:30 - ESPN                                          7:30 - ESPN2
May 26     Charlotte Motor Speedway - 6:00 - FOX                 2:00 - ESPN                              June 8     Iowa Speedway - 8:00 - ESPN             Sept. 14     Chicagoland Speedway - 3:30 - ESPN2
June 2     Dover International Speedway-1:00-FOX     Sept. 29    Dover International Speedway -           June 15    Michigan International Speedway -       Sept. 21     Kentucky Speedway - 7:30 - ESPNEWS
June 9     Pocono Raceway - 1:00 - TNT                           2:00 - ESPN                                         2:00 - ABC                              Sept. 28     Dover International Speedway -
June 16    Michigan International Spdwy - 1:00-TNT   Oct. 6      Kansas Speedway - 2:00 - ESPN            June 22    Road America - 5:00 - ESPN                           3:30 - ESPN2
June 23    Sonoma - 3:00 - TNT                       Oct. 12     Charlotte Motor Speedway - 7:30 - ABC    June 28    Kentucky Speedway - 7:30 - ESPN         Oct. 5       Kansas Speedway - 3:30 - ESPN2
June 29    Kentucky Speedway - 7:30 - TNT            Oct. 20     Talladega Superspeedway-2:00 - ESPN      July 5     Daytona International Speedway -        Oct. 11      Charlotte Motor Speedway-7:30-ESPN2
July 6     Daytona International Spdwy - 7:30 -TNT   Oct. 27     Martinsville Speedway - 1:30 - ESPN                 7:30 - ESPN                             Nov. 2       Texas Motor Speedway - 3:30 - ESPN2
July 14    New Hampshire Motor Speedway -            Nov. 3      Texas Motor Speedway - 3:00 - ESPN       July 13    New Hampshire Motor Speedway -          Nov. 9       Phoenix International Raceway -
           1:00 - TNT                                Nov. 10     Phoenix International Raceway -                     3:30 - ABC                                           4:00 - ESPN2
July 28    Indianapolis Motor Spdwy - 1:00 - ESPN                3:00 - ESPN                              July 21    Chicagoland Speedway - 3:00 - ESPN      Nov. 16      Homestead-Miami Speedway -
August 4   Pocono Raceway - 1:00 - ESPN              Nov. 17     Homestead-Miami Speedwy-3:00-ESPN                                                                        4:30 - ESPN2

                                                                                                                                                                      CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES
                                                                                                                                                                        (All TV Broadcasts on SPEED)
                                                                                                                                                             April 6      Martinsville Speedway - 1:30
                                                                                                                                                             April 14     Rockingham Speedway - 2:00
                                                                                                                                                             April 20     Kansas Speedway - 2:00
                                                                                                                                                             May 17       Charlotte Motor Speedway - 8:00
                                                                                                                                                             May 31       Dover International Speedway - 5:00
                                                                                                                                                             June 7       Texas Motor Speedway - 9:00
                                                                                                                                                             June 27      Kentucky Speedway - 8:00
                                                                                                                                                             July 13      Iowa Speedway - 8:30
                                                                                                                                                             July 24      Eldora Speedway - 8:00
                                                                                                                                                             August 3     Pocono Raceway - 1:00
                                                                                                                                                             August 17 Michigan International Speedway - 12:30
                                                                                                                                                             August 21 Bristol Motor Speedway - 8:00
                                                                                                                                                             Sept. 1      Canadian Tire Motorsports Park - 2:00
                                                                                                                                                             Sept. 8      Iowa Speedway - 2:00
                                                                                                                                                             Sept. 13     Chicagoland Speedway - 8:30
                                                                                                                                                             Sept. 28     Las Vegas Motor Speedway - 8:30
                                                                                                                                                             Oct. 19      Talladega Superspeedway - 4:00
                                                                                                                                                             Oct. 26      Martinsville Speedway - 1:30
                                                                                                                                                             Nov. 1       Texas Motor Speedway - 8:30
                                                                                                                                                             Nov. 8       Phoenix International Raceway - 8:00
                                                                                                                                                             Nov. 15      Homestead-Miami Speedway - 8:00

                                                                                                                                                                                  All schedules subject to change.

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