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					2013 Ward’s 50
Top Performing P&C Insurers
To develop its annual list of the top         • Net income in at least 4 of the last 5
50 performing insurance companies,              years                                         2013 Ward’s 50® Companies
Ward Group analyzes the financial             • Compound annual growth in premiums            Property-Casualty
performance of over 3,000 property-             between -10% and +40%                         (listed alphabetically)
casualty insurance companies domiciled
                                                                                              ACE American Insurance Company
in the United States and identifies the                                                       ACUITY
                                              Performance Measurements
top performers based on objective                                                             Alaska National Insurance Company
data and subjective quality measures.         Companies that pass the safety and              Alleghany Group
Each company has passed all safety            consistency tests are measured and              American Financial Group
and consistency screens and achieved          scored on the following elements:               AMERISAFE
superior performance over the five years      • Five Year Avg. Return on Avg. Equity          Assurant Group
analyzed. This is the 23rd consecutive                                                        Auto Club Enterprises Insurance Group
year Ward Group has conducted the             • Five Year Avg. Return on Avg. Assets          Bear River Mutual Insurance Company
analysis.                                     • Five Year Avg. Return on Total Revenue        Century-National Insurance Company
                                                                                              Chubb Group
                                              • Five Year Growth in Revenue                   Cincinnati Insurance Group
The Ward’s 50 property-casualty group
                                              • Five Year Improvement in Surplus to           Coverys
of insurance companies produced a 9.9%                                                        The Doctors Company
statutory return on average equity from         Written Premium
                                                                                              Eastern Alliance Insurance Group
2008 to 2012 compared to 4.9% for the         • Five Year Avg. Combined Ratio                 Erie Insurance Group
property-casualty industry overall.                                                           Federated Mutual Group
                                              Key Performance Benchmarks                      First Insurance Company of Hawaii, LTD
“After several years of weaker revenue                                                        Franklin Mutual Insurance Group
gain and sluggish economic conditions,           An important objective of the Ward’s 50 is   GEICO*
financial returns for insurers improved          to compare their performance as a group      Goodville Mutual Casualty Company
in 2012,” explained Jeff Rieder, partner         with the rest of the industry. In addition   GuideOne Insurance Company
and head of Ward Group.                                        to achieving greater levels    HCC Insurance Holdings Group
“Most insurance sectors                                          of income returns, the       Island Insurance Companies
                                       Property-Casualty         Ward’s 50 benchmarks         Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
are experiencing revenue
                                   Return on Average Equity      also outperformed in         Lackawanna Casualty Company
growth and insurance                                                                          Lancer Insurance Company
                                           (2008-2012)           other key performance
companies appear more             12%                                                         The Main Street America Group
optimistic as they look                                          benchmarks. The Ward’s
                                                                                              Markel Corporation Group
toward the future. Total                 9.9%                    50 property-casualty
                                  10%                                                         Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insur. Co.
policyholder surplus                                             group compared 9.6 points
                                                                                              Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
continues to grow and              8%                            lower for the five year      Nodak Mutual Insurance Company
overall financial stability                                      combined ratio (94.6%        North Star Mutual Insurance Company
for the industry remains           6%                            compared to 104.2%) and      Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
                                                    4.9%         grew policyholder surplus
very strong. In selecting                                                                     Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
the Ward’s 50, we
                                   4%                            by 11.2% compared to         Philadelphia Insurance Companies
identified companies that                                        6.0% for the industry        ProAssurance
                                   2%                                                         Progressive Insurance Group
pass financial stability                                         since 2008. Net premiums
                                                                 written for the Ward’s 50    RLI Insurance Company*
requirements and measure           0%
                                                                 property-casualty group      Rural Mutual Insurance Company
their ability to grow while             Ward’s Total                                          Safety Insurance Group
maintaining strong capital                50      Industry       grew 16.9% compared
                                                                 to the industry’s 8.2%       Texas Mutual Insurance Company
positions and underwriting                                                                    Travelers Insurance Group
results.”                                                        growth.
                                                                                              United Educators
                                              In addition to achieving higher financial       USAA Group*
Safety and Consistency                        returns, the Ward’s 50 benchmark                Utica First Insurance Company
                                              continues to achieve lower expense              Vermont Mutual Insurance Company
Insurance companies are evaluated and                                                         W.R. Berkley Corporation
must pass minimum thresholds to be            ratios. “The expense ratio declined
                                                                                              Western Mutual Insurance Group
considered for the Ward’s 50 designation.     slightly in 2012 for the property-casualty      Western National Insurance Group
Each company must pass primary safety         industries and we still find the Ward’s 50      *23-year recipient (1991-2013)
and consistency tests, including:             benchmarks comparing better than the
                                              industry average.” said Rieder. In 2012,        An important objective of the Ward’s 50 is to compare
• Surplus and premiums of at least                                                            their performance as a group with the rest of the
                                              expenses relative to revenue were 9.3%
  $50 million for each of the 5 years                                                         industry. Comparisons based on benchmarks set
                                              lower for the Ward’s 50 property-casualty       by the Ward’s 50 group of companies are available
                                              group of companies.                             for individual companies and the total industry. Visit
                                                                                              www.wardinc.com for more information.

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